Can Guinea Pigs Be Gay? ( A Truth)

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:03 pm

In nature, there are 1500 species of animals that engage in same-sex relationships, but what about guinea pigs, what is their sexual orientation?

Can guinea pigs be gay?

Yes, guinea pigs can be gay, just like many other animals. Male guinea pigs can be alone, however, isolation from females makes it impossible for them to reproduce.

Homosexuality in guinea pigs

Homosexuality in guinea pigs can occur in both male and female guinea pigs.

Let’s see in more detail why and how it appears and how guinea pigs behave when they have homosexual activities.

Female guinea pigs and homosexuality

When female guinea pigs are sexually aroused they can exhibit certain behaviors associated with lesbianism.

Two female guinea pigs can touch and bite their genitals, and even masturbate using objects such as toothbrushes.

Such activities appear when they are 2-4 weeks old, that is, when female guinea pigs begin to produce milk.

After they stop nursing, female guinea pigs start nibbling in the genital area.

Male guinea pigs and homosexuality

Male guinea pigs sometimes have oral sex with other males.

Homosexuality in male guinea pigs, however, is not as common as in females and occurs during puberty.can guinea pigs be gay

Do animals mate with the same sex?

Many animals form bonds with other animals of the same sex.

For example, males associate with other males, while females choose partners based on certain characteristics such as size, color, etc.

There are many cases where animals form long-term relationships with other members of the same sex. Homosexuality in animals occurs when certain animals are attracted to other animals of the same sex.

Females show more bisexual behavior, while males show homosexual behavior in order to mate with females. For us, of course, the most important thing is how the guinea pigs behave in terms of homosexuality.

Guinea pigs can have homosexual thoughts when they live together with other guinea pigs of the same sex. For example, if you have two male guinea pigs, they can show homosexual interests, but also aggression.

In which animals does homosexuality occur most often?

In general, homosexuality appears more in monogamous than in polygamous animals.

For example, male dogs mainly mate with females, while heterosexual cats also mate with same-sex partners.

There are also animals that are extremely bisexual, such as bonobo monkeys, they are a group of primates that use sexual relations to solve problems and conflicts.

Why do animals have homosexuality?

When it comes to the cause of homosexuality in animals, it can be a product of many different reasons such as nutrition, genetics, hormones, socialization, and other factors.

Therefore, let’s see in detail all these factors, and how they affect the occurrence of homosexuality in animals.


According to many, the genetic factor affects the appearance of homosexuality in animals, that is, through their genes.

An example can be the changing of the fucose mutarotase gene, which contributes to increasing the possibility of female mice showing interest in other female mice.


Isolation affects the emergence of homosexual behavior in animals kept in domestic conditions.

Because when they are kept at home, two pets of the same sex often socialize and live together in a cage or some other room that is used as their home.

Physiological causes of homosexuality in animals

When there is a change in hormones in animals, then the possibility of homosexuality arises.

For example when testosterone and estradiol increase they increase homosexuality in heterosexual female animals.

Are guinea pigs born gay?

Guinea pigs while they are younger usually do not show signs of homosexuality, it usually happens later when they are older.

Genetics is one of the reasons that can cause homosexuality in guinea pigs.

Most guinea pigs develop into heterosexual adults, although at some point they exhibit same-sex behaviors.

Why do guinea pigs sometimes act like lesbians?

Lack of sufficient socialization is the main reason why some guinea pigs behave like lesbians.

If young female guinea pigs are kept in their cages for part of the day it leads to them behaving like lesbians.

Therefore, it is important that the guinea pigs are able to move more often with guinea pigs of both sexes.

Hormonal activity may account for their behavior

Hormonal imbalance is the reason for them to start behaving like lesbians. Changes in hormones occur when they reach adolescence and that’s when their behavior changes.

The level of testosterone especially increases during this period, which affects the functions of the body.

When the level of testosterone increases, then aggressive behavior in men and sexual activity in females also increases.

Female guinea pigs very rarely exhibit lesbianism. They are more difficult to notice as they interact sexually with other females.can guinea pigs be gay


Sometimes guinea pigs can show dominance and we think they show homosexuality.

When they fight each other, they climb on top of each other and bite each other, and this is quite common among them.

When the guinea pigs fight, whoever is more aggressive will win. The winner usually has better health than the loser and eats better.

Male guinea pigs become dominant when they mate with females, meaning they will chase female guinea pigs that want to mate.

When you notice a guinea pig chasing another guinea pig, it means that it wants to dominate.

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Can male guinea pigs live alone?

Yes, male guinea pigs can live alone, but they need space.

However, guinea pigs prefer to live in the company rather than being alone.

In order for a guinea pig to live, it only needs to have a lot of space to run and play or something to do so that it doesn’t get boring.

Can a guinea pig be prevented from becoming homosexual?

Yes, a guinea pig can be prevented from becoming homosexual if we take certain actions to prevent it.

The best way is socialization with other peers so that homosexuality does not occur in the guinea pig.


Guinea pigs can be homosexual mostly due to genetic factors, socialization, diet, and other factors.

Homosexuality in guinea pigs can occur in both male and female guinea pigs. Hormonal imbalance can be the reason for their behavior to change and show homosexual activities.

Guinea pigs that are pets are much more likely to develop homosexuality than those that live in the wild.

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