Can Guinea Pigs Swim? (Find Out Now)

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:18 pm

Can guinea pigs swim? Yes, guinea pigs can swim very well, but they do not want to swim. When they are in nature, they swim to escape predators, or if there is food somewhere, they will swim to reach it.

All guinea pig owners who have pet guinea pigs are probably interested in whether they should keep them only in a cage, or they can swim.

In today’s article, we will find out everything you need to know about this issue, whether it is okay for them to swim, whether it is dangerous for them, and other interesting things about swimming guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs swim?

We can say that guinea pigs are natural swimmers, but most often when it comes to their survival.

After all, we need to be very careful when guinea pigs are close to water.

Although they know how to swim, guinea pigs are still used to living in shallow places, where they usually live, so the water is a bit unusual for them.

Because they are so small you can not just put them directly in the water, you need to make them swim.

Are there any guinea pigs that love water?

Yes, there are guinea pigs that like water and swim, but they are in small numbers, much less than those who do not like to swim in the water.

As with food, some guinea pigs may want to swim and enjoy the water.

But how do we know if they want water or not?

Simply put the guinea pig in the sink or something similar, add some water, and let it in. If your guinea pigs enjoy swimming in the water your pet is one of those who love swimming.

But if it shows signs of anxiety, take it out of the water and wipe it with a cloth so now you know if your guinea pig wants water or not.

How to train guinea pigs to swim?

With perseverance and patience, you will teach your guinea pig to swim.

  1. The first and basic rule is to always train them in a small area with water, never in a large pool, it will be difficult for them to withstand large areas of water.
  2. Carefully monitor them during training, so that there are no unwanted moments and problems with your pet.
  3. When training guinea pigs, you do not need props or equipment to teach your pet to swim, it just takes time and perseverance.
  4. Here are some tips on how to teach a guinea pig to swim:
  5. To get used to the water surface, you need to put the guinea pig in a small tub of water, but make sure the amount of water is deep enough to immerse your pet halfway through his body.
  6. The next thing is to put your pet slowly and gently in the water, hold it and slowly release it into the water when you feel that the guinea pig feels free.
  7. Then after a short time of a few minutes take it out of the water and cover it with a cloth. It is not bad to then give him a reward in the form of food, to encourage him for the next training.
  8. Do this exercise several times and slowly but surely your guinea pig will get used to the water.
  9. When you notice that your pet has stopped being afraid of the water, it is time to let him swim freely, but be sure to watch him while he is in the water.

What can make a guinea pig feel safe while learning to swim?

Because guinea pigs are very timid and sensitive pets, it is very important how you take care of them, especially while learning to swim.

When you teach guinea pigs to swim, great care is needed on your part to keep their health safe and secure.

Here are some things to look for:

  • the danger of pneumonia – occurs if you leave your guinea pig in the water for a long time, so a few minutes are enough to swim and keep the guinea pig healthy.
  • depression – swimming in water causes fear in guinea pigs because we make them do something they do not want to do.
  • stress – the water will cause stress to your pet, it will rush out of the water as soon as possible, although it may seem fun to us, for him it is a struggle to survive, not to drown.
  • too much fatigue – can happen if you let your guinea pig swim in too much water, which can make it sick, which is certainly not okay.
  • damage to his organs – it happens if you put a guinea pig to swim in deep water, so a little more than half of its body is deep enough for them.

Can swimming be dangerous for guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs are rodents that can run and run very fast, while swimming is still dangerous for them, especially if they swim in large pools.

Although they were not born to swim, many guinea pig owners teach their pets to swim.

Of course, if you are persistent they will learn to swim, and it will be very interesting to watch them swim and you will be happy on that occasion.

The biggest danger is their size because they can not swim for a long time, and if they are in large areas of water, it will be very difficult for them to withstand a long period of time during swimming.can guinea pigs swim

What are some reasons to avoid teaching a guinea pig to swim?

While it may seem fun to watch a guinea pig swim, you still need to know why not teach them to swim:

  • the danger of infection:-guinea pigs are very sensitive, if the water in which they swim contains bacteria or non-leafhoppers, they can easily be transmitted to your pet, where it can get sick and even die.
  • temperature – if the water is very cold, it can cause pneumonia and fatal consequences for guinea pigs.
  • breathing problems – occur if guinea pigs are in the water for a long time, during which they will get tired and start having trouble breathing.
  • the danger of drowning – it happens if you put guinea pigs swimming in large pools, they can not stand in large pools with water, so you need to be very careful in such situations.

Should a guinea pig swim in a pool?

No, guinea pigs should not swim in the pool, it is best to improvise with a small tub of water or something similar.

The reason guinea pigs should avoid a real pool is because of the presence of chlorine.

Chlorine can be harmful to guinea pigs’ health and can cause skin and lung infections.

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How to bathe a guinea pig?

Speaking of swimming and water, you need to know how safest it is to bathe your furry pet without feeling unsafe, here are the steps you need to take:

guinea pig bathing water should be neither too hot nor too cold.

put some guinea pig shampoo in the water where you will bathe the guinea pig and you should gently rub the guinea pig in the water, but do not press it so as not to injure it.

After you finish bathing with shampoo, wash it with warm water and put it in a towel until it dries, you can also use a hair dryer to dry his fur faster, and then gently comb it.

Bathing the guinea pig should not be done very often because they are clean animals, bathing once every few months is enough.


Guinea pigs know how to swim in the water, but most of the time they do not want to, only when they are in the wild and running away from predators then they swim to save themselves from them.

Your pet can be trained to swim in the water, but it takes a lot of attention and patience to learn and stop being afraid of the water,

Guinea pigs can only swim in shallow water, or no more than half their body, to avoid drowning.

Swimming for guinea pigs can cause stress, depression, illness, and drowning if you are not careful when swimming.

They should never swim in pools due to the presence of chlorine, which can cause skin infections and other diseases.

Lastly, while it may seem fun to watch them swim in the water, it is best to avoid swimming, primarily for the health of guinea pigs, as there are other fun games and funny situations with your pet without compromising their health.

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