Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples? Benefits and Risks

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:26 pm

In addition to hay and grass, guinea pigs need to include a certain amount of fruits and vegetables in order to have an excellent balance of nutrients in their body.

One of the fruits they should eat is the apple. Surely you are wondering if an apple is a good choice for your pet?

Can guinea pigs eat apples? Yes, guinea pigs can eat apples, but in moderation because this fruit has a lot of sugar. By eating an apple, the guinea pig will get many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants necessary for its health.

In today’s article, we will learn more about the health benefits and risks of eating apples for guinea pigs.

What do we need to know about the apple?

Apples are one of the most common fruits in the world. This fruit is represented by 15% of all fruits in the world.

There are many different varieties of apples or about 2500, and the most popular are Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, and Gala.

China grows almost half of the world’s total apple production. We should mention that apples, or about 60% of them, are usually eaten fresh, in fact, they are the best and most delicious.

Doctors say one apple a day means half health. Although this applies to humans, guinea pigs also benefit from the apple.

Should guinea pigs eat apples?

Yes, guinea pigs need to eat apples, but always in moderation to get the most out of their nutrients.

Due to the high amount of sugar you have to pay attention to the amount. The apple should always be a pleasure and never a main meal for your furry pet.

Do guinea pigs like to eat apples?

Yes, guinea pigs love to eat apples, they will love their taste, and snacking on this fruit will make them happy.

Most guinea pigs will want to eat apples, although there may always be an exception, ie, a guinea pig does not want to eat this fruit.

But that should not discourage you, and if your guinea pig does not like apples, there is a large selection of other fruits that they will undoubtedly want to eat.

How many apples should guinea pigs eat?

Moderation in the diet is the key to good health in guinea pigs, in fact, it applies to us humans.

It is best for the health of guinea pigs to eat once or twice a week one to two pieces of apple cut into cubes.

Guinea pigs do not need to eat an apple every day because they will not be able to have enough time to process the sugar and other ingredients in this fruit.can guinea pigs eat apples

What if the guinea pig eats too many apples?

If your guinea pig eats too many apple pieces, nothing terrible will probably happen to it.

Diarrhea, bloating, and similar symptoms may occur, and it is best to give him more water to process a large number of apples eaten more easily and quickly.

If the above problems do not go away in 24 hours, then take your pet to a veterinarian just in case.

How to prepare an apple for a guinea pig?

The first and most important step is proper washing, i.e., thorough washing with a strong jet of water to remove impurities and possible chemicals used for its cultivation.

Impurities and chemicals are very harmful to guinea pigs and can seriously damage their health.

Then chop the apple or its inner part into bite-sized cubes, and give them to your pet. If pieces of the apple remain uneaten, remove them from your pet’s cage.

Can baby guinea pigs eat an apple?

No, baby guinea pigs should not eat an apple in the first 5-6 weeks of life. During this period, they should consume breast milk, water, and food designed specifically for them.

Only after six weeks should they gradually begin to get used to dietary novelties such as apples.

But it is always our recommendation to consult a veterinarian to see how far the baby guinea pig is developing and whether his body is ready to eat an apple or other fruits and vegetables.

What are the benefits of apple for guinea pigs?

By eating an apple in moderation, guinea pigs will make the most of the benefits of this fruit.

Here are some of them:

  • Vitamin C – is one of the most essential vitamins for guinea pigs, and it is present in sufficient quantities in apples and provides protection against scurvy.
  • B vitamins – enable better functioning of the nervous system of your furry friends.
  • Hydration – because the apple contains reasonable amounts of water, it is an excellent source of hydration for your pet, but only if eaten in moderation.
  • Potassium – is a mineral that enables better functioning of the whole body of guinea pigs.
  • Less cholesterol – Eating an apple will lower your bad pig cholesterol levels.
  • Dietary fibеr – is especially present in apple peel and helps improve digestion and the entire digestive system of guinea pigs.
  • Calcium – is a significant mineral that helps guinea pigs have healthier and stronger bones.

Side effects of apple for guinea pigs

Excessive eating of an apple can lead to the following side effects in guinea pigs:

  • Sugar – this is the main problem if guinea pigs overeat apples, they can get diabetes and other issues.
  • Weight gain – again due to the high amount of sugar, your pet may gain weight.
  • Cyanide – which is present in small amounts in apple seeds, is poisonous and can cause fatal consequences for your pet and even death, so stay away from apple seeds.

 What is the nutritional composition of the apple?

To know precisely what guinea pigs get by eating an apple, here is what the composition of 100 g of the apple looks like:

  • calories 48
  • fiber 1.3 g
  • carbohydrates 12.8 g
  • protein 0.27 g
  • sugar 10 g
  • fat 0.13 g
  • Vitamin C 4 mg
  • calcium 5 mg
  • magnesium 4 mg
  • potassium 90 mg

Can guinea pigs eat apple leaves?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat apple leaves, or rather apple trees, they are entirely safe for them. Apple leaves contain a lot of nutrients that your pets should use.

Apple leaves do not contain much sugar and, on the other hand, have many antioxidants, which will improve your pet’s digestive system.

You only have to pay attention to the amount because apple leaves have a lot of calcium, which in large quantities is harmful to your furry friend.can guinea pigs eat apples

Can guinea pigs eat apple wood?

Yes, guinea pigs can safely chew applewood or apple branches.

Chewing on the branches or trees of an apple tree will help keep them healthy and the size of their ever-growing teeth.

Before giving them an apple tree branch or wood, you need to wash it well, that is the most important thing.

Can guinea pigs eat apple chips?

No, guinea pigs can not eat apple chips.

Apple chips are harmful because they are processed, and guinea pigs can not eat processed food.

The digestive system of guinea pigs can not digest apple chips, and it can only cause stomach problems.

Can guinea pigs eat boiled apples?

No, guinea pigs should not eat boiled apples or any cooked food at all.

The changes that occur during the cooking of apples are harmful to their digestive system.

Guinea pigs should always eat only fresh apples and generally fresh fruits and vegetables.

Can guinea pigs eat red apples?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat red apples, they are suitable for their health, and they will love to eat them.

Red apples are juicy and sweet, and your pet will enjoy eating them. This variety of apples is rich in nutrients, and the peel is rich in antioxidants.

Our recommendation for guinea pigs is precisely the red apples, of course in moderation.

Can guinea pigs eat Crab Apples?

Guinea pigs can eat Crab Apples, always in moderation.

You should permanently remove the whole core before giving them an apple crab because it is much harder to digest in your pet’s stomach.

In any case, the crab apple is not the first choice for guinea pigs, and the red apple is always in the first place, it should be given to the guinea pig the most.

Can guinea pigs drink apple cider vinegar?

No, guinea pigs should never drink apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar is too sour for them, it can only cause stomach and digestive problems.

Guinea pigs do not like sour foods, much less apple cider vinegar, so stick only to apple fruit.

Can guinea pigs eat apple sauce?

No, guinea pigs can not eat apple sauce. Apple sauce is processed food, and it should never consume such food.

Also, guinea pigs should not eat fried, boiled, or similarly processed foods.

Their digestive system is not adapted to eat processed foods, only fresh food is the right choice for your sweet pet.

Can guinea pigs eat apple pie?

No, guinea pigs can not eat apple pie. They can not digest such food, although the apple pie is tasty and sweet.

The reason plus is that apple pie contains other ingredients such as butter, salt, and fats that are harmful to their health.

Apple pie does not contain the vitamin C they need most, and it is found in fresh apples.

Should guinea pigs drink apple juice?

No, guinea pigs should not drink apple juice, especially those found in stores.

Purchased apple juice contains added sugars, preservatives, and other harmful ingredients, which are not suitable for your pet’s health at all.

The only way to give them apple juice but in very small quantities is to squeeze them at home and dilute it with water in a ratio of 50-50.

Can guinea pigs eat green apples?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat green apples, but they are not suitable for them, we recommend that you avoid them. Although they contain antioxidants and vitamins, acidity is a significant problem with green apples.

Sour green apples contain acids that can only irritate their mouths and other unpleasant moments for your pet.

Our recommendation is always to give guinea pigs red apples that have a much milder taste and are not so sour.can guinea pigs eat apples

Should guinea pigs eat a whole apple?

No guinea pigs should not eat a whole apple, and it is best to give them in pieces.

We always recommend that the apple be cut into 4-8 pieces and given to them for eating.

The reason is that a whole apple can cause the danger of suffocation of your furry pet.

Can guinea pigs eat apple peel?

Yes, guinea pigs can also eat the skin of an apple or its peel. Apple peel contains much more vitamin C than peeled apple.

Apple peel also contains a certain amount of fiber, which is great for digestion and the overall digestive system of guinea pigs.

Most likely, your pet will enjoy it the most when he eats the apple peel.

Can guinea pigs eat apple seeds?

No, guinea pigs should not eat apple seeds, they are harmful to them.

The reason is that apple seeds contain traces of cyanide, which in large quantities are poisonous to your pet.

Of course, you should not be afraid if your guinea pig still eats a few apple seeds, because probably nothing terrible will happen to him, but of course, this should not be practiced often.

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Can guinea pigs eat Apple Cores?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat apple cores, but before that, you need to clean them from the seeds.

However, most likely, no matter how much you remove the seeds, it is unlikely that some seeds will remain.

Therefore, our recommendation is to avoid apple cores and stick to apple slices, this is the best and safest for guinea pigs.

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Alternative fruits for guinea pigs

Although most guinea pigs will want to eat an apple, it can always be an exception that your pet does not want to eat.

Here are some fruits you can give him to eat:

  • mango
  • blueberries
  • strawberries
  • grapes
  • bananas
  • melon
  • orange


Guinea pigs can eat an apple, but in moderation, to make the most of the health benefits of this fruit.

If eaten in moderation, guinea pigs will have healthier bones, immunity, disease protection, a healthier nervous system, and protection against scurvy.

Risks exist if your pet overeat eating apples, such as diabetes, obesity, and diarrhea.

The inside and the peel of the apple are the healthiest, and the seeds due to the presence of cyanide are the most dangerous part of this fruit for your pet.

Finally, please give a few cubes of apple to your guinea pig and enjoy its happiness, and of course, yours watching him eat the apple with pleasure.

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