Are Balls Safe For Hamsters? Pros And Cons

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:14 pm

Are the balls safe for hamsters? No, balls are not safe for hamsters. The balls are really important for the hamsters, because with them they will be able to exercise, but they are not safe at all. The balls seem fun at first glance, but in fact, they are a more stressful experience that can exhaust hamsters.

In today’s article, we will find out why balls are not safe for hamsters, what are the pros and cons, and what can be used as an alternative to balls.

Do you need to put the hamsters in a ball?

No, hamsters should not be placed in a hamster ball. It may seem interesting and fun when you see your pet running inside the ball, but we recommend that you do not do that.

You can put the hamster in a ball with the lid open to play a little, and when he wants to go out and get inside the ball.

But basically, the ball is not the best choice, there are other props that can better serve your pet to play.

What are the disadvantages of hamster balls?

As fun as hamster balls may seem, they have their drawbacks, which can have a detrimental effect on hamster health:

  • a problem with the senses – because the plastic of the ball prevents hamsters from using their senses, such as whiskers, which are easier to navigate in space because they do not have good eyesight, which will only contribute to their fear and stress.
  • they break easily – because their quality varies, they can break and injure the hamsters that were inside the ball.
  • will not be able to hide – the ball prevents hiding hamsters, who have a natural instinct to run and hide, and with the ball will not be able to do so.
  • little air – because the holes in the balls are small, and can easily be clogged by hamster droppings, which will reduce their airflow, making it difficult for them to breathe.
  • they will spit – because hamsters often urinate and poop, and when they are in the ball they will get dirty in their feces. They can also easily get infections from their own feces, which will not really be good for your pet.
  • injury – because when in the ball hamsters can easily hit a wall or something similar and get hurt.
  • the balls are small and unsafe – because of their diameter they are not wide at all for hamsters, which can cause back and spine pain, as well as other injuries to their body.

These are enough reasons to be very careful if you decide to put the hamsters in the ball to play and the possible consequences for them.

What is the purpose of hamster balls?

The purpose of these hamster balls is to be able to run and exercise when out of the cages while preventing your hamster from entering small holes and hiding.

Hamsters love to run and play a lot, and with the balls, you will be able to control your furry pets more easily.

Although balls are not safe, many hamster owners still buy them in order for your pets to run with them.

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Can hamsters use the balls safely?

Our recommendation is not to use hamster balls, but still, if you want your hamster to play and run with a ball, we will give you some tips on what to do to make it safer to play:

  • wide ball – the wider the ball the more comfortable it will be for the hamster and will not hurt the neck and back.
  • do not put more hamsters in one ball – as they can easily hit each other and hurt each other.
  • use a light ball – because the dark-colored balls get warmer, which will make the hamsters hotter, and also when the light-colored ball will be able to observe your pet and see if everything is fine with him.
  • do not force the hamster to enter the ball – leave it open, and just let it get used to getting in and out of it, so the initial fear of the ball will pass.
  • clean the ball – because dust and hamster droppings can create bacteria and diseases that will affect their health.
  • close the ball well – because the balls are of two halves that need to be closed, close them tightly to ensure that the ball does not open when the hamsters are playing and they can be injured.
  • avoid moving the ball on the stairs – because hamsters can easily get injured and even end up with fatal consequences if they land with the ball on the stairs.
  • duration of the ball game – never let your pet be in the ball for more than 10-20 minutes, as he will get too tired or scared of the ball.

What is a hamster exercise ball?

Hamster exercise balls are made of solid plastic available in different colors and sizes, consisting of two halves that turn or join together.

Hamster balls have air vents to make it easier for your pet to breathe while running with the ball.

Some hamster balls also have holders that allow the hamsters to explore or be more interesting and fun while on the ball.

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What are the alternatives to hamster balls?

Because hamster balls are still not safe, there are other ways you can allow your pets to have fun and play:

  • use a cardboard box – it can serve as a playground, a large cardboard box from TV, computer, or similar, of course, it is a temporary solution until it starts biting the box.
  • make a plastic playground- that will make the hamsters a real treat, where they can play and run safely, just make sure the sides are high so that they do not jump over them.


Hamster balls are not a good idea, although at first glance they look like a fun toy. When they are in the balls, your pets can get hurt, hit a hard object, run out of air, and so on.

If you still decide to make them run in a ball then be careful not to get hurt all the time, as owners must take care of your hamsters when they are in a ball, take care of them and their health.

Finally, our recommendation is not to put hamsters in-play balls, it is safer to make a playground for them to run and play with, a box and other props that will not hurt or injure them.

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