Can Bathing Kill My Hamster? Let’s Discover

Hamsters are known for cleaning themselves, but sometimes they can get too dirty and cannot clean themselves.

I was wondering if bathing my pet could be dangerous for him, dangerous for his life.

Can bathing kill my hamster?

Bathing alone will not kill the hamster, but it may drown or become ill after bathing and die. Hamsters are very sensitive and they can experience shock or stress from too cold or hot water, which can cause consequences for their health.

In today’s article, you will find out what are the dangers of bathing hamsters, what to watch out for, and other issues related to the topic.

Can bathing kill my hamster?

Just bathing the hamster in water will not kill the hamster, but the consequences of bathing can cause serious problems and death of the hamster.

Hamsters can drown in the water if it is too deep and die, this happens because hamsters are not such good swimmers, and the fur when it gets soaked will drop them even more in the water.

Hamsters can experience a lot of stress from hot and cold water bathing which can cause illness in your pet.

If the hamster gets hypothermia after bathing, then it can die due to a drop in its body temperature. Hamsters can die when bathed if they get respiratory infections from wet fur.

Dangers of bathing for hamsters

Bathing hamsters is not recommended because it can cause serious consequences both for their health and for their life and kill them.

That’s why you should think seriously before you decide to bathe your pet. Therefore, we will discuss in more detail the possible dangers of bathing hamsters.

Hamsters can die from hypothermia

When you bathe hamsters they can lose their normal body temperature very quickly and become hypothermic.

Their little bodies won’t be able to warm up quickly and may die after bathing.

Hypothermia is a medical condition when the hamster’s body loses temperature faster than it can produce it, and then the hamster will die if it is not warmed up quickly.

Respiratory infections

A hamster can die after bathing if it gets a respiratory infection.

This happens when their fur gets wet and then dries very hard, it will take more time.

When hamsters have respiratory problems they can have fatal consequences for their health and even die.


The stress of bathing a hamster in water can cause health consequences.

Bathing and the appearance of stress will not kill the hamster immediately, but may indirectly cause long-term consequences that will affect the further life of the hamster.

In the future, due to the stress, they may get diseases that can end fatally and kill the hamster, or reduce its lifespan.

After all, stress is a silent killer of hamsters, so they should not be bathed or subjected to other stressful situations in their environment.can bathing kill my hamster

Drowning can kill the hamster while bathing

Hamsters can swim, but they are not very good swimmers. Therefore, there is a danger that the hamster will drown while bathing.

Hamsters are not natural swimmers, they do better on land than in water.

Hamsters can drown easily when bathing and because their fur gets wet it will cause their body to be even heavier.

Then the weight of the hamster will increase and they will not be able to move normally, which is the big danger of possible drowning while bathing.

Skin irritation and infection

When we bathe hamsters, irritation and infection of their skin can occur which can cause fatal consequences and death.

If the hamster is exposed to contaminated water it can directly affect the appearance of a skin infection and do more harm than good when bathing.

That’s why you shouldn’t risk bathing your pet, they clean themselves or you can give them a sand bath to clean their body, it’s a safer way to clean.

How to bathe your hamster safely?

It is best to avoid bathing the hamster, but if you must then do your best to do it in a safe way so that something dangerous does not happen and the hamster has fatal consequences.

Here are some tips:

  • Take a small bowl and fill it with lukewarm water, but put only a few inches of water so that the hamster does not drown, he can stand in it, but he cannot swim.
  • Put the hamster in the water and be careful not to submerge its head, and start to gently wipe its body, avoiding the ears and face.
  • Use a hamster shampoo as it is designed not to be harsh on their skin and fur, then use a sponge soaked in the water to clean the hamster.
  • Rinse the hamster with lukewarm water over its body and start wiping it with a soft and dry cloth, or with a hair dryer at the lowest temperature.

The better and faster you dry the hamster, the less chance it will get sick and the less chance the bath will kill it.

A safe alternative to bathing hamsters

Obviously, bathing in water can cause consequences that can kill the hamster, so it is better to find an alternative solution that will not endanger their life.

Here are some practical and safe solutions.

Using a damp cloth

You don’t always have to bathe your hamster to clean its body. Take a damp cloth and clean certain parts of their body, such as their face, paws, fur, and the back of their tail.

You don’t need to use any cleaning products, just wet a cloth with lukewarm water and clean their body. This way you will avoid direct bathing and there will be no danger or fatal consequences for your pet.

With this cleaning method, you will surely save your hamster from the danger of getting hypothermia which can kill it.

Brushing is a safe alternative

Using a soft brush can clean your hamster and prevent impurities from building up on its skin and fur. This way of cleaning hamsters is much safer than bathing in water and endangering their lives.

Just be careful when you brush the fur to do it very gently so as not to cause pain and discomfort to your pet.

It is necessary to brush the hamster regularly so that it can always be clean and there is no need to bathe it in water.

Sand bath for hamsters

A sand bath is a much safer alternative for hamsters instead of using a classic water bath.

Cleaning the body of hamsters with a sand bath allows you to successfully clean their fur and skin, and the hamsters themselves love when you put them in the sand bath.

They will roll in a sand bath, just put them in a bowl of sand bath and leave them half inside to clean. Sand bath also allows exfoliation of the skin and removal of dead cells from the skin.

Natural grooming

Hamsters are constantly grooming themselves in a natural way when they are in their cage, you just need to provide them with a safe environment.

When a hamster is happy with their cage and a calm, stress-free environment they will then enjoy grooming and cleaning themselves.

Hold the hamster in your hands

When the hamster is in your hands, it somehow helps to maintain field hygiene and cleaning.

Then your pet will wipe dirt and debris off their fur and skin from your hands.

When you pet your hamster, it is quite enough to clean it of dirt, of course, it is not the same as grooming them, but it will still have a positive effect.can bathing kill my hamster

Using cornstarch

Cornstarch has an excellent absorption of impurities from the body of hamsters.

It is enough to put a little cornstarch on the fur of the hamsters and it will complete its purpose.

Cornstarch is a safe alternative for cleaning your hamster’s skin and fur without having to use a bath, so use it occasionally on your pet.

How to avoid bathing the hamster?

In order not to have to use water baths for the hamster, it is necessary to take certain measures in their daily life in a timely manner.

With proper hamster hygiene, you will prevent your pet from being in danger of bath death, so here’s what you should do.

Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition is a factor that directly affects the hygiene of hamsters and the need to clean them.

If you give them a balanced diet with healthy nutrients, your pet will have healthier fur and skin and will need to clean less.

Of course, apart from food, we should not forget that they should always have fresh and clean drinking water.

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Cleaning the cage

The cleaner the hamster cage is, the cleaner the hamster will be. That’s why you should regularly clean the cage of leftover food, feces, and dirty bedding.

Once a week, thorough cleaning of the cage is necessary, and you should clean it daily of food residues and feces of the hamsters.

In this way, the hamster will be cleaner and there will be no need to bathe it in water.

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Anti-stress environment

For the hamster, any stress has a bad effect on its health and its cleaning of the body, and here is why.

When hamsters are stressed by something in their environment they may stop grooming and cleaning themselves, which will make them dirtier.

Therefore, pay attention to the environment and avoid letting other pets near the hamster, provide him with a calm environment, and talk gently to the hamster.

When the hamster is happy and without stress, it will then spend more time grooming and will not need drastic measures like bathing in water that can cause fatal consequences for its life.


Can water hurt hamsters?

Water can suffocate hamsters because their bodies cannot withstand sudden temperature changes. The thermal shock to their fur will make the hamster sick and can create health complications.

Do hamsters like a bath?

Hamsters do not like to bathe in water, they prefer to use a sand bath to be clean. Using a sand bath also helps improve the appearance of their fur and other skin benefits.

Do hamsters like cold or hot?

Hamsters do not like too hot, or too cold. The ideal temperature for hamsters is between 65-75 F, to keep them comfortable and happy. Any variation in this temperature can only cause their health to worsen.


Hamsters bathing in water can be dangerous to their health and life. Bathing can kill the hamster if it becomes hypothermic due to a drop in its body temperature.

Hamsters can drown when bathing because they are not good swimmers and because of the weight that will increase due to the soaking of the fur.

Therefore, allow the hamster to clean in a sand bath, or clean with a wet cloth so that it is clean and there is no need to bathe in water.

A healthy diet, a clean cage, and an anti-stress environment allow the hamster to be clean and not need to bathe in water, so it will not be in danger for its life.

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