Can Guinea Pigs Eat Paper? (Bags, Toilet, Cardboard)

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Guinea pigs eat hay, vegetables, and fruits to keep them healthy and happy. As owners, we must be careful what we give them to eat, what they are allowed to eat and be careful not to give them something wrong that could harm them.

You must be wondering what will happen if we give them some paper or parts of a cardboard box, are they allowed to eat it or not?

The answer is yes, and guinea pigs can also eat paper, but only in small quantities. Large amounts of paper are not recommended for guinea pigs, as it can lead to problems with the digestive system and their health. The paper should not contain glue, ink, or other harmful chemicals to your pet’s health.

In today’s article, you will find out what paper guinea pigs can eat and how safe it is for their health.

Can guinea pigs eat paper?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat paper, but only in small quantities; if they eat more significant quantities, they may have digestive problems.

You must know that paper has no nutritional value for guinea pigs, eating paper will only make it fun for them and help maintain their teeth as they are constantly growing.

By biting on paper, their teeth will benefit the most and nothing more than that, so natural food like hay, vegetables, and fruit is always in the first place.

Can eating paper harm a guinea pig?

As we said at the beginning, as long as they eat small amounts of paper, it is safe for them, and if they overeat, it can cause health problems.

We as owners must be careful how much paper we give them because guinea pigs will eat as much as they are given a chance.

Let’s read together what happens if we give our guinea pigs a large amount of edible paper.

Paper causes intestinal obstruction

In this condition, the guinea pigs have too much cardboard in their stomach, which is too dangerous for them.

Symptoms of intestinal obstruction are the following:

  • lethargy
  • anorexia
  • flatulence
  • stomach ache

These are some of the symptoms of intestinal obstruction, in which they should be taken to the doctor immediately, and most likely they will need to be operated on.

Guinea pig surgery is hazardous and can often be fatal for your pet.

can guinea pigs eat paper

Paper causes bloating

When guinea pigs eat excessive amounts of paper, problems with the digestive system begin to occur.

Their digestive system will be unable to process large amounts of paper and a blockage will occur in their stomach.

In such situations, flatulence occurs, which can be a severe problem for your pet.

If bloat is not treated promptly, it can even lead to fatal problems and death in guinea pigs, so if bloat is present, take your pet to the vet immediately.

Eating a lot of paper causes constipation in guinea pigs

If guinea pigs overeat paper it leads to constipation.

Simply, their digestive system will not be able to cope with a large amount of paper in their stomach, resulting in constipation.

When guinea pigs are constipated, then they cannot poop, in fact, the same thing happens with us, humans.

Constipation causes pain in their stomach due to the inability to expel the waste, then the guinea pigs will stop eating other food due to the pain, which is another problem.

If the guinea pig is constipated, you should not wait, you must take it to the vet because constipation is dangerous for their health, it can even cause the death of your furry pet.

Lack of nutrients

When guinea pigs eat too much paper, they will be full and won’t want to eat anything else, and as we said, the paper has no nutrients.

Besides getting constipated and stomach aches, the guinea pigs will have a deficiency of nutrients in their body.

Without nutrients such as vitamin C, which must be obtained through food, guinea pigs can suffer from scurvy, a dangerous disease that can cause death in guinea pigs.

The lack of fiber will cause problems with digestion, and the lack of vitamins and minerals will cause diseases in your pets.

Eating paper cannot substitute for regular food, so you must never give them more significant amounts, the risk is too great.

Why do guinea pigs like to eat paper?

Eating paper is a kind of entertainment for guinea pigs, so they will enjoy biting it and playing with it, not knowing what consequences they can get.

Guinea pigs actually eat what they need but are not suitable for them, so we as owners must pay attention to them.

Sometimes, if they are bored, guinea pigs will find a pastime in eating paper, which looks interesting when we look at them from the side, but the consequences can be very serious.

Guinea pigs can eat paper; if they are nervous, they will eat anything they can find near them, such as paper.

Can we stop guinea pigs from eating paper?

Yes, with several different ways, we as owners can prevent guinea pigs from eating paper, or rather eating but very little, as much as is allowed.

If they eat a little paper everything will be fine, so we have to try and make it so, so let’s read some tips on how to stop guinea pigs from eating paper.

They should always have enough food

Guinea pigs sometimes eat paper because they have nothing else to eat.

That’s why we should enable them always to have enough hay, water, etc., so that they don’t think of eating paper.

Otherwise, they will eat anything near them, including paper, which can only cause pain and problems, especially in large quantities.

They should have enough fun

To avoid eating paper, the guinea pigs should have toys and props that will make it much more fun for them, so that they don’t get the idea to eat paper.

They do eat the paper if they are hungry, but sometimes they can eat the paper if they are bored.

Therefore, make sure that in their cage and environment there are always enough props such as:

  • balls
  • tunnels
  • mirrors

Always choose props and toys that are large enough that guinea pigs cannot swallow them, as they can suffocate.

When guinea pigs have something to do, they won’t want to eat paper so much, and they’ll be busy playing and running around the amusement park.

can guinea pigs eat paper

Use paperless linens

One of the most important things to keep guinea pigs from eating too much paper is the bedding you use in their cage.

In stores, there is a large selection of different types of bedding for guinea pigs, so be careful what you buy for them.

Always practice that it is made of wood pellets or wood shavings, and avoid paper bedding.

In this way, you will protect your guinea pig from eating paper bedding, which is beneficial for his health.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Paper Towel Rolls?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat paper towel rolls, but always only small amounts.

Eating large amounts will cause problems with their health such as constipation, bloating, and stomach pain.

Since paper towel rolls do not contain any additional substances such as ink or any chemical, you can give them a small amount to the guinea pig.

Just make sure the guinea pigs don’t get into a situation where they eat too much, that’s where all the danger lies for their health.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Toilet Paper Rolls?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat toilet paper rolls, they are safe for them to eat, as long as they eat them in small amounts.

Just ensure the guinea pigs don’t eat the part where the toilet paper is stuck to the roll because that part has glue that is harmful to their health.

Can guinea pigs eat paper bags?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat paper bags, or they can even play with them.

The only thing is to be careful not to eat too many paper bags because after that they will have problems like constipation and stomach aches.

Another thing you have to watch out for when giving them paper bags is the risk of digestive problems since paper bags are large, it’s best if you can cut them into smaller pieces.

Can guinea pigs eat colored paper?

No, guinea pigs cannot eat colored paper, it is not the same as regular paper.

Colored paper is made using dyes, which are harmful to the health of guinea pigs.

If by some chance, the guinea pigs eat colored paper it will cause problems in their digestion and digestive system accompanied by pain.

We recommend that you never give your guinea pigs colored paper.

Do guinea pigs eat paper towels?

No, guinea pigs should not eat paper bedding, because of the large amount they can eat.

When there is paper bedding in the cage, it is too much, so avoid using this type of bedding for the cage of wet furry friends.

A small amount is fine, but a large amount of paper bedding is by no means a healthy option for guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs eat cardboard?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat cardboard, but in small quantities.

Cardboard is the same as paper, but in a thicker version, which can be good for their teeth.

There are different types of cardboard, and some of them are not good for their health, so let’s see in more detail which cardboards are not good for your pets.

Ink or paint cartons

When the cardboard is plain, it is fine, but when there is ink or colors on it, then it is harmful to your pet.

Such cartons have chemicals from dyes and inks that can only cause health problems in guinea pigs.

So stay away from color or ink cards.

Dirty cardboard boxes are harmful to guinea pigs

If guinea pigs eat cardboard that has been exposed to dirt or dust they are harmful to your pet.

Cardboard that has residues of cleaning agents or any other products that may contain chemicals on the surface of the cardboard is again dangerous for the guinea pig.

Wet cardboards

Wet cartons may have been in the water, or in some agent or chemical and pose a danger to your pet.

None of us knows for sure if there might be chemicals, bacteria, or something similar on the wet cartons.

All these ingredients found on wet cardboard are a danger to the guinea pig and its health.

Cardboard with glue

If there is glue on the cardboard it is too dangerous for the health of the guinea pigs, in fact, glue is one of the most dangerous ingredients that can end up in your pet’s mouth.

Glue can be poisonous to guinea pigs and you should never let them eat such cardboard.

can guinea pigs eat paper

Can guinea pigs eat newspapers?

Yes, nowadays, guinea pigs can eat newspapers, now they are much safer than what was done in the past.

In the past, newspapers were made using a lot of ink, which is harmful to guinea pigs, but today the situation is different.

Plain black and white newspaper is perfectly safe for guinea pigs in small amounts. However, this does not mean that guinea pigs can eat all newspapers.

Here is a list of newspapers that cannot be eaten if they contain large amounts of ink:

  • brochures
  • marketing materials
  • magazines
  • tabloids
  • flyers

Can guinea pigs eat printing paper?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat printing paper; it is completely safe for them, as long as they eat it in small amounts.

Just be careful not to give them too much printing paper, as it will adversely affect their health.

Can guinea pigs eat notebook paper?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat notebook paper, don’t overdo it.

Chewing on notebook paper is suitable for their ever-growing teeth.

Only the cover of the notebooks, if it is in color, then it should be removed because the colors are not healthy for your pets.

Can guinea pigs eat paper plates?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat paper plates with some precautions.

Regular paper plates are safe for guinea pigs because they are cellulose.

While plastic bowls are dangerous and may contain poisonous chemicals to your pet.

Can guinea pigs eat paper cups?

Paper cups are just like paper plates, completely safe for guinea pigs to eat in small amounts.

While plastic cups should be avoided, they are dangerous to pet lice due to the possibility of toxic chemicals in their composition.


Guinea pigs can eat paper, but only in small quantities. If they eat larger quantities, they will have problems with their health and their digestive system.

Since the paper has no nutrients for your pets, there is no need to feed them large amounts. The paper will also serve as entertainment for the guinea pigs, that is, they will play with it.

Guinea pigs can eat a wide variety of paper, newspapers, toilet paper, etc.

Guinea pigs must not eat paper with colors and glue, chemicals, and other dangerous ingredients that can seriously damage their health.

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