Can A Hamster Break Its Back? Let’s Find Out

Hamsters are very gentle animals that can easily get hurt and get their back and other body bones broken.

Can hamsters break their backs?

Yes, hamsters can break their back if they fall from a height or because of an injury from hitting a hard object. Hamsters have very delicate spines, so it is very easy to injure and break their back.

Breaking the back of hamsters can result in their death, but it can also be treated if treatment is started promptly by a veterinarian.

In today’s article, you will learn about how hamsters can break their back, what to do in such unwanted situations, and how dangerous such an injury is for your pet.

Can a hamster break its back?

Hamsters can break their back because they have very delicate bodies that can break easily. More pressure on their back or a specific impact can cause a broken back.

When hamsters fall from a height, their back can also be broken, because when hamsters fall from a height that is higher than 25 cm, an injury can occur. The higher the height, the greater the chances of breaking their back.

That’s why you should be careful when you hold your pet in your arms so that it doesn’t accidentally fall out of your hands and injure itself or break its back.

If you notice that your hamster has a back injury or a broken back, you should immediately take it to the vet to be examined, as a hamster can die when it has a broken back.

How do you know when your hamster has a broken back?

When hamsters have a broken back it can be noticed by certain signs on their body.

Here are some of them:

  • problems with movement or walking may drag the hind legs as a result of a broken back
  • coordination and balance problems may walk unsteadily or occasionally fall
  • he may not want to move at all because of the significant pain he will have from a broken back
  • there will be a cracking sound when touching the broken bones in their body

If you notice any of these signs you should take your pet to the vet immediately, as a broken back can result in the death of the hamster.

Can my hamster die from a broken back?

Yes, a hamster can die when it breaks its back. Breaking his back can be a serious injury and life-threatening for your pet.

When a hamster breaks its back it can damage the spinal cord and other organs in the body. When hamsters have a broken back, paralysis, difficulty breathing or loss of certain senses can occur.

If the hamster is suffering from too much pain when breaking the back, then the vet may suggest euthanasia to reduce the hamster’s suffering from too much pain.

The sooner you get your pet to the vet, the better the chances of recovery and the lower the chances of your pet dying.can a hamster break its back

What should I do if the hamster breaks its back?

If your hamster breaks his back, you should take him to the vet immediately so that he can be treated and cured.

The veterinarian will examine the hamster and see exactly what kind of injury it is, how serious the injury is, and how to start treatment.

Before you take your hamster to the vet, or if you can’t take it right away, you should do everything you can to make your pet feel comfortable.

The hamster should be in a quiet and dark environment, put more bedding in the cage, and let it rest, this way you will reduce the stress of injury and damaging his back.

When the hamster breaks its back, you should not hold it in your hands, because you may further worsen its condition.

The hamster may have difficulty breathing due to the back injury, so you need to take it to the vet as soon as possible, because the longer you delay in bringing it to the vet, the less likely it is to recover.

Can hamsters recover from a broken back?

Hamsters can recover from a broken back, but it also depends on how serious the injury to their back is and the possible damage to the spinal cord.

After examining the hamster at the vet and determining the treatment, then it will be known if your pet will successfully recover from a broken back.

The veterinarian usually prescribes painkillers for the hamster, but also possible surgery if necessary.

Operations on hamsters are delicate because they are small animals, and unfortunately, they often fail due to the seriousness of the back injury.

We must mention that it is possible for a hamster to recover from a broken back, but there may be consequences that will prevent the full function of the back and its body.

In any case, a hamster can recover from a broken back if you cooperate with the veterinarian and take the appropriate steps that he will prepare for your pet.

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How do you prevent hamsters from breaking their back?

There are a few things you can take to help prevent injuries and broken back for your pet.

Here are a few of them:

  • Hamsters need regular exercise to be in better shape and have a stronger bodies.
  • The diet of the hamsters should be varied with vegetables and fruits in addition to the pellets because you will provide them with an adequate intake of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Hamsters should have bedding that is soft and deep enough to be comfortable in their cage, and to soften a fall when climbing to the top of the cage.
  • When holding the hamster, be careful not to let it fall out of your hands, or keep it close to the floor, on the bed, or in places where it won’t get hurt even if it jumps.
  • In the cage of hamsters, there should be no objects and sharp edges that can injure your pet.

Can hamsters get hurt if they fall?

Yes, hamsters falling from a height greater than 25 cm can get fractures in their body.

The biggest problem with hamsters is that they have very poor eyesight, they can barely see a few inches in front of them.can a hamster break its back

Poor vision makes it impossible for them to prepare for the fall in time, so when they fall, they often end up with injuries or fractures.

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Do hamsters show pain?

Hamsters often hide their pain when they are injured or have broken bones.

They do this because they think predators will take advantage of their current weaknesses and attack them.

That’s why you should watch their movements and if you notice that they are not behaving normally then you should take them to the vet.

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Hamsters can break their back because they have delicate bones and a body that is susceptible to fractures.

If the hamster breaks its back, it can cause death, but it can also survive if treated immediately by a veterinarian.

Hamsters who have broken back may have problems after recovering from a back injury.

Hamsters who break their back can suffer spinal cord damage, paralysis, and other serious injuries that may require euthanasia to prevent their suffering.

Finally, take care of your pet, especially when you hold it in your hands, or when you let it out of the cage so that it doesn’t get hurt because obviously they are delicate and can have fatal consequences.

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