Can You Use Baby Wipes on Guinea Pigs? Let’s Find Out

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 06:44 pm

Guinea pigs clean themselves and maintain their hygiene and they do it very well.

However, sometimes they also need extra help to clean themselves, and we can bathe them to help our pets.

Can we clean guinea pigs with baby wipes?

No, we should not use baby wipes to clean guinea pigs, as they strip the natural oils from their skin. Baby wipes can also contain chemicals that can harm guinea pigs through licking, which is another reason not to use them to clean your pet.

It’s even safer to use a regular bath with soap and water than baby wipes.

In today’s article, you will learn why it is not recommended to use baby wipes to clean guinea pigs.

Why are baby wipes harmful to guinea pigs?

As we said at the beginning, baby wipes remove the natural oils from their skin that are meant to protect our pets.

But there is another reason and that is chemicals that can be found on baby wipes that can easily enter the body of our pet by licking the fur and skin.

If the guinea pigs did not lick their skin and fur then there would not be such a big problem if we wipe them with baby wipes, but this way it is too risky and dangerous for their health.

As for the loss of oils from their skin, that can also be a problem for guinea pigs.

Because when we remove their natural oils with baby wipes, their skin will be drier and damage may occur, which is certainly not okay.

When guinea pigs’ skin is dry, it is susceptible to fungal infections and other skin health problems.

An alternative to baby wipes

Now that you know that baby wipes can be dangerous for your guinea pig, you’re probably wondering what the best alternative is for cleaning our furry friend.

It is best to use soap and water

Soap and water are a great solution when you need to clean your guinea pig from dirt that he can’t clean on his own.

Use a gentle soap so as not to irritate their skin, it can also be dish soap but without fragrance, or it can also be the shampoo for guinea pigs.

Avoid soaps that are scented, they likely contain additional chemicals that can be harsh on their wipes on guinea pigs

Wipes from a pet store

If you don’t want or can’t find suitable soap for your guinea pig, you can buy pet wipes.

There are wipes in pet stores that are meant for guinea pigs and you can use them freely to clean and wipe your pet.

These wipes are better than baby wipes because they do not contain chemicals and harmful ingredients that can harm your pet’s health.

How to bathe a guinea pig?

You need soap and water to bathe the guinea pig. Place the guinea pig in a sink on a towel to prevent it from slipping and hold it with one hand underneath.

Make soapy water and start cleaning the guinea pig on the previously moistened fur. Use lukewarm water to wash the guinea pig, it is best to use a bowl.

Be careful not to wash the eyes and face of the guinea pig, while the other parts of the body can be washed freely.

It is especially important to wash the lower part of the guinea pig’s body well, then wipe the guinea pig with a soft and dry towel, and finally use a hair dryer on the lowest setting to dry your pet.

Bathing the guinea pig should be done only when it cannot clean itself of impurities or 3-4 times a year.

Do guinea pigs like sand baths?

Guinea pigs do not like sand baths, and they clean themselves anyway.

Guinea pigs do not like sand baths because they are not used to using sand baths in the wild.

Sand baths can also cause problems for guinea pigs, as they may eat sand or choke on it.


Can you use cat wipes on guinea pigs?

No, cat wipes should not be used to clean guinea pigs. These wipes, again like baby wipes, contain chemicals that the guinea pigs then lick off when grooming and are therefore harmful to their skin and health.

What do guinea pigs use to clean themselves?

Guinea pigs clean themselves by licking their skin and fur. They use a liquid that is secreted from their eyes and helps them clean their body. Guinea pigs clean themselves several times a day.

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Guinea pigs should not be cleaned with baby wipes, as they may contain chemicals that are harmful to their health.

Baby wipes strip the natural oils from the guinea pig’s skin and it becomes dry and prone to fungal infections.

We can only use wipes bought in a pet store because they do not contain aromas, chemicals, and other ingredients that can irritate their skin.

Bathing with gentle soap and water can be an alternative to cleaning guinea pigs.

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