Can Guinea Pigs Eat Aloe Vera? All You Need To Know

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:18 pm

Can guinea pigs eat aloe vera? No, guinea pigs can not eat the aloe vera plants, because certain ingredients in this plant such as anthraquinone and aloin A are very harmful to their health, only ointments made from aloe vera gel are safe for them.

Aloe vera is a plant with beneficial properties for us humans with its healing properties, but when it comes to guinea pigs, then the effect is opposite and dangerous to their health.

In today’s article, you will learn why you should not give aloe vera plants to guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs eat the aloe vera plants?

No, guinea pigs should not eat aloe vera leaves, this plant is harmful to their health.

The aloe vera plant has three main parts: rind, latex, and inner pulp which has aloe vera gel. Specifically, aloe vera latex contains two substances that are very harmful:

  • anthraquinone
  • aloin A

These two ingredients cause harmful effects in guinea pigs, they are carcinogenic and dangerous to their health. They cause irritating and laxative properties. That’s why you should never think of giving aloe vera leaves to your furry pet.

But you should not despair there are a number of other plants that are safe and healthy for your pet that they can eat freely.

Can aloe vera be poisonous to guinea pigs?

Aloe vera is not directly poisonous, but with the action of aloin A and anthraquinone, it becomes toxic to guinea pigs.

This leads to skin irritations on your pets and causes even more serious health problems.

If guinea pigs accidentally try and eat aloe vera, you should not wait for reactions, it is best to consult a veterinarian immediately for further instructions about guinea pigs, and to prevent complications and problems.can guinea pigs eat aloe vera

What to do if a guinea pig eats aloe vera leaves?

If your pet eats aloe vera leaves, then expect side effects such as diarrhea and bowel problems.

In addition to these problems, aloe vera can cause hepatitis in guinea pigs. Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver in guinea pigs.

The liver is important because helps in processing nutrients, filtering the blood, and helping fight infections.

Hepatitis in turn creates new problems, such as cirrhosis or permanent liver damage and cessation of its function, which can, unfortunately, be fatal to your furry pet and result in death.

If your guinea pig eats aloe vera leaves, give it water immediately and consult a veterinarian.

The latex or epidermis juice of aloe vera in addition to contact with the skin of guinea pigs will cause itching and sores on their skin.

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Can aloe vera gel ointments be good for guinea pigs?

Because aloe vera gel does not contain the two dangerous ingredients: anthraquinone and aloin A, aloe vera gel ointments are safe for guinea pigs.

However, you must make sure that the aloe vera gel ointments consist exclusively of the inner pulp of this plant.

Remember that only aloe vera gel is safe for guinea pigs, everything else is toxic and dangerous to their health.

On the effects of aloe vera gel ointment, a study was performed in which 40 guinea pigs, after being burned, were divided into 4 groups and given different creams, gauze, and aloe vera gel.

Only the group of guinea pigs that used aloe vera gel noticed faster-wound healing, or more precisely in 30 days, while all other groups their wounds healed in 50 days.

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What are the healthy alternatives of foods for guinea pigs?

As we said above in today’s article because aloe vera leaves are harmful and dangerous to guinea pigs, there are a number of healthy foods that can be consumed freely:

  • asparagus
  • basil
  • beets
  • broccoli
  • carrots
  • celery
  • mint


Guinea pigs should not eat aloe vera, more precisely the leaves of this plant.

Aloe vera leaves contain two ingredients, anthraquinone and aloin A, which are toxic to guinea pigs and have carcinogenic properties.

Aloe vera leaves can cause damage to your pet’s liver and cirrhosis, with fatal consequences and even death.

Only aloe vera gel, ie the ointment made from it can be used to treat wounds of guinea pigs.

Lastly, watch out for guinea pigs, and keep this plant away from them, so that your pets do not get a chance to eat from its leaves and protect their own health.

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