Can Guinea Pigs Eat Honey? All Risks

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:21 pm

Honey is a food that we humans enjoy when we eat, whenever we need something sweet we will eat a little honey.

It has great taste and texture, rarely does anyone don’t want to eat a spoonful of honey, but what about our furry friends, can they enjoy eating honey too?

Is honey safe for guinea pigs and can we include it in their menu? Unfortunately, honey is not good for guinea pigs because it contains a lot of sugar and calories, and it does not have vitamins and fiber.

In today’s article we will find out why guinea pigs can not eat honey, what are the main causes and consequences that can have on their health.

Can guinea pigs eat honey?

No, guinea pigs can never and must not eat honey.

Honey contains too much sugar, and our pets should not consume such large amounts of sugar. Honey can cause stomach and digestive problems in guinea pigs and lead to health problems.

Because honey is so sticky and in liquid form, it can also cause great danger of suffocating our furry friends.

Do guinea pigs like to eat honey?

If guinea pigs are in a situation to taste honey, be sure they not going to wait, they will eat it immediately.

Because honey is sweet, guinea pigs will want to eat honey, but they will not know that it is harmful to their health and the dangers that may befall them.

Therefore, you as owners should not allow guinea pigs to have access to honey, it is best to keep it in another room so that such an unpleasant situation does not occur and their health is endangered.

What is the nutritional composition of honey?

Although honey is not good for the health of guinea pigs, it is still not bad to know exactly what it contains.

According to USDA, 100 grams of honey has the following ingredients:

  • Energy 304 kcal
  • Protein 0.3 g
  • Fat 0 g
  • Fiber 0.2 g
  • Sugar 82.1 g
  • Carbohydrate 82.4 g
  • Glucose 35.8 g
  • Fructose 40.9 g
  • Calcium 6 mg
  • Magnesium 2 mg
  • Potassium 52 mg
  • Phosphorus 4 mg
  • Vitamin C 0.5 mg
  • Vitamin A 0 mg
  • Vitamin B12 0 mg
  • Vitamin E 0 mg
  • Vitamin K 0 mg

As you can see from the composition, honey has a lot of sugar and calories, and no vitamins are needed for the health of guinea pigs.can guinea pigs eat honey

What are the side effects of eating honey for guinea pigs?

If guinea pigs eat honey, they can only get a lot of side effects and big problems for their health.

The nutritional value of honey does not meet the nutritional needs of guinea pigs.

So to know exactly what will happen if guinea pigs eat honey, we will show you the possible risks of consuming honey for our furry pets:

  • sugar – is present in large quantities in honey, which guinea pigs can not process in their digestive system, which can only cause health problems.
  • problems with the digestive system – due to the presence of sugar, but also due to the lack of fiber in the composition of honey. As we know, fiber is one of the most important digestive ingredients for guinea pigs that improves the entire digestive system.
  • vitamin C deficiency – especially the small amount of vitamin C in honey, makes it unsuitable food for guinea pigs, and as we know vitamin C is the most important vitamin needed for our pets to protect themselves from scurvy. Honey does not contain vitamins A, K, and E, which are also important for the health of guinea pigs.
  • obesity – because honey is rich in sugar, calories, and carbohydrates, it can lead to weight gain in guinea pigs. It can also lead to a reduction in their lifespan that certainly none of us would want for our pets.
  • suffocation – is another possible danger of eating honey for guinea pigs, because honey is sticky and very difficult to swallow, our pets are taught to eat non-stick food.
  • tooth decay – due to the high amount of sugar, honey can only cause caries and tooth decay of guinea pigs.

What to do if guinea pigs accidentally eat some honey?

If by some coincidence or carelessness, guinea pigs eat some honey, nothing terrible will probably happen to them.

In such situations, you should not panic, it is best to give water to the guinea pig immediately so that it can swallow the honey more easily because the honey is very sticky and there is a danger of suffocation.

Then wait a few hours and watch your pet to see if he has any stomach problems or anything like that.

If everything is fine you can be calm, if side effects occur immediately call a veterinarian, who will give you useful advice on what to do in such moments.

And in the future, be careful and keep the honey as far away from your guinea pigs as possible, so that this unpleasant situation does not happen again.

Can guinea pigs eat raw honey?

No, guinea pigs can not eat raw honey, it is even more dangerous than ordinary honey for their health.

Because raw honey comes directly from the honeycomb, it is not processed in the same way as ordinary honey.

Raw honey does not go through pasteurization and filtration processes as is the case with ordinary honey, it may also contain beeswax, bee pollen, and dead bees, which is even more dangerous for guinea pigs.

Can we give guinea pigs water with honey?

Yes, guinea pigs can use water with honey, but in small quantities, it should be very rare, never as a regular practice.

You need to mix a little honey and a large amount of water in a ratio of 1:30, only then your guinea pigs can taste a little honey.

However, our recommendation is not to give them honey at all, because the risk of problems even when mixing water with honey still exists, it is best not to risk the health of your furry friends.

Can guinea pigs eat cheerios honey nuts?

No, guinea pigs can never eat honey nut cheerios, they pose a danger to their health.

Because they are processed foods that contain additives and added sugars, which can only create difficulties for the stomach and digestive systems of guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs can not eat Cheerios, whether with honey or without it.

Can guinea pigs eat honey crisp apples?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat honey crisp apples, but in moderation to avoid health problems.

The advantage of this type of apples is in their balance in flavors, and due to the fact that apples are healthy for your pets, as always in moderation due to the sugar content.

When giving them honey crisp apples it is very important that they are thoroughly washed and the seeds removed before you start giving them to your furry friends.

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Can guinea pigs eat honey melon?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat honey melon, but also in moderation for the best health effects, without the harmful effects.

As we already know melon is healthy and safe to eat for guinea pigs, and the reason plus is that honey melon contains nutrients that are necessary for their health.

First of all, we mean the vitamin C that it contains in its composition, which is always welcome for improving and preserving the health of our pets.

Just always pay attention to the cleanliness of the honey melons, they must be thoroughly washed with water before giving them to your pets, to remove any bacteria and impurities that are harmful to their health.can guinea pigs eat honey

Can guinea pigs eat honey-roasted peanuts?

No, guinea pigs can not eat honey-roasted peanuts because they are harmful to their health.

Honey roasted peanuts contain a lot of fat, calories, sugar, and calcium, which is not good for the health of guinea pigs.

These peanuts do not contain any amount of vitamin C, which is the most necessary vitamin for their health.

If they eat honey roasted peanuts, guinea pigs can only impair their health and cause major problems for their digestive system and their poor health.

Can guinea pigs eat honey bunches of oats?

No, guinea pigs can not eat honey bunches of oats, because they are not good and safe for their health.

Oats should not be eaten by guinea pigs at all, and the reason plus is that honey bunches of oats contain additives that will be a problem for the digestive system of your furry pets.

Sometimes veterinarians recommend giving oats to guinea pigs to improve their appetite or to make them a little fatter, but this can only be done in consultation with them, you should never take such a step on your own.

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Can guinea pigs eat Kaytee honey treats?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat Kaytee honey treats, but not too often, and in small amounts, for benefits without harming their health.

The advantage of this sweet treat is that only a little honey is used to combine the two pieces of Kaytee honey treats.

The small amount of honey makes this product safe to eat for guinea pigs, but always pay attention to moderation when giving them to eat, that is the most important thing.


Honey is harmful to guinea pigs and should not be given in their diet, it can cause harmful effects on their health.

It contains a lot of sugars and calories that can only make your pet fat and cause problems with the stomach and digestive system.

Honey is not good food for guinea pigs due to the fact that it does not contain vitamin C and fiber which are one of the most important substances needed to be healthy and have a longer lifespan.

Lastly, no matter how much you try to give them a little honey to taste, still refrain from giving it to them, it is always most important to keep the health of your furry friends.

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