Can Hamsters Die From Fear? (Stress, Wet Tail & More)

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:08 pm

Hamsters are cute and funny pets that cheer us up and make our day more exciting and happy.

Of course, in return, they ask us to give them food, to take care of their health and the hygiene of their cage.

Hamsters are very timid animals by nature; they get scared quickly and experience stress and other things related to their fear.

Can hamsters die from fear?

The answer is YES; hamsters can technically die from fear. Hamsters can have heart attacks out of fear, which can eventually cause premature death. Apart from heart attacks, fear also generates a series of diseases that can cause them to die.

Therefore, in today’s article, we will find out the reasons why hamsters can die of fear, as well as other questions and answers related to today’s topic.

Can hamsters die from fear?

Yes, hamsters can die of fear, because they can have a heart attack that will cause them to die.

Frightening can cause death much more if the hamsters suffer from various heart diseases or problems with the cardiovascular system. The chances of them dying from being frightened are much higher.

Fear is also the cause of stress, then stress causes fear, which ultimately results in the death of our furry friends.

To avoid situations like this, we need as much as possible to provide our hamsters with a safe and happy environment, so they don’t get scared.

Hamsters are very gentle, and any slightest danger to them causes the appearance of fear and panic.

What do hamsters do when they are scared?

It is essential to know when hamsters are scared, practically when they can have a heart attack and die.

If your hamster starts scratching or biting you, he is very scared and will start to run away and hide in his shelter.

You need to learn his actions and behavior to know when he’s scared and do everything you can to make him not feel afraid.

The less frightened he is, the less stress he will experience and the less likely he will die of fright.can hamsters die from fear

Can hamsters die from stress?

Yes, hamsters can die under stress because stress is associated with fear in our furry friends.

Stress is too dangerous because it affects the overall health of hamsters and reduces their immune system.


 This further leads to various diseases and the dangers of premature death.

To avoid stress, you must provide them with a pleasant and happy environment in and around their cage.

Here are some steps you should take:

  • don’t speak loudly
  • that there are no unknown persons near him
  • do not keep other pets in the same room
  • do not play loud music or TV

All these factors affect the hamsters and help them not to be under stress, which will significantly reduce the chances of them dying from fear.

What else can kill hamsters?

Hamsters can die from other reasons, such as diseases and injuries and being scared.

Diseases are a silent killer of hamsters, so we must take care of their health, and keep and feed them as best as we can.

Which will help them not to be scared and not to be stressed, thus reducing the chances of diseases dangerous to their lives.

Of course, just like humans, hamsters also die of old age, which is entirely normal and inevitable.

Can hamsters die suddenly?

Yes, hamsters can die suddenly; it’s pretty standard.

Especially when hamsters get old, they can die suddenly without warning.

They may suddenly die while running and playing while eating food; unfortunately, this is their natural way of dying, and it cannot be changed.

Do hamsters get heart attacks?

Yes, hamsters get heart attacks primarily due to congestive heart failure.

Congestive heart failure is when the heart muscles cannot pump blood effectively.

The most common symptoms of heart failure in hamsters are the following:

  • imbalance of movements
  • respiratory distress
  • fluid retention in the abdomen
  • the blue color of their skin

All these symptoms indicate that your hamster has heart problems, for which, unfortunately there is no solution.can hamsters die from fear

Can hamsters die from a wet tail?

Yes, hamsters can die from a wet tail in a very short time of 2 days.

Mortality from the wet tail is 90%, and it is caused by diarrhea in hamsters.

Diarrhea in hamsters can be caused by the following bacteria:

  • Escherichia coli
  • Clostridium difficile
  • Proteus morganii
  • Clostridium piliforme

When hamsters have a wet tail, you can notice it yourself if they are wet around their genitals.

Other symptoms of a wet tail are lethargy, weight loss, reluctance to eat, messy fur, and hunchback.

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How long does it take for hamsters to die of dehydration?

If hamsters are dehydrated, they can die in about 3-4 days.

Although this time interval can be different, they, unfortunately, die very quickly on average.

Everything depends on the moment of dehydration, how you handled your hamster, and whether you reacted in time because it is sometimes difficult to notice. Then, of course, it is too late and our furry friends will die.

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Do hamsters die of cancer?

Yes, hamsters also die from cancer; although it is not the most common disease among them, the most dangerous for them is heart failure, wet tail and other dangers to their health.

Hamsters often get cancer when they are older, while younger hamsters get cancer much less often.

Several common types of cancer occur in hamsters:

  • Breast cancer – occurs in female hamsters when lumps form in their mammary glands.
  • Liver cancer – happens from exposure to aflatoxins or mold toxins, causing tumors in hamsters. 
  • Lung cancer – occurs mainly in Chinese hamsters and is caused by radiation, tobacco smoke, and various carcinogenic substances.


Hamsters are very gentle and timid pets, and they can quickly die of fright,

Fear is the cause of stress and various diseases, heart problems and ultimately, the premature death of our furry friend.

In addition to being scared, hamsters can also die from cancer, heart failure, wet tail and other health problems.

The environment in which he lives, other pets, loud talking and other factors can influence hamsters to be scared and, together with stress, cause their death.

Therefore, our recommendation is to give your hamsters as much attention and care as possible, so that they are not so scared and live as long as possible.

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