Can Guinea Pigs Have Blankets In Their Cage? Let’s Find Out

Guinea pigs love to hide and play with blankets and pillows, but is it okay to have them in their cage? So I did a little research on the subject to find out if it’s okay and if it’s safe for guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs have blankets in their cage?

Guinea pigs can have blankets in their cage to provide them with a soft surface, safety and comfort. You just have to be careful not to put blankets that have holes in them as the guinea pigs can get stuck in them.

In today’s article you will learn why blankets are good for guinea pigs, what to look out for, and similar questions related to the topic.

Can guinea pigs have blankets in their cage?

Guinea pigs can have blankets in their cage as they will keep them comfortable and make them happier. Guinea pigs like to lie on blankets and pillows, and at the same time, they will be warmer.

My guinea pig, when I put a blanket on top of the open cage, gradually lowered the blanket down to the floor and laid down on it because he was comfortable.

Blankets help guinea pigs feel safer and allow them to hide, or rather only their head is outside while the rest of their body is inside the blanket.

What to watch out for if using blankets in the guinea pig cage?

Using blankets in the guinea pigs’ cage is a good solution, but you have to be careful about certain things because your pet can easily be injured.

Here are some tips:

  1. make sure that the blankets you use do not have holes because the guinea pig can get its legs stuck inside and get scared or stressed.
  2. guinea pigs can eat part of the fabric of the blanket, so be careful and if you notice that a certain part of the blanket has been eaten and your pet has digestion problems, take it to the vet.
  3. In the worst case, guinea pigs can suffocate in the blanket if they get stuck in it when they are covered, you should constantly make sure that everything is okay with your pet.
  4. Guinea pigs can also get an allergy from the blankets you use for their cage. If they show signs of allergy then take them to the vet, especially if you notice itching and redness on their skin.
  5. If you start putting a blanket on the guinea pig then do not take it from him as he will get angry as these little pets are territorial.

What blanket to use for a guinea pig?

When choosing a blanket for your guinea pig, it is recommended that it be made of fleece.

Fleece blankets are soft and comfortable, be sure your guinea pig will love them.

The advantage of the fleece blanket is that although it is soft, on the other hand, it is very firm for chewing.

Should you put a blanket in the guinea pigs’ cage when it’s cold?

When it’s cold you can put a blanket on the guinea pig although your pet can tolerate cold temperatures very well.

Guinea pigs can tolerate temperatures up to 16 degrees Celsius, but if the temperature falls below this limit then they can be cold.

Guinea pigs have excellent fur that protects them from low temperatures, but if you put a blanket over them it will do them good.

Your pet likes to lie on a blanket but does not want you to cover it with blankets because it can get stressed, so avoid wrapping them in a blanket.can guinea pigs have blankets in their cage

Why don’t guinea pigs want to be wrapped in a blanket?

Guinea pigs do not like to be wrapped in a blanket because it makes them feel trapped. They can get under the blanket, but they always keep their head out of the blanket.

If you completely cover the guinea pig with a blanket, it will look for a way to get out of the blanket, which can result in injury or stress.

Wrapping a guinea pig in a blanket can frighten it so much that it may have a heart attack. If it gets too warm in the blanket, the guinea pig can overheat, which is not good for their health.

Why do guinea pigs dig in the blanket?

Guinea pigs like to dig in the blanket because it’s their natural behavior to do in the wild. Your guinea pig likes to dig in the blanket because he thinks he might find hay to eat inside.

Guinea pigs like to dig in the blanket because they want to adjust it themselves.

The softness of the blanket is another reason why guinea pigs enjoy digging in it because they won’t hurt their paws.

Shouldn’t you let the guinea pigs dig in the blanket?

Guinea pigs can dig in the blanket if they don’t cause any problems, more precisely if they don’t bite the blanket.

As long as the guinea pigs don’t make holes and things like that then it’s fine, while if they make holes then they can get stuck in the hole in the blanket or hurt themselves.

Keep an eye on your pet when they are digging in the blanket and as long as they are okay and there are no problems you can let them dig.can guinea pigs have blankets in their cage

Why don’t guinea pigs like the blanket?

If you notice that your guinea pig does not want to dig in the blanket, avoids lying on it, and similar things then there is a reason for this behavior.

Here are some of the reasons:

  • if the blanket is clean then the smell of the blanket may not appeal to the guinea pigs and they will avoid using it.
  • If you have two guinea pigs, then one of them will not want to use the blanket because of territoriality, that is, they think that the blanket is the property of only one guinea pig.
  • Guinea pigs will not want to use the blanket if the fabric is not pleasant to the touch.
  • If the guinea pigs get an allergy from the blanket then they will avoid using it.
  • When there are ticks in the blanket then the guinea pigs will notice and run away from the blanket.

Can I put a blanket over the guinea pig cage?

It is perfectly fine to place a blanket over the guinea pigs’ cage as it will not prevent air circulation, while placing another material such as cardboard or plastic may reduce airflow.

A blanket is the best way to cover your guinea pig’s cage if you want them to be warmer and feel more comfortable and safe.

Be very careful and check more often if the guinea pig is biting and chewing on the blanket because it can have digestive problems from eating large amounts of the fabric of the blanket.can guinea pigs have blankets in their cage

What are the benefits of putting a blanket over a guinea pig’s cage?

If you decide to put a blanket over the guinea pigs’ cage, you can enjoy the following benefits for your pet:

  • the blanket will provide more comfort and calmness to your pet when they rest in the cafe.
  • by covering the guinea pigs’ cage with a blanket your pet will be protected from drafts that can make him sick and cause health problems.
  • the blanket allows the guinea pigs to sleep better because when you cover the cage they will feel more secure.

Covering the cage with a blanket has benefits for the guinea pigs, but it should not be placed all the time, because it can create stress for the guinea pigs, it is best to cover the cage for a few hours a day, but not all day.

Should guinea pig blankets be cleaned?

The blankets you will use for the guinea pigs should be cleaned but not too often. If, for example, you clean the cage every day, the blankets should be cleaned once a week depending on how dirty they are.

Frequent cleaning of the blankets is not recommended because the smell left by the guinea pigs will be lost, and this can cause stress for them.

If you notice that the blankets have urine stains then you should clean them more often because they can cause infections in the guinea pigs.

How to clean guinea pig blankets?

To clean guinea pig blankets, it is best to use soap and water and hand wash them.

If you notice that there are spots on the blanket, then you will need to wash the blanket in a washing machine.

Cleaning the guinea pig’s blanket is important because it removes bacteria that are harmful to their health.

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Do guinea pigs need bedding or blankets?

Guinea pigs like it better when you use blankets in their cage because the soft blanket provides comfort and a better feel to their body.

The classic wood shavings bedding is not so loved by guinea pigs. Guinea pigs enjoy it when you put a blanket over them, especially if it’s made of fleece.

It can therefore be concluded that blankets are a better option to use in their cage.

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You can use blankets in your guinea pig’s cage as they make your pet feel safer and more comfortable. Blankets allow your pet to play with them, dig, and have better activity during the day.

Just make sure that the blankets do not have holes, because your pet may get stuck and risk injury.

Guinea pig blankets are best made of fleece as they are the softest and are great for feeling cozy on your pet’s skin.

Also, blankets should be washed regularly to remove dirt, bacteria, and possibly the appearance of fleas or ticks.

Finally, blankets are a great addition to the guinea pigs’ cage and you can use them freely, just be careful not to cause injury or too much biting and chewing by your pet.

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