Can Guinea Pigs Eat Green Onions? Benefits and Risks

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:23 pm

Guinea pigs can include a variety of foods in their diet, including vegetables and fruits, which provide healthy nutrients needed to improve their health.

Many times when we eat green onions which are also known as scallions, you must have wondered if you should give a little to your guinea pig as well?

Can guinea pigs eat green onions? Yes, guinea pigs can eat green onions, and the green leafy vegetables are the ones that can be eaten. By eating green onions, guinea pigs will get the vitamins and minerals needed for their health.

In today’s article, we will find out how much, how, and what are the benefits and risks of eating green onions for guinea pigs.

What is a green onion?

Many of us do not know that green onions are part of the family Allium, which includes garlic, leeks, and others.

Green onion is a vegetable that contains many nutrients beneficial to health. Green onions have a mild taste that will make the guinea pigs like them.

In the United States, green onions are very popular, as well as all over the world, and are used as a side dish in cooking, salads and are best eaten fresh.

Otherwise, the green onion can be stored for 6-10 days, and then it loses its freshness, and it should be stored properly so that it does not start to wither.

Green onions need sunlight to be able to grow and develop properly.

Can guinea pigs eat green onions?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat green onions, but in moderation to have the best health benefits.

Eating green onions will bring in nutrients that are great for their health.

It should be noted that guinea pigs can eat the green leafy part of this vegetable, while they must not eat the bulb part because this part is toxic to them.

Will guinea pigs want to eat green onions?

Yes, guinea pigs will love to eat green onions, after all, they will enjoy eating them.

Most guinea pigs will want to eat green onions, although there may always be an exception for a guinea pig to refuse to eat.

But that should not disappoint you, if your guinea pig does not want to eat green onions, there are many other types of vegetables that they will like and want to eat.can guinea pigs eat green onions

What is the composition of green onions?

To better know what exactly a guinea pig gets when eating green onions, here is what the composition of 50 grams of green onions looks like:

  • calories 16
  • fiber 3 g
  • carbohydrates 1.5 g
  • sugar 1.5 g
  • fat 1 g
  • protein 4 g
  • Vitamin C 15%
  • Vitamin A 10%
  • folic acid 8%
  • calcium 3.5%
  • copper 2%
  • zinc 1.5%
  • manganese 4%

As can be seen from the composition of green onions it contains a variety of nutrients with a fairly good balance in their values, which makes them a great food for guinea pigs.

What are the benefits of green onions for guinea pigs?

Green onions as long as they are given in moderation to guinea pigs will help improve their health.

Here are some of the benefits that guinea pigs will enjoy:

  • Improve digestion – as it contains essential fiber green onions help improve digestion and overall better functioning of your pet’s digestive system.
  • Cholesterol-lowering – green onions do not contain cholesterol, which means that by eating them, guinea pigs will have healthier and cleaner blood vessels and overall better cardiovascular health.
  • protein – they help guinea pigs have more energy and strength to run and play.
  • Vitamin C – the most important vitamin for guinea pigs is present in green onions and provides protection against scurvy, as well as improving the immunity of your pet and protection against disease.
  • Vitamin B6 – helps in the production of serotonin or the so-called hormone of happiness, which will make guinea pigs happier and will improve their sleep.
  • Vitamin E – is another great vitamin that promotes healthy skin, and eyesight and prevents cancer in guinea pigs.
  • folate – they are important for the proper growth and development of the fetus in pregnant guinea pigs.
  • Iron – prevents anemia and helps guinea pigs’ blood to be much healthier.
  • Manganese – This mineral is important for improving the protection against various diseases in your furry pet.
  • Calcium – is always an important mineral for the proper growth and development of bones and teeth in guinea pigs.
  • Copper – helps to produce healthy red blood cells, collagen production, and excellent immunity.
  • Selenium – although present in small amounts, it helps prevent heart problems, asthma, and thyroid gland and acts as an antioxidant in guinea pigs.

How many green onions should guinea pigs eat?

Guinea pigs should eat green onions 1-2 times a week, ie only the green leaf part in a small handful, and should never be given two days in a row.

Moderation is most important when it comes to the health of guinea pigs, if they overeat it will have negative effects on their health.

This amount that we have indicated to you is quite enough for them to make the most of all the nutritional values ​​of this vegetable.

How to prepare green onions for guinea pigs?

The most important thing is to wash the green onions well before giving them to the guinea pigs to eat.

This way you will remove the impurities and possible pesticides used in its cultivation which are harmful to the guinea pig.

As we said, because guinea pigs can only eat the green part of the vegetables, you need to cut them into small pieces so that they can eat them more easily.

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What if guinea pigs eat too many green onions?

If the guinea pigs inadvertently or accidentally eat too many green onions, nothing terrible will probably happen to them.

However, in any case, we recommend in such situations to immediately give more water to the guinea pigs so that they can more easily process a large amount of this vegetable.

Then you need to watch for 12-24 hours to see if everything will be fine with your pet.

If everything is fine then there is no room for panic, and otherwise, if there is abdominal pain or diarrhea that does not subside, it is best to take your guinea pig to the vet for examination.can guinea pigs eat green onions

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What are the side effects of green onions for guinea pigs?

Any food when consumed too much can cause side effects in guinea pigs, and so it is in humans.

If guinea pigs eat more than they should, the following side effects may occur to their health:

  • Digestive problems – occur as a result of eating too many green onions, ie excessive intake of fiber, during which guinea pigs will have abdominal pain and bloating.
  • diarrhea – too many green onions will only bother piglets and cause diarrhea and gas.
  • kidney and bladder stones – because they will create too much calcium in their body. The inability to process it completely will lead to stones, painful urination, and other urinary problems.

Alternative food for green onions for guinea pigs

If the guinea pig does not want to eat green onions or shows side effects, then there is no need to keep trying to eat this vegetable.

There is a sufficient selection of other foods that your guinea pigs will want to eat:

  • peppers
  • cucumbers
  • pumpkin
  • carrot


Guinea pigs can eat green onions, but they should always be in moderation so that they can make the most of the benefits.

By eating green onions, guinea pigs will have healthier hearts, bones, and teeth, less cholesterol, better immunity, and protection against various diseases.

Excessive green onions can lead to kidney stones, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and the like.

Finally, moderation is most important in the diet of guinea pigs, be careful when giving green onions to guinea pigs.

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