Are Guinea Pigs Prone To Obesity? Let’s Discover

Guinea pigs eat all the time, no matter how much food they have in their bowl in the cage.

My guinea pig is constantly eating as if he is never full of food. So I did some research to find out if guinea pigs are prone to obesity.

Are guinea pigs prone to obesity?

Yes, guinea pigs are prone to obesity if they eat food with a lot of sugar and if they don’t have enough activities.

When guinea pigs are overweight it is not good at all and can cause diseases.

In today’s article, you will find out if guinea pigs are prone to obesity, what happens if guinea pigs get too fat, and similar questions related to the topic.

Are guinea pigs prone to obesity?

Yes, guinea pigs are prone to obesity if they don’t get enough exercise and if they eat food rich in sugar. The normal weight of guinea pigs should be around 2-3 kilograms.

When guinea pigs are fat, it is not at all suitable for them because they will have difficulty breathing, lack of energy, and too much sweating.

If you suspect that your guinea pig is too fat then you should take it to the vet for an examination. A veterinarian can suggest an appropriate diet and exercise plan to help your guinea pig lose weight.

How to prevent guinea pigs from getting fat?

To prevent your guinea pig from getting fat, you need to take specific steps. Here are some ways to prevent your pet from gaining weight:

  • Do not give them lovely food, give them more food that is rich in fiber, vegetables, and hay, and avoid food that contains sugar.
  • Guinea pigs should have enough space to exercise, for example, they should have a bigger cage.
  • Let them run outside the box once a day for at least an hour so they can use up their energy.
  • Weigh your pet regularly to see if it’s gaining weight or if it’s always the same weight.

The more you follow these tips, the less likely your guinea pig will gain weight.

Many guinea pig owners do not know how to determine if their pet is overweight, so the steps we have mentioned will help you more easily know about weight and how to keep them in top shape.

Do guinea pigs get fat?

Guinea pigs can get fat because they are small animals that don’t need as many calories as larger animals.

Your pet also has a sedentary lifestyle, which means they eat more when they are not as active. Guinea pigs often have a diet rich in fat which further contributes to their obesity.

However, obesity in guinea pigs is not good at all because it leads to the appearance of diseases such as:

  • diabetes
  • breathing problems
  • movement problems

When guinea pigs are overweight, the diseases they can get can also cause premature death of your pet. Therefore, our recommendation is food with less fat, less sugar, and more activities.

What are the causes of obesity in guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs get fat for a number of reasons such as lack of activity and genetic predispositions. They are not very active, and at the same time, they like to overeat, which makes them prone to obesity.

Genetic predispositions also cause them to gain weight easily and unfortunately, this is very common in guinea pigs.

Certain diseases can cause guinea pigs to gain too much weight, such as Cushing’s disease or diabetes.

That is why it is necessary for your pet to exercise more, and eat more vegetables, food rich in fiber. Allow them to run around your room once a day to lower their energy and burn more calories.

If none of this helps then take your pet to a vet who will make a proper diet plan to reduce his weight.are guinea pigs prone to obesity

How do I know if my guinea pig is too fat?

When a guinea pig is too fat, it can be noticed when there are problems with breathing, when there is not enough energy, and when there are problems with movement.

If you notice these signs, then you should consult a veterinarian who will help you reduce the weight of the guinea pig with his advice and an appropriate diet plan.

Obesity in guinea pigs must be taken seriously as it can lead to serious health problems for your pet.

Therefore, pay attention to their diet and weight, the more you pay attention, the healthier the guinea pigs will be and they will not have health problems.

What happens if my guinea pig gets fat?

If the guinea pig gets fat, it will affect his health, and he will start to get sick.

The following diseases and problems may occur:

  • diabetes
  • joint pains
  • heart problems

That is why it is necessary to know whether your guinea pig is normal or overweight.

To know if a guinea pig has a weight problem, it is enough to observe it and see if it has problems with movement, if it breathes more heavily, and if it is lethargic.

These three signs indicate that your pet needs to lose weight. In order to reduce the weight, there should be enough toys, and activities and allow them to run outside the cage.

The more normal weight they are, the healthier the guinea pigs will be.

Why is my guinea pig’s stomach so big?

When guinea pigs have a big belly, it is usually due to bloat.

In such cases, you should take the guinea pigs to a veterinarian.

When a guinea pig’s stomach is bloated, it should not be underestimated because it can be a serious problem with their digestion.


Yes, guinea pigs are prone to obesity, especially if they do not have enough activities and if they eat a lot of sugary food.

When guinea pigs are overweight they can overwork and seriously compromise their health. Guinea pigs need to eat food that has more fiber, vegetables, etc. in order to have a normal weight.

Apart from food, guinea pigs should have enough toys and activities and regularly let them run outside the cage.

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