Can Guinea Pigs Eat Popsicles? Complete Guide

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:09 pm

Guinea pigs are cute and interesting pets that make us happy and fill our everyday lives.

In return, we take care of them, give them food and maintain hygiene in their cage, so they are also healthy and happy.

As for food, we ensure they always have enough hay, water, vegetables, and fruits.

In the summer, we often eat popsicles to refresh and cool down, and we think about giving some to our guinea pig because he needs cooling down too.

Can guinea pigs eat popsicles?

No, guinea pigs should not eat popsicles because they contain a lot of sugar and fat, which are harmful to their health, as well as fact that it is frozen food which can be bad for their digestive system, as well as cause problems with their tongue and the mouth.

In today’s article, we will find out why popsicles are bad for guinea pigs and what problems they can cause to their health.

What are popsicles?

Popsicles are a frozen sweet treat that is especially popular during the summer.

They are made with fruit juice, sugar, and water, as well as additions of various aromas, and are placed in multiple molds for freezing.

Unlike ice cream, popsicles are made with so-called silent freezing; they freeze while they are still, and a block of ice is formed.

Popsicles are suitable for people to cool off in the summer but are not ideal for guinea pigs; they do not like cold food for their digestive system.

Can guinea pigs eat popsicles?

No, guinea pigs should not eat food like popsicles because they will have health problems.

Popsicles contain a lot of sugar, fat and artificial colors that will cause problems with digestion and the digestive system.

Popsicles cause an increase in blood pressure, problems with the cardiovascular system and the risk of diabetes and obesity in our pets.

Guinea pigs cannot eat popsicles because they are frozen food that will cause problems with teeth, mouth and digestive system.

What problems will the popsicles cause for the guinea pigs?

If the guinea pigs still eat popsicles it will not be good for their health.

Eating popsicles will only cause consequences to the guinea pig’s digestive system and other organs, such as the teeth and mouth.


So let’s find out what can happen if guinea pigs eat this frozen food.

Popsicles are bad for guinea pigs’ teeth

Guinea pigs’ teeth are primarily used for biting and chewing food, not for grinding crunchy things like popsicles.

The hardness of the ice and the cold can cause damage to the teeth, and even their cracking and breaking, which is really too dangerous for the guinea pigs; they will not be able to bite and eat appropriately without teeth.

If their teeth are damaged and they swallow the food, it will have consequences with digestion later in their stomach.

So away from popsicles if you want your pets to keep their teeth, there are other foods that they can safely eat.

can guinea pigs eat popsicles

Digestive problems

Guinea pigs dislike cold and frozen foods like popsicles because they can cause digestive problems and their sensitive digestive system.

Frozen food causes a shock in their organism, and they will stop adequately digesting the food in their stomach, and the appearance of:

  • stomach ache
  • gases
  • flatulence
  • constipation

In such situations, guinea pigs may begin to lose their appetite, which will stop them from taking in nutrients, which may eventually lead to malnutrition and even the death of our pet.

Popsicles cause mouth and tongue problems in guinea pigs

When guinea pigs eat popsicles, their lips and tongue can stick to the ice.

It can cause damage to these organs and eating problems in guinea pigs, such as sores and injuries, which can cause pain.

The pain will force the guinea pig not to want to eat other food, so it will start to lose weight and will not take in enough nutrients that it needs daily.

Lack of nutrients

By eating popsicles, guinea pigs will only reduce their intake of other foods such as hay, vegetables and fruits, thereby reducing their intake of healthy and necessary minerals and vitamins.

Our pets need a daily intake of nutrients to maintain good health.

For example, they can’t produce vitamin C alone, so they have to get it daily through food, and popsicles won’t allow them to do that.

Vitamin C deficiency causes scurvy in guinea pigs and the following problems:

  • weight loss
  • swelling of the joints
  • skin problems

Scurvy can even lead to the death of guinea pigs.


Frozen foods like popsicles shock their digestive system and will cause diarrhea.

Diarrhea is very harmful to guinea pigs and should not be neglected.

If your guinea pig gets diarrhea from eating popsicles and it doesn’t go away, you’ll need to take your pet to the vet for help.

Sugar in popsicles is harmful to guinea pigs

The sugar in popsicles can only cause harm to your furry friends.

By ingesting a lot of sugar, the guinea pigs will be at risk of developing diabetes.

Diabetes is when guinea pigs stop producing insulin, making them unable to regulate blood sugar levels.

Diabetes further leads to other related diseases and health problems in our pets.

Fat is harmful to guinea pigs

If guinea pigs eat popsicles, they risk declining their health due to the fat contained in this frozen sweet treat.

Fats together with sugar will cause an increase in blood pressure, problems with the cardiovascular system and fattening of our furry friends.

So beyond popsicles, there are much better and healthier foods for guinea pigs.

can guinea pigs eat popsicles

Can guinea pigs eat ice cream?

No, guinea pigs can’t eat ice cream because they can’t digest it in their digestive system.

A plus reason is that guinea pigs are intolerant to lactose; they do not produce the enzyme lactase to digest the lactose in the ice cream.

If the guinea pigs eat ice cream, they will only cause health problems due to the large amounts of sugar, fat and calcium in the ice cream.

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Can guinea pigs drink ice-cold water?

No, guinea pigs do not need too cold water, which is unsuitable for their digestive system.

You can give them slightly colder water or water at average room temperature, but too cold water is not suitable.

In general, guinea pigs should never be given too cold water or food; the healthiest for them is food and water at average room temperature.

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Guinea pigs should not eat popsicles, as they harm their health.

Popsicles are too cold and can only cause digestive problems, tooth damage, mouth sores, diabetes, obesity, scurvy and cardiovascular issues.

If guinea pigs eat popsicles, they will not get the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals they need.

Therefore, away from popsicles and other frozen foods, guinea pigs should eat food that has average room temperature so that their digestive system can work correctly and without problems for their health.

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