Are Hamsters Messy Pets? Let’s Find Out The Truth

If you’re thinking about keeping a hamster, one of the main questions you’re probably asking yourself is whether hamsters are messy.

Are hamsters messy pets?

Hamsters are not messy pets, they are very neat and clean little animals that don’t leave a lot of mess in their cage.

In today’s article you will find out if hamsters make a mess in the cage, if they smell bad, how to clean them and similar questions.

Are hamsters messy pets?

Hamsters are not messy pets, they clean themselves very well and are one of the neatest pets. Hamsters make a little mess in the cage, but it’s mostly their feces or leftover food, while their body is very clean.

Hamster owners only need to regularly clean the cage, while the hamster cleans itself and maintains personal hygiene.

Hamsters rarely need to be bathed when they really cannot clean themselves, and that is when they have diarrhea.

How do hamsters clean themselves?

Hamsters clean themselves by licking their fur or removing dirt with their feet.

Hamsters are also cleaned with a sand bath, it is enough to make them a sand bath and your pet will remove all the dirt by rolling and playing in the sand bath.

However, hamsters do not need a sand bath very often because it can dry out their skin too much.

Only hamsters cannot clean themselves when they are sick or when they have diarrhea and problems with feces.

Why do hamsters make their cage messy?

Sometimes hamsters make their cage messy because they want to be active and not get bored.

If you notice that your pet is rearranging the bedding, then you should know that he is doing it because he is bored and to find something to do.

No matter how much you move the bedding, your pet will move it again if he decides to, although after a certain time he may get bored and start doing other things in the cage.

Hamsters also make a mess with the food, because they often know how to overturn the plate with food, because they want to look for the food in the cage.

Do hamsters smell bad?

Hamsters do not smell bad because they constantly clean and groom themselves, thus maintaining their own hygiene.

If you clean their cage from pee and poop in a timely manner then the hamster will not smell bad.

Hamsters can be trained to urinate in a specific location in the cage, which will make cleaning easier and will not smell unpleasant.

Hamster poop does not smell as long as your pet is healthy, while an unpleasant smell can only spread if the hamster is sick and has diarrhea, then their poop smells unpleasant, and the hamster will also smell bad.

What should I do so that there is no mess in the hamster cage?

In order for the hamster’s cage to always be clean and free of mess, regular cleaning is necessary.

Hamsters clean themselves, but if we don’t clean their cage then it will be messy, which is not good both for the hamsters and for us owners because it will have an unpleasant smell.

Here’s what to do so that their cage can always be neat and clean:

Daily cleaning of certain areas in the cage

Daily cleaning of the hamster cage allows it to always be tidy. It is necessary to clean the droppings from the bedding of the hamsters because they often poop and urinate.

If you don’t clean it every day, an unpleasant smell will start to spread from the cage even though your pet is clean.

It is also necessary to train the hamster to use a certain place in the cage as a toilet, which will make your work, i.e. cleaning, easier.

Food remains should be cleaned every day, because hamsters know how to hide food in various places in the cage, food that will start to spoil and smell unpleasant.are hamsters messy pets

Deep cleaning of the cage once a week

Once a week, the hamster’s cage needs to be thoroughly cleaned to keep it neat and clean.

When doing a deep cleaning you should replace the bedding with a new one and remove all toys and objects from the cage.

Of course, before you start cleaning, you will need to put the hamster in another place outside the cage so that you can clean.

Get warm water and soap or disinfectant spray and clean the cage, and outside the cage, wash and clean toys and objects.

Then wait until the cage and toys are completely dry before putting new bedding. When everything is ready, return the hamster back to the cage, as a result you will have a tidy home for your pet.

Cleaning the cage is not only to avoid mess or bad smell, cleaning helps the hamster to be healthier and will not be sick often, it will be more protected from infections and health problems.

Use bedding that does not make a mess in the hamster’s cage

If you use bedding that does not make a mess in the hamster’s cage, then there will be less scattering around the cage.

For this purpose, choose bedding based on paper or recycled paper pellets.

Avoid bedding made from wood shavings as they make the most of the mess in your pet’s cage.

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Do hamsters like a tidy cage?

Hamsters love a neat cage, but it’s a little more difficult for them because they have to get used to the new smell after cleaning.

When you clean the hamster’s cage, the smell changes and at first they will be upset, but after a certain time they will get used to it.

Hamsters prefer the smell that they leave in the cage, and that’s why they are upset at first after cleaning, but they will calm down in a short time.

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Do younger hamsters make more messes in the cage?

Younger hamsters make more messes in the cage than older hamsters.

This happens because younger hamsters have more energy than older hamsters, they run more and play inside and outside the cage.

On the other hand, older hamsters spend more time resting and will make much less of a mess.

For example, young hamsters will often want to overturn the food bowl, or bury themselves in the bedding, which will scatter it everywhere.are hamsters messy pets

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Are more hamsters in one cage neater?

If you want to keep more hamsters in one cage then be prepared to clean up their poop and pee more often.

Regardless of the fact that hamsters clean themselves, when they are in a group, as much as they don’t want to, they will logically make more mess.

That’s why it’s best to keep one hamster, anyway, hamsters usually like to live alone, this is especially true for Syrian hamsters.

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Hamsters are not messy animals, they are very tidy, but their cage must be cleaned.

The remains of their poo and pee make the cage messy, as well as food remains, but hamsters themselves are very tidy animals.

Hamsters like to have a neat cage, although at first they get a little annoyed while they get used to the smell of cleaning the cage.

In any case, hamsters are regularly groomed and are excellent and clean pets that do not make a lot of mess in the cage.

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