Can Guinea Pigs Change Gender? Let’s Discover

Guinea pigs are interesting and fun, and both male and female guinea pigs make great pets to keep and care for. The question is often asked whether guinea pigs can change their gender.

Can guinea pigs change gender?

No, guinea pigs cannot change gender, although many myths are related to this issue, there is only one truth.

In today’s article, you will find out why guinea pigs can’t change their gender and questions related to the topic.

Can guinea pigs change gender?

Guinea pigs cannot change gender, they are born as male and female guinea pigs and that is the actual situation.

There are certain myths and misconceptions that guinea pigs can change their gender, but in fact, this is not possible.

Only guinea pigs can sometimes suffer from an intersex condition where they exhibit characteristics of both genders, although this is not the same as gender reassignment.

What is the difference between male and female guinea pigs?

Although male and female guinea pigs may have many similarities in appearance, there are still certain differences between them.

For example, male guinea pigs are larger than female guinea pigs and have more prominent backs and shoulders.

The head and neck of male guinea pigs are larger and thicker than those of females. Male guinea pigs have testicles that can be seen externally, while female guinea pigs have no testicles.

If we look at the guinea pigs, we can notice that the females have more prominent pelvises because they give birth to small babies.

Female guinea pigs also have two nipples while male guinea pigs only have one nipple.

Male and female guinea pigs also have behavioral differences

Just as they have differences in body appearance, guinea pigs also have different behaviors depending on their gender.

For example, female guinea pigs are calmer and more peaceful than males. Female guinea pigs prefer to lie in their cage, and are much less interested in exploring their surroundings.

And in terms of vocalizations, female guinea pigs do not make as much noise as males. Female guinea pigs are gentler than males and love to cuddle with their owners.

While on the other hand, male guinea pigs are much more active and like to run and play more than females.

Male guinea pigs are much louder than females especially when they are excited and happy about what is happening around them.

Male guinea pigs are sometimes more aggressive than females and find it difficult to get along in a group with other guinea pigs.

How do I find out the gender of my guinea pig?

To find out the gender of your guinea pig, it is enough to look under its tail, if they have two bumps then it is a male because those bumps are its testicles.

If you look at the rear of your guinea pig and if it has a large and round bottom then it is a female because they born babies.

Another way to tell if they are male or female guinea pigs is to look at their genitalia, females have a V-shaped opening, while males have a circular opening.

Is it better to get a boy or a girl guinea pig?

In general, male guinea pigs are easier to keep than female guinea pigs.

Male guinea pigs are braver and more self-confident than females, but this has its positive sides that you can take advantage of.

For example, male guinea pigs are better for training and habituation in domestic conditions than females.can guinea pigs change gender

Is it okay to have a boy and a girl guinea pig?

Yes, you can have a male and female guinea pig, but it is best if they live together from birth, so they will be better used to each other.

If you want to keep a male and female guinea pig together in one cage then it is best if the male is neutered.

This is necessary because otherwise there will be many new babies in their cage. Guinea pigs start to reproduce when they are two months old they will be mature enough to breed.

Can guinea pigs live alone after one dies?

The guinea pigs have a hard time when one of the guinea pigs dies.

As many as 95% of guinea pigs have a problem when they are left alone without their friend.

If your guinea pig is left alone it is best to find him a new guinea pig as he will not be able to get used to living alone all the time for the rest of his life.

When to separate male and female guinea pigs?

The best time to separate guinea pigs is when they are about 4 weeks after birth.

This is recommended as guinea pigs start mating and breeding around the eighth week.

That is why it is so important to separate them from each other after 4 weeks, you can only keep them together if you plan to raise more guinea pigs.

Can I Neuter My Male Guinea Pig?

Guinea pigs can be sterilized to prevent birth.

But we must mention that this process is not at all simple and carries certain risks, especially for female guinea pigs.

A big problem is an anesthesia, which guinea pigs can’t tolerate very well, so it’s best to keep male and female guinea pigs separate.

However, if you decide to castrate the guinea pig, try to find a veterinarian who is skilled enough for this type of operation.

After a castration operation, it is very important that the guinea pigs have a quiet, cool place so that they can recover faster, and of course, you will need to give them healthy and high-quality food and vitamin C.


Guinea pigs cannot change gender, although there are many myths that they can.

Only sometimes they can change the characteristics of the behavior, but that is completely normal.

To know how to find out the gender of your guinea pig, it is best to look at your pet under the tail, because males have two nipples or testicles, while females do not.

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