Can Guinea Pigs Eat Colored Cardboard? Let’s Discover

Guinea pigs eat everything in their vicinity unless they like the taste and smell. That’s why we have to be careful what we leave near the guinea pigs, this is especially true for colored cardboard.

Can guinea pigs eat colored cardboard?

Guinea pigs should not and cannot eat colored cardboard because it contains dyes and chemicals that are toxic to their health. Guinea pigs can only eat plain brown cardboard.

In today’s article, you will learn why colored cardboard is harmful to guinea pigs and similar related issues.

Can guinea pigs eat colored cardboard?

Guinea pigs cannot eat colored cardboard because such cardboard will not be able to be processed in their digestive system and will cause stomach problems.

Colored cardboards are often obtained by recycling and contains too many harmful substances such as formaldehyde, plastic, benzophenone, and other toxic substances.

It is too risky for guinea pigs to eat colored cardboard, especially in larger quantities.

Do guinea pigs like to eat colored cardboard?

Often the guinea pigs themselves will not want to try colored cardboard because they will not like the smell and taste.

Guinea pigs have excellent senses of smell and taste, which will help them immediately recognize what they like and what they would not like to eat.

The very toxic ingredients in the colored cardboard will make your guinea pig avoid eating them, especially if they have other choices to eat such as hay, cucumber, lettuce, or apple.

Adverse effects of eating colored cardboard for guinea pigs

If guinea pigs eat colored cardboard it will not be good for their health. Here are some of the side effects:

Danger of poisoning

Dyes are one of the most dangerous ingredients for guinea pigs because they are toxic to them and can cause fatal consequences.

The toxic substances in the colored cardboard cannot be processed in their digestive system.

If guinea pigs eat colored cardboard in large quantities, too much poisoning can occur which can be life-threatening.

Lack of nutrients

Guinea pigs need to ingest nutrients every day by eating hay and 10-20% vegetables and fruits.

If the guinea pigs eat colored cardboard, they will not get the necessary nutrients and there may be a lack of vitamins, minerals, fibers, and other ingredients.

If the guinea pigs eat large amounts of colored cardboard, they will get sick in a short time due to the lack of healthy ingredients in their organism.can guinea pigs eat colored cardboard


Guinea pigs, like many other pets, will get stressed if they don’t have the right nutrition.

Eating colored cardboard can only upset the guinea pig and make it sick because stress is the cause of disease. Colored cartons can in no way replace real food.

My guinea pig, when there was not enough hay to eat, which happened but very rarely, was very nervous and anxious, which shows how important it is to eat food intended for these little pets.

What can I do to prevent the guinea pig from eating the colored cardboard?

To be able to protect the guinea pig from eating colored cardboard, you must pay attention to certain things. Here are some tips:

Do not use the colored cardboard in the cage

You should never use colored cardboard in your guinea pig’s cage.

Even a small amount of colored cardboard can endanger their health because you cannot be sure how harmful the ingredients it contains are.

It is best to be careful when placing cardboard objects in the guinea pigs’ cage that they are plain without any colors.

Check the room where you keep the guinea pigs’ cage

Guinea pigs should be let out of the cage for at least half an hour every day to run and play.

You should not leave colored cardboard in places where the guinea pig will run and play, because it will not hesitate to eat them.

However, we must emphasize that guinea pigs are very smart and they may not want to eat colored cardboard because they will not like the smell.

In any case, you should not leave anything to chance, so check the space where you will let your small pet.

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What other cardboards are harmful to guinea pigs?

Apart from the colored cardboard, other cardboard is harmful and dangerous for the health of the guinea pigs.

Here are some of them to avoid:

Cardboards with ink or paint – because paint and ink are toxic and dangerous to the health of guinea pigs.

Cardboard boxes with glue – because glue harms guinea pigs, it is toxic and can cause side effects. However, we must emphasize that there are also glues that, when dried, are not dangerous for guinea pigs, but it is best not to risk your pet’s health.

Cardboards that have glitter – because these cardboards contain toxic substances and are dangerous to the life of your guinea pig.

Which cardboard is not dangerous for guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs can eat cardboard that has no colors, for example, plain cardboard is perfectly fine and will not interfere with their digestive system.can guinea pigs eat colored cardboard

Guinea pigs can eat small amounts of cardboard, of course, they should not eat large amounts, however, cardboard is not a food that they should eat every day.

Small amounts of ordinary cardboard are good both for entertaining the guinea pigs and for their constantly growing teeth, and the cardboard helps to reduce them.

Guinea pigs also have many toys and objects that are made of cardboard or wood that help them to play and eat a little, which is fine.

My guinea pig, when I let him in the room to play and run, often knows how to bite the chairs or the tree, but most of the time he does it for a very short time, only a few minutes.

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Can guinea pigs eat colored paper?

Guinea pigs cannot eat colored paper because it is not good for their digestive system and they can get sick from the toxic substances or colors used for paper.

A small amount of plain paper is not dangerous for guinea pigs, but of course, larger amounts are not okay.

When guinea pigs eat paper in large quantities, it can block their digestive system.


Is it dangerous for guinea pigs to eat large amounts of cardboard?

If guinea pigs eat large amounts of cardboard, they will not get enough nutrients, and at the same time, they may strain their digestive system.

Can guinea pigs eat cardboard rolls?

Cardboard rolls are not dangerous for guinea pigs and they can eat them in small quantities. The only thing to be careful of is that they can contain glue which is toxic and dangerous although probably in small quantities.

Can guinea pigs die from eating cardboard?

There is very little chance that guinea pigs will die from eating cardboard, but you must be careful because cardboard can contain harmful ingredients, dirt, etc. It is best not to let guinea pigs eat large amounts of cardboard.


Guinea pigs cannot and must not eat colored cardboard because the colors and possibly if they contain ink can be poisonous and harm their health and life.

Guinea pigs can only eat ordinary cardboard that does not contain colors or any other ingredients, such as glue, which is harmful and toxic to them.

Small amounts of plain cardboard are not harmful to guinea pigs, and they should not eat colored cardboard in any case.

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