Can Hamsters Drink Apple Juice? (Find Out Now)

Last updated on April 4th, 2023 at 06:48 pm

Apple juice is delicious and very popular, one of the most consumed juices all over the world. It offers excellent nutrients for humans but is not suitable for hamsters.

You must be wondering if you should give your hamster some to enjoy this excellent juice when you drink apple juice.

Can hamsters drink apple juice?

No, hamsters cannot drink apple juice as it contains a lot of sugar, and our pets should never drink any juice; they should only drink water.

Today’s article will reveal why hamsters can’t drink apple juice, the risks, and what they can drink to be healthy.

Can hamsters drink apple juice?

No, hamsters can’t drink apple juice because it has a lot of sugar and lacks nutrients.

If hamsters drink apple juice, they can only get sick and have problems with the digestive system.

If hamsters drink apple juice, they risk having problems and the appearance of caries on their teeth, and they are one of the most important for their health so that they can eat and grind their food correctly.

The sugar in apple juice and oxalates are too dangerous for the health of our pets, so give them fruit apples, but never juice.

Harmful effects of apple juice on hamsters

If the hamsters drink a few drops of apple juice once, nothing terrible will happen, but if they drink regularly, their health will have big problems.

Tooth decay

If the hamsters drink apple juice, they will have problems with their teeth; you have to know that sugar is the leading cause of tooth decay.

Teeth are very important for hamsters; they must be healthy to allow our pets to quickly eat and grind food.

Drinking apple juice will also cause pain in their teeth, so do not give this juice to your pet.can hamsters drink apple juice

Lack of nutrients

Hamsters need a daily intake of nutrients and vitamin C to have enough energy to play and run around all day.

By drinking apple juice, they will only get full and will not want to eat other types of food, which will cause a lack of nutrients.

Apple juice does not have the same nutrients as the apple fruit itself, so hamsters do not need to consume this or any other juice.

Kidney stones

There are oxalates in apple juice that are dangerous for the health of hamsters and can only cause the appearance of kidney stones.

If they try it once, nothing terrible will happen, but with regular drinking of apple juice, you can be sure that the hamster will get kidney stones.

Hamsters only need clean and fresh water; it is the best possible drink for their health.

Danger of diabetes

Juices generally always contain sugar and other sweeteners that harm hamsters’ health.

Sugar can only cause diabetes, which further leads to other related diseases.

Diabetes is too dangerous for hamsters and can cause fatal consequences, so there is no need to risk your furry friend’s health.

Diarrhea and abdominal pain

Hamsters cannot drink juices because their digestive system will have problems digesting them.

They should consume only fresh food such as vegetables and fruits. Otherwise, they will get diarrhea and stomach aches.

If diarrhea occurs from drinking apple juice, it usually goes away in 24-48 hours; otherwise, you must take your hamster to the vet.

If the hamster drinks only a few drops of apple juice, it will not immediately get diarrhea and pain, but if it drinks regularly, it will have serious consequences.

What to do if hamsters drink a lot of apple juice?

If the hamster accidentally manages to drink some apple juice, probably nothing terrible will happen to him if the amount is minimal.

A small amount of apple juice will manage to be processed in their digestive system, but it is always best to give them a more significant amount of water in such situations.

The water will help to process the sugar and other ingredients of the apple juice more easily and quickly.

If he drinks more significant amounts of apple juice, then diarrhea and stomach pains will occur, but these should pass in 24-48 hours; otherwise you should take your pet to the vet.can hamsters drink apple juice

Can hamsters eat an apple?

Yes, hamsters can eat apples, but only in moderate amounts; half a teaspoon of an apple once or twice a week is enough.

Apples are considered an addition to their diet because they contain natural sugar, so hamsters must not eat them too often; diarrhea may occur.

By eating an apple, hamsters will get a lot of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fibers that are good for their health.

Baby hamsters can start eating apples when they are 3 weeks old, after prior consultation with a veterinarian.

Syrian hamsters can eat apples, while Robo and dwarf hamsters should avoid them because they can quickly get diabetes from the sugar in this fruit.

Can hamsters eat applesauce?

No, hamsters cannot and should not eat applesauce, especially commercially made applesauce.

There is a lot of sugar and other preservatives in applesauce, which harm their health.

However, suppose you want your hamster to try applesauce. In that case, you can give them a minimal amount of homemade applesauce without additives, made only from apples and water.

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Can hamsters drink fruit juice?

Fruit juices are not at all good for the health of hamsters because they contain sugar and acidity.

Fruit juices alone can cause problems with the hamster’s digestive system and cause serious health problems.

By drinking fruit juices, hamsters can only get diarrhea, diabetes, obesity, and other problems.

The only way you can give a few drops of fruit juice to the hamster is if you prepare it yourself by squeezing the fruit and mixing it with water in a ratio of 50-50, without adding any other ingredients.

Can hamsters drink vitamin C?

Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins for the health of hamsters, because if they don’t have enough vitamin C they can get scurvy.

When hamsters have scurvy it can lead to weight loss, loss of their fur, lethargy and other symptoms.

Hamsters can get vitamin C through broccoli and other fruits and vegetables.


Hamsters cannot drink apple juice as it is not suitable for their health.

Apple juice contains sugar and oxalates that can only disrupt the work of the digestive system of hamsters and cause diarrhea and stomach pains.

The sugar in apple juice is also dangerous for hamsters’ teeth and can cause them to decay and cause toothaches.

If hamsters drink a large amount of apple juice, diabetes, obesity, and other harmful consequences will occur.

Hamsters should not drink juices; the best drink is only fresh and clean water.

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