Can Guinea Pigs Wear Diapers? All You Need To Know

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:14 pm

Can guinea pigs wear diapers? No, guinea pigs should not wear diapers, except in exceptional situations, such as shopping with them or similar situations.

Diapers will make guinea pigs uncomfortable when poop and pee in their diapers and can cause health problems in certain situations.

Guinea pigs poop a lot unlike other pets, such as dogs. They actually poop everywhere, they have no time interval or place to do so.

In today’s article, you will learn how, why and whether guinea pigs should wear diapers.

Do guinea pigs like to wear diapers?

Guinea pigs do not like to wear diapers. Your furry pet does not want to wear any clothes or diapers on his body, they do not feel natural when wearing diapers.

We must emphasize that guinea pigs, although they do not like to wear diapers, are very clean pets, although they poop and pee a lot, they are just as clean as cats.

They can not stand much, unfortunately no more than 15-20 minutes before pooping or peeing, but that is the reality of these pets.

Is it okay to put diapers on guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs will not feel comfortable if you put diapers on them.

If you try to put diapers on them, you have to be very careful what their behavior will be, because they can be upset and scared, which is certainly not right.

So never force them to wear diapers, they can also easily cause health problems. Diapers can also cause allergies in your furry pet, so you need to be prepared to respond in a timely manner.

When buying diapers, pay attention to the size, it should fit your pet so that he can feel comfortable.

You need to pay attention to the quality of the diapers you buy, the material from which they are made and if possible they need to be anti-allergic.

How long should guinea pigs wear diapers?

Because they poop and urinate a lot, it is ideal to change the diaper after 30-60 minutes.

Of course, depending on the need, it may be necessary to change the diapers earlier, so you should often check how full the diaper is.

If you forget to change his diaper, it can only cause discomfort and stress to your furry pet, so if necessary change the diaper as often as you can.

Do you put guinea pigs in diapers when you take them out with you?

When you need to go out with your pet then you should put diapers on him, but make sure you do not stay outside for a long time.

But be careful and check more often to see if his diaper is full, because as we said guinea pigs often poop and urinate.

If it is full, find a toilet or other place to change it. Our advice for these reasons is not to practice taking it outside, only when you need to take it to the vet or somewhere where it still has to be with you.

Is wearing diapers harmful to guinea pigs?

Whether diapers can harm a guinea pig is an individual matter, it is different for everyone.

Some pets will feel nervous and uncomfortable, while others may feel the opposite.

In general, as long as you take out their diaper in time, it will be fine, but if you leave it for a long time, and it is full, then it is wrong, and it can certainly be harmful to your pet.

After all, no one would want to have a diaper with poop and pee, the same goes for guinea pigs. Leaving the diaper longer than it should causes infections in guinea pigs.

As a last resort, guinea pigs can also try to eat diapers, which can cause your pet to choke.

Our recommendation is to let the guinea pigs poop and urinate in their natural way, and then to normally clean the places where they have performed their natural need.

Where do guinea pigs poop and pee?

Guinea pigs poop and pee everywhere, that’s their natural way and that can not be changed.

You can not train them or teach them where to do it, so if you want to keep guinea pigs, you need to be prepared for this rule.

If something unusual happens, ie a change in their habits of pooping and peeing, whether it will be more or less than regular, then it may be a sign of problems with their health.

In such situations, put a diaper on him and take him to the vet to check for any more serious health problems.

Aside from health problems, changes in their poop and pee habits can be the product of fear, anxiety, and even shyness.

Do guinea pigs poop a lot?

Yes, guinea pigs poop and pee a lot. Guinea pigs and their needs for pooping and urination, however, depend on many factors, such as lifestyle, diet and drinking more or fewer fluids, age, exercise, and more.

Guinea pigs poop and peeing whenever they need to, no matter where they are, which is common with rodents.

Guinea pigs poop and urinate while drinking, eating, sleeping, things are just as they are, you as owners will have to get used to their needs.

How much your pet will poop and pee depends on it, it can vary every day, sometimes more and sometimes less, it all depends on how much food they eating and how much fluid they drink.

By changing the time you give them food and water, you can influence how much they poop and pee, but not too much.can guinea pigs wear diapers

How much should guinea pigs poop?

The answer to this question is that it is not possible to know exactly how many guinea pigs need to poop and pee in one day.

The average per day is somewhere between 80-120 times, however, it depends on the diet and fluids they consumed during the day.

For all new guinea pig owners, it should be emphasized that keeping guinea pigs requires a lot of attention and care.

Several times a day you will need to vacuum the feces left by guinea pigs everywhere, such as in a cage or anywhere they run and play around your home.

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Do guinea pigs need to poop a lot?

Yes, guinea pigs need to poop and pee a lot, this is normal for them.

If it is the opposite, ie a little pooping and urinating it is wrong, it could be a problem with their health.

If you notice a decrease in pooping and peeing in your pet or a change in the color and smell of their feces, you should take him to a veterinarian for a check-up to check his health.

How to clean the feces from the poop and pee of guinea pigs?

The best way to clean guinea pig feces is with a vacuum cleaner, so it is the easiest, fastest, and most efficient.

While cleaning their pee, it is best to provide a cloth specially designed for that purpose, and whenever you notice that the guinea pig is urinating somewhere, wipe it off.

Do not forget to clean the cage several times a day to protect guinea pigs from infections, so that they do not sit on their feces from pooping and peeing.


Guinea pigs should not use diapers except when they must when you take them somewhere with you or when you take them to the vet.

Guinea pigs do not feel comfortable putting diapers on them, so avoid doing so.

When it comes to pooping and peeing, they do it very often, but rodents are like that, so is their digestive system.

Your pet will poop and pee everywhere and very often, sometimes more sometimes less, depending on how much food they eat during the day.

Lastly, guinea pigs need time and attention to maintain their hygiene, but if you want to keep and care for them, nothing is difficult to do when we have a desire and love for our pets.

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