Can Hamsters Breathe Under Bedding? All You Need To Know

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:26 pm

Keeping hamsters as pets is really something special for each of us. They are cute little animals that have interesting, sometimes strange habits that can surprise us, sometimes pleasantly, and sometimes in an unpleasant way.

It is therefore important that we understand their behavior and their habits and needs.

Have you ever wondered if our hamsters can breathe under bedding? The answer is yes, hamsters can breathe under the bedding, and they have a very good ability to adapt to such situations.

In today’s article, we will learn more about how they breathe under the sheets and whether there is a danger of suffocation.

Can hamsters breathe under bedding?

Yes, hamsters can breathe under bedding, and they do so very easily. Hamsters actually like to sleep under the bedding.

It may seem a little strange when we see them doing this, but for them, it is completely normal and there is no need to worry.

Hamsters spend a lot of time under the bedding because that way they feel nice and comfortable.

If they are not comfortable, be sure that you will easily notice how often they come out of the bedding, it is a sign that something is wrong.

Can Hamsters Suffocate in Bedding?

The chances of the hamster suffocating under the bedding are very small.

These cute pets simply enjoy being under the bedding, it is natural for them to constantly crawl into holes, bedding, and dig.

Of course, you should be careful when choosing their bedding, that it is the right one for your pet, that it is comfortable for them.

Bed linen should also be clean so as not to cause harmful consequences to their health.

What should be the depth of the bedding for the hamsters?

The depth of the bedding for the hamsters should be about 40 cm.

Studies have been done on the depth of the bedding in the hamster cage, and they show that this depth is ideal for them, the hamsters feel best at this depth of their bedding.

Although hamsters can safely use deeper bedding with a depth of about 80 cm, it is still best for the bedding to be about 40 cm.

Can Hamsters Choke on Bedding?

This question can be answered with yes and no.

Because there are a number of different substrates on sale, some of which are safer and some of which are dangerous to them.

If you choose a bedding that is not good for hamsters there is a danger of choking the hamsters.

That is why our recommendation is always if you are able to choose a better bedding base because hamsters spend most of their time in it.can hamsters breathe under bedding

Why Do Hamsters Dig?

Digging in hamsters is a completely natural habit that they often do, it is part of their natural behavior.

Hamsters are taught to dig to be safer because in nature they face various dangers and predators from which they must be protected.

Digging tunnels allows them not only to save their lives but also to be able to store food, sleep, and be safer when the weather is bad.

How to choose safe bedding for hamsters?

We will help you choose the best bedding for your hamster, here is our selection:

  • Kaytee soft granule bedding – excellent and safe bedding made mostly of wood fiber, which offers safety, comfort, softness, and very good absorption.
  • Paper-based bedding – they are the most common choice of hamster bedding, available in a variety of colors, textures, and shapes, and are paper-based.

Should the bedding be the same depth everywhere in the hamster cage?

It is desirable that the depth of the bedding in the hamster cage be the same depth, but it does not always have to be equal.

Some hamster owners even say that if one side is deeper than the other it is better for the hamsters.

In any case, it will not be scary if the depth of the bedding is not the same height in the whole cage.

Why do hamsters spend so much time under bedding?

If your hamster spends a lot of time under the bedding there is no need to worry about it, there is nothing wrong with this habit of theirs.

In fact, when hamsters are under the bed for hours, it means that they feel nice and comfortable, it is also a sign that your hamster is healthy.

As for breathing under the bedding, as we said, they are adapted to be under the bedding for hours without danger to them.

How and where should hamster food be in bedding?

Surely, whenever you put food for hamsters in their bedding, you practice placing it away from the corner where the hamsters urinate and poop.

However, you will notice that the hamsters will soon change the place where their food will be, they will take the food near their toilet and that is completely normal for them.

Hamsters are taught by experience in nature to urinate on food where they are to deter others from taking their food.

How and when does hamster bedding need to be changed?

Hamster bedding should be changed every few weeks with new bedding.

Changing bedding is important for hamster cage hygiene and preventing bacteria that can harm your pet. You should clean the cage with soap and warm water before putting on new bedding.

Never use bedding for more than a few weeks, this is one of the most important rules for keeping your hamster.

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Do you need to use fragrant bedding for hamsters?

The answer is no, you should never use scented bedding in your hamster cage.

Scented bedding will really reduce the unwanted smell from the cage but it is not good for hamster health at all.

The senses of smell of your furry friends are very developed and they will only be bothered by the fragrant bedding, it can even cause side effects that can even be fatal to their life.

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Hamsters can breathe under the bedding in a completely safe and natural way. Their natural instinct allows them to adapt to breathe easier when they are under bedding.

The ideal depth for bedding for hamsters is about 40 cm. Although they can breathe at a depth of about 80 cm under the bedding.

Do not use scented bedding for your hamster, it can only endanger their health and life.

Lastly, always choose comfortable bedding because it is a very important part of a hamster’s daily life.

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