Can a Single Hamster Get Pregnant By Itself? Let’s Discover

When you keep a hamster in a cage and after a certain time you notice that the hamster will give birth and have small babies, surely at first glance you may not believe how this is possible.

So I did some research on the subject and here’s what I found.

Can a single hamster get pregnant by itself?

A single hamster can get pregnant by itself if male and female hamsters have previously mated together. Otherwise, if the female hamster has never been with a male hamster, she will not be able to get pregnant.

In today’s article, you will learn a little more about how hamsters can get pregnant by itself and similar questions related to this topic.

Can a single hamster get pregnant by itself?

Female hamsters can get pregnant by itself, but for this to happen, the female must have previously mated with a male hamster.

Hamsters can get pregnant by itself and this cycle is called delayed conception. Female hamsters have one estrus cycle in a year, usually in the summer.

That is why sometimes you may be surprised when you see that the hamster has become pregnant and you have been keeping it alone in the cage for some time.

This can also happen when you buy a hamster from a pet store, but only if there are several male and female hamsters kept together.

You will buy a hamster and when you start keeping it at home after a few weeks you will be surprised to see that the hamster has given birth.

Pet stores know this can happen and usually keep the hamsters separate once they stop nursing from the mother hamster.

A mother hamster cannot get pregnant by itself if she has never been in contact with a male hamster, so if you don’t want to have baby hamsters you should never keep a male and female hamster together.

What are the signs when hamsters are pregnant?

When female hamsters are pregnant, you can tell by certain signs. Here are some of the signs by which you will notice that the hamster is pregnant:

  • he eats much less
  • moves less than usual
  • there is swelling in the stomach
  • begins to make a nest in a certain place in the cage
  • sleeps more than usual

If you notice any of these signs then you should take the hamster to a vet who will tell you if the hamster is really pregnant or if it is something else related to their health.can a single hamster get pregnant by itself

How long is pregnancy in hamsters?

Pregnancy in female hamsters lasts about 16-18 days, and during this period you should provide her with more food, a clean cage, and a calm and comfortable environment.

After the hamsters are born, their babies will be with the mother for about 3-4 weeks, during which time they will be with her constantly, because the hamster’s mother will help them with feeding and their development.

Small babies will start eating solid food already one week after their birth, while after 20 days they will be able to start eating a variety of food.

How many times can hamsters get pregnant?

Female hamsters can become pregnant after they are 10 weeks old and up to 14-15 months of their life.

On the other hand, male hamsters can mate and get a female hamster pregnant much faster in their life.

Since it takes a month for hamsters to give birth and care for their babies, this means that they can actually be pregnant 10 times in their short life.

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How fast can hamsters get pregnant after giving birth?

Hamsters can technically become pregnant again within a day of giving birth, although this is very rare.

This is rare because after giving birth, mother hamsters spend several weeks guarding and caring for the tiny babies.

However, it is best to keep the mother hamster and the male hamster separate after giving birth, so that the female does not become pregnant in a short time.

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How many hours do hamsters mate?

Mating of male and female hamsters lasts very quickly, i.e. only a few seconds.

However, the mating of the hamsters does not end there, they continue to mate for the next 20-30 minutes, or until one of them loses interest to continue mating.

After mating, male hamsters often groom themselves or the female hamster.

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How do you separate hamster babies from their parents when necessary?

If necessary, you can separate the babies from their parents, but you must be very careful.

Here are some steps you will need to do:

  • right time – you need to wait 3-4 weeks before separating the little babies from their mother because at first they are best cared for by the mother.
  • prepare a cage – special for small hamsters that will be clean, with all the objects they need, and with food and drinking water.
  • handle them carefully – when moving the small baby hamsters to a separate cage so as not to injure them.
  • check on them more often – to see how they are doing in the cage and whether they are eating enough and drinking water.

Separation of small baby hamsters should be done to avoid overcrowding in one cage, but always be very careful.can a single hamster get pregnant by itself


Should you hold your hamster when it’s pregnant?

It is best to avoid holding the hamster while it is pregnant. Holding it can only cause unnecessary stress, which can negatively affect both the mother and the unborn babies.

How many babies are there in a mother hamster’s litter?

Usually, there are 7-8 babies in one litter of hamsters, although there were situations when there were 4-12 babies.

Can male hamsters get pregnant too?

Male hamsters can never get pregnant. Only female hamsters can get pregnant and give birth to babies.


Hamsters can only become pregnant by itself if they have previously been mated with male hamsters. Female hamsters can become pregnant several weeks after mating with male hamsters.

Otherwise, female hamsters that have not been in contact with a male hamster can never become pregnant.

In any case, if you do not want to have new babies from the mother hamster, you should keep her separate from other hamsters.

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