Are Guinea Pigs Afraid Of The Dark? Let’s Discover

Guinea pigs are very gentle and friendly pets that are really interesting to keep. My guinea pig loves to play and cuddle with me, and every night before bed I spend 15-20 minutes with him.

But at night because the guinea pig is in my bedroom and sometimes I hear him saying something and making some noises.

So I did some research to find out if guinea pigs are afraid of the dark.

Are guinea pigs afraid of the dark?

No, guinea pigs are not afraid of the dark, because they mostly use the darkness to escape from predators when they are in the wild. However, because guinea pigs are short-sighted, if they hear a sound or movement in the dark, they can be very scared.

That’s why in today’s article you will learn everything I discovered about if and when guinea pigs can be afraid of the dark and if they actually like the dark, as well as other questions related to the topic.

Is my guinea pig afraid of the dark?

Guinea pigs are not afraid of the dark, although sometimes they can be afraid of some danger in their environs.

Guinea pigs have poor eyesight and they mostly rely on their senses of smell and sound to tell if they are in danger from predators or other things.

A big problem for guinea pigs is when they find themselves in a new environment that is still unknown to them.

They will not be able to manage well in the new environment at night because they have poor vision and this can cause fear and anxiety about the unknown space.

Although guinea pigs are not afraid of the dark, they are still very sensitive and since they are mostly alone in the cage, they can be frightened by any movement nearby.

This is especially true if you keep additional pets such as cats that will scare your guinea pig during the day and even more so at night in the cage.

Do guinea pigs like the dark?

Yes, guinea pigs love the dark because it brings them more safety from potential predators. Especially if the environment around the guinea pig in the dark is quiet they will feel good and safe.

Holes and other hiding places that are dark are of great importance to guinea pigs because when they are in nature they save their lives from predators.

Therefore, in order to feel safe, the guinea pig should have its own hiding place or tunnel in its cage so that it can be safer, which is also good for its health.

The safer they feel, the less stress there will be and the less chance of illness and health problems.

What do guinea pigs do at night in the dark?

At night, in the dark, guinea pigs do the same thing as during the day.

During the night they eat, drink water, and play just as they do during the day in their cage.

They can sometimes wake you up at night with their activities, so it may not be the best solution to keep the guinea pig in your bedroom.

Should I leave a guinea pig light on at night?

Guinea pigs need a light on only if something scares them at night, for example, another pet or some noises in the dark.

In such a situation you should leave the light on so that your guinea pig does not get scared.

Guinea pigs are gentle and that’s why we have to pay attention to them, we wouldn’t want our pet to be sad and scared in the dark.

Do guinea pigs sleep when you sleep?

The answer to this question is half-hearted, that is, it is not possible to know exactly whether guinea pigs sleep when you sleep.

Each guinea pig is individual and may differ in its actions and habits.

My guinea pig I think is getting used to my sleeping pattern and he also sleeps when I sleep, but it’s not really possible at all, because they sleep in small intervals.are guinea pigs afraid of the dark

What scares guinea pigs in the dark?

Guinea pigs love the dark, but they can also be scared of many things such as:

  • loud noises
  • predators
  • new environment
  • unknown people

So let’s see why guinea pigs are afraid of the above things, and how they affect them in the dark.

Loud noises

Guinea pigs have an excellent sense of hearing that helps them in their lives and saves them from predators.

They can hear sounds up to 2 miles away, and in the dark, they can look like a threat from predators, although there’s really no need for such when they’re in a cage.

Therefore, be careful not to leave the TV or other devices on at night, which will only scare the guinea pig in the dark.


Predators are the biggest danger for guinea pigs, so in the dark, your pet will be scared and afraid all evening.

If you keep other pets in your home, you must not keep them in the same room at night because the guinea pig will think that his life is in danger.

Guinea pigs should be alone in your room and away from other animals.

A new environment

When you bring your guinea pig into a new environment it will be scared of the dark.

Guinea pigs need some time to get used to their surroundings so that they stop being afraid of the dark.

In nature, guinea pigs are in a group, but in a cage they are alone and you can imagine how scared and stressed they are, of course, once they get used to it, they will no longer be afraid of the dark.

Unknown people

Guinea pigs do not like strangers and are immediately afraid of them during the day, and even more so in the dark.

Guinea pigs need time to get to know their owners, while there is no place for strangers near their cage.

I still remember the first day when I brought my guinea pig into my home, he was so scared and hide all the time, and after a month he was petting me and enjoying my hugs.

Can guinea pigs see in the dark?

It is honestly not known exactly how well guinea pigs see in the dark, as there is still not enough scientific research on their vision in the dark.

Guinea pigs are perfectly fine in the dark anyway. With the help of their senses of hearing and smell, they do very well in the dark.

Apart from the senses of smell and hearing, they also benefit greatly from the whiskers, which additionally help them to find their way easier when they are in the dark, in fact, other pets such as hamsters have the same characteristics.

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Are guinea pigs afraid of thunder?

Yes, guinea pigs are afraid of thunderstorms whether they occur during the day or in the dark.

Thunders are loud or about 12o decibels, for example, thunder has a much louder sound than a lawnmower 80 decibels.

These and other similar noises are very loud and disturb and frighten your pet.

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Guinea pigs are not afraid of the dark, on the contrary, they love the dark because it provides them with greater safety from predators and other dangers that may happen to them.

But guinea pigs can be frightened by noises or other pets that see them as predators in the dark.

Guinea pigs have very good hearing and smell and can detect any danger from a distance and get scared in the dark.

If your guinea pig is afraid of the dark then leave the light on.

Guinea pigs are very gentle pets and therefore we need to be careful that they are not exposed to noises and other pets in the dark.

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