Are Guinea Pigs Dumb? Let’s Find Out The Truth

Guinea pigs are very interesting and fun pets that brighten up our day and make us happy.

Ever since I got my guinea pig, I often wondered if and how smart guinea pigs are, whether are they dumb, so I did a little research, and here’s what I concluded.

Are guinea pigs dumb?

Guinea pigs are not dumb, they are smart animals that can learn many things, and show emotions and other abilities.

Guinea pigs know how to recognize their own name, learn tricks, and do other similar things that show that they are not dumb animals.

In today’s article, you will learn why guinea pigs are not dumb, as well as other interesting questions related to the topic.

Are guinea pigs dumb?

Guinea pigs are not dumb, because they can be trained, they can show emotions, and recognize their name. Indeed, guinea pigs are not as smart as some other animals, but they are not dumb either.

In the brain of guinea pigs, there are 240 million neurons, while in other animals some have several billion neurons, but this does not mean that the guinea pig is dumb.

So let’s read why guinea pigs should not be considered dumb animals.

Guinea pigs can learn commands

I, like other guinea pig owners, have noticed that my guinea pig can respond to certain commands. Guinea pigs with a little training can apparently learn to come to you when you call them.

I taught my guinea pig that when I tell him “no” to something he shouldn’t do, he understands the word and stops.

My guinea pig, for example, when I tell him “Let’s go to the cage”, he starts to resist because he doesn’t want to go back to the cage, normally because he likes the open space.

Guinea pigs recognize their owners

Guinea pigs are not stupid because they can recognize their owners very well.

They are very social animals who like to make friends and when they get used to their owners they run towards them.

Once the guinea pig gets close to its owner, it will want to hug and pet it.

This means that guinea pigs are not stupid and can recognize their owners.

Guinea pigs can recognize voices

Guinea pigs can recognize voices which indicates that they are smart and not dumb.

Of course, they mostly recognize the sound of their owner, but they can also recognize other sounds in the environment.

Guinea pigs have an excellent sense of hearing that helps them to recognize other people and also recognize possible dangers and attacks from predators.

The best example of how well they recognize voices is that they can know I’m coming even when I’m not in my guinea pig’s room, simply by recognizing my voice.

When I enter the guinea pig’s room, it is already waiting for me standing on the bars of the cage, and wants me to take it in my hands and pet it.are guinea pigs dumb

Guinea pigs have an excellent memory

Guinea pigs have an excellent memory, they can remember many things such as their name. When they hear their name they immediately turn around or climb the bars of the cage.

My guinea pig has a great memory, every time I have to give him food he starts making noises to tell me it’s time for lunch.

My guinea pig always makes noises at exactly 8 o’clock in the morning when it’s time to feed him, which really amazes me.

Guinea pigs can learn to retrace their path which is another sign that they have a good memory.

Guinea pigs have emotional intelligence

Guinea pigs have emotional intelligence, which means they can show and feel emotions. They love to be petted because they are social animals and enjoy being in the company of those they trust.

Once a guinea pig gets close to its owner, it will not be separated again, unless something unexpected happens on the part of its owner.

With their emotional intelligence, guinea pigs can sense when someone loves them, and of course, they can reciprocate in the same way.

Guinea pigs are smart enough to defend themselves

Guinea pigs know very well when there is a danger near them, which is certainly due to their intelligence, that is, they are not stupid.

They can detect the danger of predators very quickly and run away and hide until the danger has passed.

Guinea pigs are not stupid, they know very well how to adapt to different conditions in their environment and they do it very quickly.

You can teach guinea pigs tricks

Guinea pigs with their intelligence, you can teach them certain tricks. This can be achieved by giving rewards usually in the form of food whenever they learn something new.

By repeating certain tricks the guinea pigs will learn certain things and remember them.

Of course, it will take time and practice, but guinea pigs will be able to learn new things.

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Guinea pigs can be trained to use a litter box

With training and patience, guinea pigs can be taught to use a litter box or toilet.

They will be a little more difficult to get used to a litter box, but with persistence, they can be taught which will make it easier for you to clean up their poop and pee waste.

Of course, again the rewards play a big influence on their ability to learn these habits in their life.

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Which breed of guinea pig is the smartest?

The crested guinea pig is considered the smartest breed of guinea pigs, at the same time this breed is also the rarest.

This breed of guinea pigs has a slightly different behavior from other breeds, they are quite shy.

The crested guinea pig is much quieter than other breeds and likes to hide a lot more, but that’s why they can learn tricks and other things the fastest and best.are guinea pigs dumb

How smart are guinea pigs compared to other animals?

Guinea pigs have a brain weighing 5.5 grams and 240,000,000 neurons, which means they are smart.

Here’s how guinea pigs compare to other animals in terms of brain neurons:

  • guinea pigs – 240,000,000 neurons
  • hamsters – 17,000,000 neurons
  • mice – 14,000,000 neurons
  • rats – 200,000,000 neurons
  • rabbits – 494,200,000 neurons
  • dogs – 530,000,000 neurons
  • cats – 250,000,000 neurons

Apparently, guinea pigs are smarter than hamsters, mice, and rats, while animals like dogs, cats, and other animals are smarter than our little pets.


Do guinea pigs have brains?

Guinea pigs normally have a brain that is smaller than the brain of some other animals. The brain of guinea pigs allows them to remember and learn new things in their life.

Are guinea pigs smarter than hamsters?

Guinea pigs are smarter animals than hamsters because they have more brain neurons and better memories. Guinea pigs can remember their name while hamsters can’t, as well as other differences that make them smarter than hamsters.

Are guinea pigs smarter than dogs?

Guinea pigs are no smarter than dogs. Dogs have more green matter in their brains and are smarter than guinea pigs, and can be trained much more than guinea pigs.


Guinea pigs are not dumb, they are quite smart animals even though they are very small. They can remember their name, recognize people, they can learn tricks and new things in their life.

Guinea pigs are not as smart as some other animals, but they still have some intelligence.

They know how to defend themselves during attacks from predators in the wild, and can sense danger at a greater distance using their senses.

My guinea pig is very smart and loves petting and showing emotions of joy every time I play with him.

Finally, I can conclude that guinea pigs are smart enough animals and certainly not dumb.

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