Can Hamsters Climb Walls? And Plastic, Glass, Wood

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:31 pm

Hamsters are very energetic and like to move and play all day, which is good for them to expend energy and be in great shape.

Watching the hamsters run, you must be wondering if they can climb walls?

Yes, hamsters can climb walls, usually the walls of their cage, but that depends greatly on the type of cage. The gaps in the walls of the cage make perfect stairs so that the hamsters can climb more easily. They can not climb on walls that are glass, plastic, and other smooth surfaces.

In today’s article, we will learn more about the climbing of hamsters on walls, as well as on other surfaces.

Can hamsters climb walls?

Yes, hamsters can climb walls, but not all walls.

For example, hamsters can climb the walls of the cage, while they can not climb the walls of glass and plastic. Simply put, the smoother the wall, the less likely your furry pet will mount on it.

Climbing walls also risk injury, especially when falling from a height of more than 30 cm.

Can hamsters climb the walls of cages?

Yes, hamsters can climb cage walls very well, as the structure of the cages allows them to do so.

The gaps in the walls of the cages are like stairs, making them easier to climb.

Of course, it depends on the type of cage, for example wire cages are suitable for climbing on their walls, while hamsters can not climb on the walls of cages made of plastic and glass.

can hamsters climb walls

Why do hamsters climb the walls of the cage?

Hamsters climb walls because their limbs have tiny claws that allow hamsters to climb more easily.

Although hamsters have tiny feet and larger hind legs, they help make the most of climbing cage walls.

Their claws have precisely this purpose, to enable them to climb walls more efficiently and dig and catch something they need.

Hamsters climb because they are curious and want to explore their surroundings.

Hamsters climb walls because nature itself forces them to find food and escape from predators and save their lives.

Do climbing walls have negative effects on hamsters?

If hamsters fall while climbing the walls of the cage, they can be injured, but this is still very rare, because they can jump to a height of about 20-25 cm without injury.


Climbing walls can allow hamsters to escape the cage if there are holes where they can get out.

So make sure your cage does not have holes that hamsters could use to escape.

Can hamsters climb the walls of plastic bins?

If you use plastic cage bins for hamsters, then you should know that your pets will not be able to climb on them.

They will try but still cannot reach the top because they will slip and fall back to the bottom of the bucket.

But just in case, if you use plastic bins, it is still best for them to have a lid at the top just in case.

The lid should have airflow, for example it is best to be made of wire so that your hamster can have enough air.

Can hamsters climb glass walls?

No, hamsters can not climb glass walls.

The glass walls are too smooth and will never climb.

If you keep your hamsters in a glass area, you can rest assured that they will not escape you.

can hamsters climb walls

Can hamsters climb the walls of your home?

My personal experience tells me that hamsters can climb the walls of our homes.

I noticed my hamster climbing the walls when it is released; it uses the space or the corner between two walls.

With the left limbs it is held on the left side, and with the right on the right side of the walls, it can still not last long, more precisely only a few seconds.

It climbs slowly, but still falls after a few centimeters, probably using too much force and energy to hold on to the corners of the walls.

In any case, you can be calm because he will not be able to climb high, so let him try, and when he gets tired after a few attempts, he will stop climbing.

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Can hamsters climb wooden walls?

Hamsters can climb wooden walls, but it still depends on the walls.

If the wooden walls are too smooth, without cracks and uneven parts, it will be much harder for the hamsters.

The more uneven wooden walls have cracks, the easier it will be to climb them.

But in any case, we recommend not to allow them to climb wooden walls, because they may fall and get injured at some point.

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Hamsters enjoy climbing walls, in fact it is part of their natural behavior, they climb when they are in the wild, as well as at home.

Hamsters can climb walls, most often and quickly climbing the walls of their cage.

Climbing other walls such as wooden or walls in our homes is possible, but still likely to fall quickly.

Climbing hamsters on glass and plastic smooth walls is not possible, they will just slip and will not be able to climb at all.

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