Can Hamsters Die from Loud Noises? Let’s Discover

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:01 pm

Hamsters are cute and friendly little pets that are scared by nature and don’t like loud noises.

They are very sensitive and therefore we have to be careful when keeping them, and loud noises can disturb and scare them.

Can hamsters die from loud noises?

No, hamsters cannot die from loud noises. They are sensitive to loud sounds because they hear much louder than we humans, but they will not die from loud noises.

It is best not to play loud sounds from the TV and other devices that they will notice. We said that hamsters don’t like loud music, not that they don’t like listening to music.

There are many types of hamsters and they all have different approaches to music.

Some hamsters like to listen to music, and others don’t like and are afraid of music, it’s completely normal and depends individually from hamster to hamster.

Those hamsters who love music, feel the music as a calming factor. Some of them enjoy music and like to listen to music and fall asleep to it.

Can hamsters die from loud noises?

No, hamsters cannot die from loud noises, but that’s why they can be disturbed and upset by the loudness of the music.

If they get angry, they start to get stressed, which is not good for their health and leads to diseases. Some owners use music to calm their pets, and they succeed.

When the hamster gets used to the music, it starts playing and eventually falls asleep.

But as we said, not all hamsters are the same, some are afraid of sounds, regardless of whether they are loud or quiet.

When hamsters are afraid of loud music, they can get a shock, which is certainly not good for their health. It is very important to judge for yourself whether the hamster likes the loud sounds of the music at all.

That’s why we as owners should take care of our furry friends with certain precautions for the health of our hamsters.

The better we know our pet, the easier it will be to know how he reacts to loud noises, and how to protect him from them, because if he doesn’t like it, there’s no need to force him to listen to loud noises.

To know if hamsters like loud music, it is best to do several tests to determine how our pet behaves during loud music.

We can try playing loud music, sounding away from the cage, changing certain types of music, and other similar tests.

It takes time for a hamster to get used to music

Hamsters need time to get used to listening to music, so you must be patient if you want to teach them to enjoy its sounds.

When you start keeping a hamster you should start playing music at a low volume and pay attention to its behavior.

Gradually increase the volume of the music and the hamsters will slowly get used to the sounds and music.

It takes several weeks for hamsters to get used to music, they won’t get used to it in a few days but be persistent and you will get results.

As we said every hamster is special, it does not mean that all hamsters will like to listen to music but try it and you will see if your hamster likes music or not.

In any case, this technique of gradually learning and getting the hamster used to hearing loud sounds up to a certain volume is safe and useful for hamsters if they get used to music.can hamsters die from loud noises

Place the sound system some distance away from the hamster cage

Place the sound system or TV, or any device from which you will play music, away from the hamster’s cage. Play music at a certain volume and see if the hamster likes it.

In this way, you will find out what volume you should play, and at what distance it is best to place the sound system.

In any case, it should not be too close to the hamster, but its very reaction will show where the sound system should be and how loud the hamster can handle without being afraid and without being considered in its play and daily activities.

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Sensitivity to loud music

By doing a loud music sensitivity test we will find out if hamsters like or are afraid of loud music. Their sensitivity should be tested when playing loud music.

It is best to start by playing quiet and soothing music near the hamsters while observing the hamster and seeing what his reaction will be while listening to the music.

If the hamster starts to run away and get scared then turn off the music.

If the hamster likes the music, i.e. if he doesn’t run away when he hears it, then you can gradually increase the volume and see how loud he can listen without minding.

The moment the hamster starts to run away, you will know how loud the music should be without fear. Make a note of what volume of music suits him so that in the future you will know how loud to play music for your pet.

The volume of the music should be at a low level

The volume of the music that you play for the hamster should be at a low level so that the hamster does not mind.

Hamsters can be frightened by loud and upbeat music, so keep the volume down.

Let’s not forget that hamsters hear 10 times better than us humans, you can imagine what it means for them when we hear loud sounds, it’s probably too loud for them.

Loud music also produces vibrations that are very unpleasant for hamsters, they can only disturb and scare them. Therefore, quieter music is in any case much better for them, than loud sounds with vibrations.

When the music is of moderate volume and at a low level it can have a pleasant effect on our pets.

What to do if the hamster does not like to hear loud noises?

If your hamster still does not want to hear loud sounds or does not want to listen to music at all, then you should stop playing it.

If the hamster doesn’t like music, then don’t make him nervous and stressed, because it can make him sick. In such situations, it is best to play music in another room so that the hamster is not disturbed.

If the hamster runs away, hides, and does not appear when you play music, then definitely your pet does not tolerate music and loud sounds, and you should immediately stop playing music in front of your pet.

Are hamsters afraid of fireworks?

Yes, hamsters are afraid of fireworks, especially if the fireworks are near them.

They can even have a heart attack from fireworks if it’s close to them, because fireworks, unlike music, are very different.

Fireworks suddenly make a loud noise and can frighten hamsters into shock and stress, and sometimes even die.

We humans also get scared when we suddenly hear fireworks without notice, and you can imagine how it feels for hamsters.can hamsters die from loud noises

Are hamsters afraid of thunder?

Yes, hamsters are afraid of thunder, because thunder creates a sudden loud noise that scares hamsters. Thunder, like fireworks, is instantaneous and the hamster will be frightened and experience stress and fear.

Thunder is completely different from ordinary music and therefore hamsters do not react positively at all to thunder.

When there is lightning you should protect your pet by keeping it away from windows, and doors and away from lightning in general.


Hamsters cannot die from loud noises, but they can get scared and start running and hiding. It is very important to know whether hamsters like loud noises or soft music.

By doing tests of playing loud and quiet sounds, you will be able to more easily find out to what extent hamsters like to listen to loud music.

Hamsters generally like more peaceful sounds because they hear a lot more than we humans do.

Hamsters need time and training to get used to listening to music.

Music can be useful for hamsters and calm them down, but each hamster has its own story, and not all hamsters like to listen to music.

In any case, quiet and calm music is the best for them, while fast beats, thunder, and fireworks are certainly not for them, they will get scared, run away, and may get stressed and shocked.