Can Hamsters Climb Glass? All You Need To Know

Hamsters are small and fun pets that run and play all the time, they are really very active and full of energy. Our little furry friends are known to enjoy climbing and exploring their surroundings.

Hamsters climb where they can and where it is interesting for them, we can often see them climbing the bars of the cage.

But can hamsters climb glass?

No, hamsters can’t climb on glass because glass is a smooth surface that they can’t grip with their claws. If they try to climb, the hamsters will slip and fall. In addition to falling, the hamsters can also get injuries on their body.

In today’s article, you will learn why hamsters do not have the ability to climb glass and similar questions related to the topic.

Can hamsters climb glass?

No, hamsters cannot climb on glass, their feet are not adapted to climb on smooth surfaces.

Hamsters’ feet and claws allow them to climb only on rough surfaces, but not on glass. A hamster can climb on wooden surfaces, paper, and fabric, but it can never climb on glass.

The glass is a smooth surface that does not allow the hamster to attach its claws and climb on it.

Can hamsters climb the glass walls of the cage?

No, the hamsters will not be able to climb the glass walls of the cage, that is impossible.

Our little friends may try, but they may just slip and fall on the floor and can be injured.

They are persistent and will probably try several times, but eventually, they will get tired and will stop trying to climb the glass walls.

Can hamsters walk on glass?

No, hamsters cannot walk on glass because it will fall the same as on the glass walls.

If your hamster tries to start walking on a glass surface, then the hamster may just slip and lose balance and keep falling.

Walking the hamster on glass surfaces can only cause slipping problems and injuries to its body.

Can you train a hamster not to climb glass?

No, you cannot train hamsters to stop trying to climb glass or the walls of a glass cage.

Hamsters have a natural instinct to constantly climb wherever they can because they love to explore their surroundings.

But that’s why you can’t put them in a glass cage to prevent them from climbing unsuccessfully and risking injuries.can hamsters climb glass

Will hamsters hurt their claws if they try to climb glass?

It depends, if hamsters try to climb on smooth glass they won’t hurt the claws on their feet.

Whereas if the glass has uneven surfaces and rough spots it can cause injury to the claws and feet of your little friend.

Sharp edges on glass surfaces are also very dangerous if the hamster encounters them when it is outside the cage, more precisely when it is playing and running around your room.

So be careful and don’t leave glass surfaces near your pet it is dangerous.

Will hamsters get stressed from trying glass climbing?

Yes, hamsters can get stressed when they try to climb on glass because they will be nervous about the sliding of the climbing, it will not be the same for them as they do on wooden surfaces.

Hamsters can get stressed which is not at all good for their health because the stress of hamsters causes the appearance of other related diseases and problems.

So it is best for your hamster not to try to climb on glass surfaces like cages or anything else that has a glass base at all.

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Frequently asked questions

Can hamsters climb anything?

Yes, hamsters can climb anything they can grab onto with their claws, such as wooden surfaces, cloth, and paper. Hamsters are extremely good at climbing because it is their natural instinct that they have preserved from nature. However, hamsters can climb anything as long as it has something to hang their claws on.

Can hamsters climb the cage?

Yes, hamsters can climb into their cage if the cage walls have bars. Hamsters will not be able to climb glass cages. Wire cages are ideal for hamsters to climb in their cage.

Do hamsters enjoy climbing?

Yes, hamsters love when they climb and when they dig in the ground. Hamsters enjoy climbing in cages with bars, they especially like to climb to the top of the cage, although sometimes they fall because they cannot hold on for a long time.


Hamsters cannot climb on glass, their claws are not adapted for such smooth surfaces. If hamsters try to climb on glass, they can only injure themselves and get stress and diseases.

Your pet can climb wooden surfaces, metal grates, and similar surfaces where it can hang its claws from its feet.

Hamsters enjoy climbing on various surfaces whenever they get the chance, they love to explore new places in their environment, but they just can’t climb on smooth surfaces like glass.

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