Can Guinea Pigs Eat Toilet Paper Rolls? (Let’s Discover)

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:03 pm

Guinea pigs like to chew on various things, which helps with the health of their teeth.

But can guinea pigs eat toilet paper rolls? Yes, guinea pigs can eat toilet paper rolls quite safely. Although it has no nutrients, you can occasionally give guinea pigs a roll of toilet paper to eat, which also helps their teeth.

It is very important when guinea pigs are chewing on various things and objects that they are all safe for them, especially if they accidentally swallow a toy.

In today’s article, we will learn a little more about whether guinea pigs can chew toilet paper rolls.

Is it safe for guinea pigs to eat toilet paper rolls?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat rolls of toilet paper. It is completely safe for them.

Paper rolls are made of cardboard, and as we know, cardboard is made of wood and paper and does not contain any glue.

Rolls of paper or cardboard are mostly made of cellulose and do not have many nutrients for guinea pigs, in that respect it is not suitable food for them.

But when it comes to playing toilet paper roll is great for guinea pigs.

The only thing you need to watch out for is toilet paper rolls that may have a bit of glue on them, which you will have to remove before you let them play with them.

Although some manufacturers use natural glues for the rolls, even though they are not toxic, avoid giving them to your guinea pigs, as it can cause discomfort with their digestive system.

Can guinea pigs eat toilet paper?

No, guinea pigs cannot eat toilet paper, it is harmful to them. They can eat toilet paper rolls, but not toilet paper.

If they eat only a small amount, probably nothing terrible will happen to them, it is dangerous if they eat a larger amount.

Choking or blockages and problems with their digestive system can occur, so there is no need to take risks.can guinea pigs eat toilet paper rolls

Can guinea pigs eat cardboard?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat cardboard, it is not harmful to them, although it does not contain any important nutrients for their health.

Cardboard is great for guinea pigs to play with and chew on, it’s also good for their teeth, which take all the time to wear down, and cardboard will be great for guinea pigs.

Although they will enjoy playing with the cardboard, the guinea pigs will not want to eat it because they will not like its taste.

However, for playing and chewing it is absolutely great and our furry friends will enjoy playing, be sure of that.


Only when you notice that the cardboard is dirty after a certain time, you should replace it with new clean cardboard.

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Can guinea pigs play with old paper?

No, guinea pigs cannot play with old newspapers due to the danger of printing ink and added colors, which are harmful to the health of guinea pigs.

Indeed, newspapers or old papers are made of paper, but still, they are processed before being put on sale.

While regular cardboard is made of wood, it is not chemically treated and is therefore safe for guinea pigs. You should not use old newspapers for guinea pig bedding, and you should not use them for toys.can guinea pigs eat toilet paper rolls

What wooden toys can guinea pigs play with?

Guinea pigs can also use other toys made from wood or paper, to play around and have a great time.

Rolls of toilet paper

Of course, apart from eating the guinea pigs, they can also play with the rolls, as long as there is no glue on them. It is interesting to note that guinea pigs love to play with toilet paper rolls much more than with other toys.

Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are normally made of cardboard and you can freely give them to the guinea pigs to play with and poke holes in.

Wooden toys

Wooden toys are good and safe for guinea pigs to play with and have fun with. From the wooden toys, they will be able to wear out their teeth, and they can also eat and bite them.

Paper towels

Paper towels are perfectly fine, since they are basically paper, just make sure they don’t have glue somewhere if they come together because the glue is harmful and toxic to guinea pigs.

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Guinea pigs can eat rolls of toilet paper, although they have no nutrients for our pets. Toilet paper rolls are good for playing with, for their teeth and to keep guinea pigs entertained.

Cardboard toilet food rolls are not harmful to guinea pigs, and can serve as great entertainment, but never as a substitute for a meal to eat.

Guinea pigs need hay and food rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, especially vitamin C.