Can Hamsters Drink Milk? Benefits and Risks

Last updated on November 27th, 2023 at 09:01 pm

Hamsters can include a variety of foods in their diet to improve their health, thus utilizing nutrients in the best possible way.

When we as owners drink milk, we often wonder if we should give some milk to our hamsters as well.

Can hamsters drink milk?

Hamsters can drink small amounts of milk because they are lactose intolerant, and depend on what milk they drink. Milk is not toxic to hamsters, but some risks are to be aware of.

In today’s article, we will find out if they can, how much they can, and the benefits and risks of drinking milk for hamsters.

How much milk can hamsters drink?

As we said initially, we must first emphasize that it all depends on what kind of milk you will give to your pets.

It is best not to drink cow’s milk at all, this milk is the hardest for them, and they should avoid it.

While other kinds of milk, such as oats, soy, coconut, and goat milk hamsters should drink one teaspoon twice a week.

Can baby hamsters drink milk?

Hamsters can only drink breast milk. Hamster babies should not be given other types of milk, such as goat, cow, and soy milk, as they are harmful to their health.

In addition to breast milk, they can drink water while they are babies.

Until a few weeks of their life have passed, you should not try to give them anything else to drink; only after a consultation with a veterinarian can it be assessed whether they can drink plain milk.

What are the benefits of milk for hamsters?

If hamsters drink milk in small quantities, they can use its benefits to improve their health.
Here are some of them:

  • Calcium – because milk is rich in calcium, it helps strengthen the bones of hamsters for proper growth and development of the whole body.
  • Healthy teeth – hamster teeth constantly grow throughout their lives, and milk helps maintain them, i.e., your pet’s dental hygiene.
  • Colds – milk is a great choice to help the hamster when he catches a cold and heal more accessible and faster.
  • Vitamin A – is good for hamsters because is needed for better eye vision.
  • Proteins – they are excellent for your hamster to have strong muscles and healthy bones.
  • Vitamin B12 – helps your hamster to have good regulation of the nervous system and keep red blood cells healthy.

What are the side effects of milk for hamsters?

If hamsters drink more milk than they should, there will be side effects on their health.
Here are some of them:

  • Obesity – occurs because milk has a lot of calories that can make your hamster fat.
  • Diabetes – can occur in hamsters because milk is high in fat, so be careful about the amount you give to your furry friends.
    Diarrhea – occurs as a result of drinking too much milk in hamsters.
  • Lethargy – if your pet drinks too much milk, hamsters can become inactive, slow, and lazy.
  • Spoiling – because milk spoils quickly they can have some problems with health.

What kind of milk can hamsters drink?

Hamsters can drink different types of milk, although low-fat milk is recommended.

The less fat there is in milk, the better it will be for your pet, the more benefits it will have, and the fewer side effects it will have on their health.

So let’s look at how different types of milk affect hamsters and their health.

Can hamsters drink oat milk?

Yes, hamsters can drink oat milk.

Because oat milk has no dairy ingredients and contains very little fat in its composition.

Oat milk contains a lot of fiber, which is suitable for the digestive system of hamsters, but only if consumed in moderation.can hamsters drink milk

Too much oat milk can cause side effects and problems like diarrhea and constipation in your furry pet. One tablespoon of oat milk twice a week is enough for your pet.

Can hamsters drink soy milk?

Yes, hamsters can drink soy milk, but in moderation.

Moderation in drinking soy milk is essential for hamsters primarily because this milk contains a lot of calories.
On the other hand, soy milk is an excellent source of non-animal protein.

Because soy milk is lactose-free, i.e., it is vegetable milk, it will be much easier to digest in their stomach, which is very important for their digestive system.

Can hamsters drink cow’s milk?

Yes, hamsters can drink cow’s milk but in minimal quantities.

Cow’s milk is a little harder to digest in their digestive system, leading to stomach problems.

Therefore, we recommend that if you can avoid cow’s milk, give other lighter types of milk to your pets.

If hamsters drink cow’s milk too often it can lead to gain weight and possibly to disease and health problems..

Can hamsters drink almond milk?

No, hamsters can not drink almond milk.

Because almond milk contains a lot of fat, which will cause your hamster to gain weight and have health problems, as well as coordination of movement due to obesity.

If he accidentally tastes a little almond milk, it will probably not be anything to him, but it should not be a regular drink.

Can hamsters drink powdered milk?

No, powdered milk is not a good choice for hamsters, because is similar to cow’s milk.

Powdered milk is a good source of proteins, but also contains cholesterol and can lead to health problems in your pet.

If hamsters drink powdered milk they can have cell damage, inflammation, oxidative stress, and other problems.

Can hamsters drink coconut milk?

Yes, hamsters can also drink coconut milk, be careful when giving them this milk.

Coconut milk has benefits for hamsters, such as improving their immunity and protecting against heart problems and diseases.

If hamsters overdo it by drinking coconut milk, they can get diarrhea and stomach problems.

Can hamsters drink goat’s milk?

Yes, hamsters can drink goat’s milk, which is good for their health.

By drinking goat’s milk, hamsters will have no problems digesting due to the lower amount of fat.

Goat’s milk is less harmful than other kinds of milk your furry friends may consume.

Goat’s milk contains much more calcium, proteins, vitamin A, and potassium, so this kind of milk is a better choice.

What can hamsters drink other than water?

Hamsters can only drink water which is the best drink for their health.

All other liquids, such as milk, juice, tea, etc., can not replace water, only in very strictly defined small quantities can consume a little of the above liquids.

Because all other drinks except water can cause obesity and other health problems.can hamsters drink milk

Is milk or water better for hamsters?

If we compare the milk and the water that is better for your hamsters, there is not much to choose from, and the water is far better than the milk, i.e., it is the best possible drink for your pets.

Water should be given to hamsters daily, and it is an unchangeable liquid for both hamsters and us humans.

All other fluids including milk should be given in tiny amounts to your furry friends.

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An alternative to milk for hamsters

Because milk is still hazardous and great care should be taken, the amount given to hamsters should be avoided in their diet.

It is always best for hamsters to eat:

  • hay
  • commercial pellets
  • vegetables
  • fruit

This type of food is best for them to get healthy nutrients to improve their health.

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Hamsters can drink milk, but in small quantities, to make the most of the benefits without having harmful consequences.

Cow’s milk should be avoided, while soy, oat, goat, and coconut milk can be consumed but in minimal quantities.

If your hamsters drink in small quantities, they will have stronger and healthier bones, healthier teeth, and protection from disease.

If your hamster consumes too much milk, diarrhea, constipation, obesity, and other health problems will occur.
Lastly, water is the best drink for hamsters, while milk is just a small treat for your furry friends.

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