Are Hamsters In Pain When They Die? Let’s Discover

Hamsters have a short life in which they often get sick and sometimes die prematurely. They may die suddenly when they are old or after suffering from an illness.

Are hamsters in pain when they die?

Hamsters die in pain if they are sick or have some serious injury to the body, but they can also die painlessly if it happens due to old age.

In today’s article you will find out if hamsters have pain when they die, if they know they are dying, how long it takes to die and similar questions.

Are Hamsters in Pain When They Die?

When hamsters die, it can be painful, but it can also be painless.

If the hamster has injuries or diseases, then it is likely that he will die with pain, while if he dies naturally from old age, then it can be painless.

Since hamsters do not speak, it is a little more difficult to know for sure whether at the moment when they are at the end of their life, whether they die in pain or not.

The pain in hamsters can be bearable, but it can also be very unbearable when it dies, it depends on the disease,

The pain in hamsters is especially is painful when they have a malignant tumor, so veterinarians often recommend euthanasia to reduce the suffering of the hamsters.

Do hamsters know when they die?

Hamsters know when they are dying because they notice that their body slowly decays more and more until they die.

When hamsters die, they are probably afraid and then expect that they will want to give them more attention and care.

They will be as anxious as you as the owner, so it is best to devote more time to being with them in the last hours of their lives.

What are the signs when hamsters die?

When hamsters are dying they will show certain signs and symptoms that will let you know their end is near.

Symptoms and signs of dying hamsters are as follows:

  • onset of diarrhea
  • he won’t want to groom anymore
  • weight reduction
  • refusal of food and water
  • they will have no interest in exercising
  • their body temperature will slowly drop
  • breathing problems
  • numbness of certain parts of the body such as the limbs
  • aggression towards owners and other hamsters

All these signs indicate that in a short time, you will have to say goodbye to your hamster.are hamsters in pain when they die

How do comfort hamsters when they are dying?

When hamsters are dying it is advisable to comfort them to make them more comfortable in their last moments.

Hamsters are very sensitive animals, which of course need attention throughout their lives, and even more so when they are at the end of their already short lives.

So here are four ways to comfort your little one.

Spend more time with your hamster

When hamsters are at the end of their lives you need to spend more time with them, to do everything you can to make them more comfortable.

Talk to him in a low voice, play with him, and hold him in your arms, which will show how much your pet means to you.

If you notice that the hamster wants to get away from you or tries to bite you, then leave it and do not bother it.

He obviously wants to be alone, so respect his decision and continue to help him with a regular supply of food and water.

Help him forget the pain

To help your hamster forget about the pain, give him the opportunity to play with more toys and objects in his cage.

In addition to toys, certain pain medications are often used to reduce pain and make the hamster feel more comfortable.

Here are some of them:

Tramadol – which helps to reduce pain, but you must be careful about the amounts so as not to make a mistake in the dose that is needed.

Meloxicam – is an anti-inflammatory medication and is effective against pain in hamsters. This medication is safe for use in hamsters and can be used after a prescription from a veterinarian.

Gabapentin – which is an anticonvulsant medication, and can be an excellent analgesic.

Provide more hydration to the hamster

When the hamsters die they will drink less water and they will want to eat less and less.

When a hamster has problems with hydration, it can be noticed through the following symptoms:

  • swelling of the tongue
  • the skin loses its elasticity
  • he doesn’t want to drink water from the bottle
  • he has breathing problems
  • less urine

You can try giving them food with more water such as watermelon or cucumber, although the hamsters will probably not have much desire to eat.

if necessary, you will have to give him water with a syringe, and you can also make a mix with water, sugar, and a little salt so that the hamster can enter more electrolytes into the body.

When you give them water with a syringe, you should do it very slowly and one drop at a time without rushing, because if you rush, their lungs may flood.

Provide him with a comfortable environment

When hamsters die you need to provide them with a more comfortable environment in their last days of life.

For this purpose, they should have a quiet environment, not be disturbed by loud noises, or unknown people, and no other pets such as cats in their environment.

You should put extra bedding in the cage of the hamsters to make them comfortable because, in the last days, they will want to rest more and more.

Clean the cage more often because the hamster will not be able to take care of its hygiene as before. Hygiene in the cage is also important to reduce the risk of spreading a possible infection to other hamsters.

The exercise wheel is best removed from the cage because your pet will not have enough strength to use it.are hamsters in pain when they die

Should you let your hamster die naturally?

Hamsters can be allowed to die naturally if they are not in much pain and suffering, that is, if they are dying of old age.

Whereas if the hamster has malignant tumors, or if it has other serious health problems that cause it to suffer a lot of pain, then veterinarians recommend euthanasia.

Euthanasia is a difficult choice for any hamster owner, but sometimes it is the best choice for a hamster in pain.

How long does it take for hamsters to die?

It is not possible to say exactly how long it takes for hamsters to die, it depends on several things, such as whether it is an injury, disease, or tumor.

If the hamster gets sick from an infection or some bacteria it will not live much longer. If a hamster falls from a great height, such as 10 or more inches, it can even die instantly.

When hamsters have internal bleeding and damage to other parts of the body they may die more slowly.

One of the most dangerous conditions that can kill a hamster in 2 days is a wet tail, which unfortunately causes about 90% mortality in hamsters.

That is why it is recommended to immediately take the hamster to the vet if it has a wet tail because the hours spent can be fatal to its life.

When hamsters have a heart attack, they can die once without any warning.

Do hamsters feel pain?

Hamsters usually show no outward signs of pain. They may suffer much sooner than we think.

Usually, when hamsters repeat the same things more often, it is a sign that something is wrong with them, that they are in pain.

If you notice that the hamsters are behaving strangely, take the hamsters to the vet immediately.

Do hamsters feel pain when they fall?

If hamsters fall from a height, they will feel pain immediately after the fall.

If they fall from a very high height the hamsters will probably die, any fall more than 25 cm height can have consequences for their life.

That’s why we have to be very careful when we hold them in our hands, or at least keep them at a lower distance from the floor or on the bed.

What happens when a hamster is dying?

When hamsters die they slow down with all their body functions.

When you notice that their activity declines, especially when they use the exercise wheel-less and less, then they are nearing the end of their life.

Sometimes hamsters slow down their functions when they are very cold and go into hibernation to keep warm.

But hibernation is dangerous if you don’t wake up the hamster after a certain time, it can die. To wake it up from hibernation, you need to gradually heat the room in which it is located.

Can hamsters have trauma?

Hamsters can have trauma or shock if they fall from a great height or suffer a major injury.

Even if you don’t see the hamster when it experiences trauma, their behavior will tell you that something is wrong with them.

In such situations, you should not wait, you should immediately take the hamster to a veterinarian to help him.

What to do after the hamster dies?

When your hamster dies, it is best to get a small box, fill it with bedding and put your hamster inside.

You can then bury your hamster in your backyard, giving your pet a private burial.

It is recommended that the hamster be buried about 3 meters underground, because otherwise, predators may discover it due to the smell.

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Can you touch a dead hamster?

If you want to touch your own dead hamster, you must wear gloves before handling the hamster, or you have to put it in a box.

Gloves are necessary to protect yourself from possible infection or transmission of diseases from your pet to you.

Gloves should always be used, regardless of whether it is a dead hamster or some other pet. You can use different types of gloves, such as rubber, latex, or leather gloves.

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Should I get another hamster after mine died?

Experts recommend that you buy a new hamster, but wait a certain amount of time first.

You have to wait to get over the sadness of the dead hamster, and even then to get a new hamster.

You should not worry about how long it will take to get a new hamster, you should do it when you feel that you have overcome the grief for the dead pet.

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Hamsters sometimes die with pain and sometimes without pain.

It depends on the cause of death, if they die in a natural way they may not have pain, while if they die due to injury, disease, or tumors then they most often end up with pain.

If the hamster is in too much pain, the vet can suggest euthanasia so that the hamster does not suffer.

Hamsters have a short life, so we need to take care of them as best we can especially when they are in pain before they die.

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