Can Hamsters Drink Cold Water? Let’s Find Out

Hamsters need to eat and drink water daily. They cannot live without food and water.

You must be wondering whether you should give your hamsters cold water or water that is at room temperature.

Can hamsters drink cold water?

Hamsters can’t drink cold water because they can start shaking, they can become lethargic, they can get sick, and lose their appetite. Cold water lowers their body temperature and is not a good choice for them at all, it can only harm your pet’s health.

In today’s article, you will learn why hamsters should not drink cold water, what are the side effects, what water temperature suits them best and similar questions.

Can hamsters drink cold water?

Hamsters cannot drink cold water because they may have problems with their body temperature which may drop very fast, and hibernation and respiratory problems may occur.

It is best to always give hamsters water that is at room temperature, ie between 65-75 F. Cold water can be very uncomfortable for your pet, it can dehydrate him and make him sick.

Cold water also causes constriction of blood vessels in hamsters and reduces blood flow, which is an additional problem for their health.

Therefore, let’s take a closer look at all the problems that can arise from drinking cold water.

Hibernation may occur

If hamsters drink cold water they may begin to hibernate as their body temperature drops. Hamsters’ bodies can cool down very quickly because they are small and lose their temperature quickly.

If hamsters drink cold water their body will reduce activities to conserve energy and heat and hibernate.

When hamsters are in hibernation they breathe very slowly and often there is confusion as to whether the hamster is alive or dead.

Hibernation lasts 2-3 days, and then the hamsters either wake up on their own, or you will have to wake them up by keeping the temperature in the room at an optimal new, ie 65-75 F.

Cold water can obviously induce hibernation in hamsters, so there is no need to give them cold water to drink.

Cold water causes respiratory problems

If hamsters drink cold water, problems with the respiratory organs can occur.

They have a delicate respiratory system that often has infections and diseases, and they can very easily catch colds from cold water.

Drinking cold water will cause hamsters to become cold and experience the following symptoms:

  • coughing
  • sneezing
  • lethargy
  • runny nose

All these symptoms will cause respiratory problems, as the cold water will encourage damage to your pet’s health.

Occurrence of hypothermia

If hamsters drink cold water, they will quickly reduce their body temperature, they will be cold and may suffer from hypothermia.

Hypothermia can be very dangerous and cause fatal consequences for their lives.

When hamsters have hypothermia, their body cannot achieve sufficient body heating, because it will cool down faster than it will warm up.

Hamsters when hypothermic from drinking cold water can overcome their bodies and eventually die.can hamsters drink cold water

What is the ideal drinking water temperature for hamsters?

The ideal drinking water temperature for hamsters should be room temperature or 65-75 F.

Of course, the water should be clean and fresh without harmful bacteria, impurities, and residues.

Hamsters’ water should be changed every 24 hours, and the water bottle should always be cleaned after several water changes.

Cold water will in no way help to cool them down on summer days, so be careful of the temperature.

Should hamsters drink plain tap water?

Hamsters can drink tap water if it is clean and free of any contamination.

If the tap water is contaminated at some point, then buy bottled water.

It is very important that the water is not contaminated because it can make the hamster sick and cause diarrhea, stomach aches, and other infections and health problems.

Can my hamster drink hot water?

Hamsters should not drink hot water, they should only drink room-temperature water.

If they accidentally drink hot water they can very easily burn their tongue or any part of their mouth such as their gums.

There is no need to give hamsters hot water even in the winter, always give them room-temperature water.

If the temperatures are cold in your home too then wrap a water bottle in towels to warm it up and not be so cold before giving it to the hamsters.

Can hamsters drink bottled water?

Hamsters can drink bottled water which is the best choice of drinking water for your pet.

Bottled water is a great choice, just make sure there are no additives such as minerals.

This is important because if the water contains minerals it can cause negative effects and intake of excessive amounts of minerals in their organism.

How much water should hamsters drink?

To know how much water hamsters should drink every day, it is enough to know their weight.

For example, hamsters should drink 1 ounce of water for every 2 ounces of body weight.

If the hamster weighs 5 ounces, then you will need 2.5 ounces of water, of course for larger hamsters this will mean more water, and for smaller hamsters less drinking water.

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How often should water be changed in hamsters?

Veterinarians recommend changing the hamster’s water once a day and cleaning the water bowl once a week.

Cleaning the water bottle can be more frequent if you notice that there are food residues or other impurities inside.

Fresh and clean water is the most important thing for hamsters and together a healthy diet with nutrients contributes to them being healthy and happy.

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Hamsters should not drink cold water, they should always drink only water at room temperature.

If hamsters drink cold water, it can cause diseases, problems with the respiratory system, and in some cases hypothermia.

Water that is too cold is not a good choice for hamsters because it will lower their body temperature too much.

Hamsters can drink regular tap water, distilled or bottled water, but always at a room temperature of 65-75 F.

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