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How Often Should You Bathe Your Cockatiel? (Let’s Discover)

In addition to cleaning their skin and maintaining their feathers, cockatiels also need bathing.

They can be messy and therefore need to be bathed occasionally. Cockatiels are birds that don’t mind bathing, they like to splash in the water and practically enjoy bathing.

How often should you bathe your cockatiels?

Cockatiels need a bath 2-3 times a week to keep them clean, remove dirt and have clean feathers. They should not be bathed more than 3 times a week because their skin will become dry and it can also damage their feathers.

Cockatiels bathe themselves in their bathroom in the cage, only the water should be lukewarm, so they don’t get cold.

If you ever need to wipe the cockatiel quickly, you can use a damp cloth.

Bathing is good for his health, it is good for his mood and therefore bathing is in any case a pleasant moment for your bird.

Those cockatiels that do not bathe often bite their skin, tear their feathers, and are much more nervous.

Until it’s time for a new bath, the cockatiels themselves take care of themselves, because they cover the feathers and remove the dirt, so that the feathers remain clean and have a normal smell.

In today’s article, you will find out if and how cockatiels are bathed, and how to dry them after bathing.

Do Cockatiels Need Bathing?

Yes, cockatiels need bathing to keep them clean and healthy. Bathing helps cockatiels to have nice and soft skin, as the water helps to soften the keratin coating around the feathers.

Cockatiels should be bathed by hand if they are sick or very young, you can do it in a sink or in the shower.

While if the cockatiel is healthy, you don’t need to help him bathe, it is enough just to place a bath or fountain in its cage and it will bathe itself.

Cockatiels do not need to be bathed too often, because they know how to maintain their own hygiene. Cockatiels do not need too much bathing to be clean, since they are mostly cleaned by spinning.

Bathing still remains an occasional necessity when they are too dirty, then they need to bathe and be clean. Although the majority of cockatiel owners put a drinking bowl in the cage, instead of a bath for birds.

How should you bathe cockatiels?

Bathing cockatiels is not difficult because they like to bathe themselves, they will usually do all the work themselves by spreading their feathers in the water.

Bathing will help your cockatiel remove dirt and other dirt from his feathers.

There are some interesting tips that we will offer you to make bathing your cockatiel easier, so let’s get started right away.

A bowl of lukewarm water

First, take lukewarm water because cold water is not good for them, they will be cold. The water should not be deeper than two inches, that is quite enough for cockatiels.

Put the water in a bath that is attached to the cage of the cockatiel. To attract the cockatiel into the water you can put some wet grass inside.

Be careful not to use any shampoos or soaps for bathing cockatiels, as they can irritate and damage the skin.bathe your cockatiel

A cloth in the cage

When you have to bathe the cockatiels, it is best to put some towels so that the water does not splash around.

Put a towel under the cage of the cockatiel, and put another towel around the cage, which will reduce the splashing of water around.

Place the bath at the bottom of the cage

The cockatiel’s bathing bath should be placed at the bottom of the cage and on a flat surface.

The bathroom set up like this will be ready for the cockatiel to enter and bathe, of course, be careful that something unexpected does not happen, although this rarely happens.

Instead of bathing in the bathroom in the cage, you can bring the cockatiel to your sink, put it inside, and close the door so it doesn’t fly away.

The cockatiel plays while bathing

You shouldn’t be surprised if your cockatiel splashes around with his feathers while bathing, as this is his way of bathing and playing in the water.

Maybe at first he will avoid bathing, but in general, cockatiels have no problem with bathing, they like to play and splash in the water.

However, if your cockatiel stubbornly does not want to enter the water to bathe, give him some food to convince him to enter the bathroom and bathe.

Drying the cockatiel from bathing

The next thing is to dry the cockatiel by shaking it when it comes out of the water.

Just be careful not to expose the cockatiel to cold or wind when he comes out of the bath, so he doesn’t get cold.

It is not a bad idea to cover the cage with a towel while your cockatiel dries.

Cleaning the bathroom

After bathing the cockatiel, the bath should be removed and cleaned to be ready for the next use.

After you have washed the bathroom, return it to the cage of the cockatiel, and of course, wash your hands.

Bath spray for cockatiels

Instead of a bath, a spray bottle can help when the cockatiel doesn’t want to bathe in the bathroom.

Fill the sprayer with lukewarm water because cockatiels don’t like cold water, so pay attention to the water temperature, of course, it must not be too hot either.

Spray the cockatiels, just be careful not to spray them in the face, because they won’t like it.

Bathing with a spray bottle is an alternative that you can use more often until your cockatiel gets used to using the bath.

When should cockatiels be bathed?

Cockatiels need occasional bathing to keep them clean and healthy, so you should establish a specific bathing schedule.

Bathing will help them to be clean and tidy, they will have beautiful and clean skin, and clean feathers and they will not have dandruff.

Now let’s see when to bathe your cockatiels:

  • When cockatiels are clean, there is no need to bathe them too often, once every 15 days is enough.
  • When cockatiels are not neat, especially from food, and are dirty, then you should bathe them once a week.
  • If cockatiels smell dirty mostly because they spend more time at the bottom of the cage, then they need bathing twice a week.

Cockatiels should not be bathed too often because they have a natural protection or coating of oil or dust over the feathers, which protects their body and feathers from damage.

In any case, cockatiels are messy birds that get dirty when eating food or while playing inside the cage.

Sometimes as soon as you bathe your cockatiel he gets dirty again and has to be bathed again, but don’t do this too often.bathe your cockatiel

Do cockatiels shake after bathing?

Yes, cockatiels shake after bathing, which is usually not due to cold, they shake to dry out of the water easier and faster.

The cockatiel uses the muscles around its keel, which is the breastbone of all flying birds. In this way, the cockatiels are heated and dried faster and more efficiently.

If your cockatiel is cold then he will gather in a bundle, that is a sign that he has a cold, and you need to increase the temperature in the room.

As a rule, it is enough to bathe the cockatiel two to three times a month, but if it is very dirty, then it should be done more often or twice a week.

Be careful not to bathe him too often so that his skin does not dry out.

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How to dry cockatiel after bathing?

Cockatiels dry themselves after bathing, but if it is cold or in a room where it is, the temperature is still lower, then you should help the cockatiel to dry.

It is best to move the cockatiel to a warmer room, or turn on the hair dryer at a lower temperature and dry the cockatiel from a distance.

Also, use a dry cloth to wipe your cockatiel and help it dry faster. When drying the cockatiel with a hair dryer or other heating element, be careful not to overheat your cockatiel.

It is not necessary to always bathe your cockatiel as he will do it himself if there is a bathroom in his cage.


Cockatiels maintain their hygiene themselves, but sometimes they need to bathe.

They can be very messy and we have to bathe them in the bathroom twice a week, and once every 15 days is enough when they are clean.

Cockatiels love to bathe, they just don’t want the water to be cold, it’s best to use lukewarm water. Cockatiels, when bathing, spray around themselves and thus clean themselves.

Too much bathing is not good for them as it will dry out their skin. When cockatiels take a bath, they are happy and play in the water.

Bathing cockatiels should be done occasionally, but not too often, it is best to do it depending on the needs of the cockatiel.