Can Hamsters Drink Out of A Bowl? (How to Use)

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:23 pm

Proper nutrition is one of the most important things we must pay attention to when we decide to keep hamsters.

The cage should also be comfortable so that they can feel comfortable inside because they will spend most of their time in it.

Another interesting thing to pay attention to is how hamsters will drink water. Water is just as important to them as the food they eat.

Will hamsters be able to drink water from a bowl?

The answer is yes, hamsters can drink water from a bowl, but it needs to be set properly. It should be noted that it is desirable for hamsters to drink water from a bottle, but if they can not then a bowl should be used.

In today’s article, we will find out if and how hamsters can drink water from a bowl, how to set the bowl, and how much it costs.

Can hamsters drink from a bowl?

Yes, hamsters can drink water from a bowl, although to make it easier for them to drink, you will need to pay attention to some features of the bowl to suit their needs.

Safety always comes first for hamsters so you must choose a bowl that will not hurt the hamster, ie they should not have sharp edges.

Also, water bottles should be shallow, which will allow them to drink water more easily.

Will hamsters want to drink from a bowl?

Yes, hamsters will want to drink water from a bowl, they just need some time to get used to it.

They will quickly learn that the water bowl is for them, just place it next to them, and you will see that they will get used to it easily.

You can also place some food near the bowl so that you can initially entice them to reach the bowl of water.

If they do not want to drink water from the bowl, then do not force them to do so.

Why use the bowl for hamsters?

The need to use hamster bowls instead of bottles can be for several reasons that we will explain immediately:

  • If you do not have a water bottle – the first reason is that you may not have a bottle at the moment, so water in a bowl will be a great replacement to give your pet water.
  • some hamsters do not know how to drink from a bottle – the reason for using a bowl for hamsters is that some hamsters do not want or do not know how to drink water from a bottle, then there is no other option but to give them water with a bowl. Furthermore, hamsters will learn to drink bottled water, although some of them never manage to learn.
  • there is no place in the cage – if there is no place in the cage to attach a water bottle, then again the best solution is a  bowl for water.
  • the water bottle makes a lot of noise – every time when hamsters drink from the bottle they make a noise that can bother you at night when you sleep, that is a good reason why using a bowl is a good solution.

How much does a bowl cost for hamsters?

Hamster bowls do not actually cost a lot of money but are very practical and necessary for your hamster.

A simple hamster bowl can be bought for about $ 10, although there are lots of more expensive and better-looking ones.

After all, you can use a suitable bowl from your kitchen if you can not afford to buy a bowl for your furry pet.

Is a water bottle or a bowl better for hamsters?

From many points of view, a water bottle is still a better option for your hamster.

Here are the advantages of a water bottle over a bowl:

  • water will not spill – because the water in the water bottles is safe, while the bowl can be easily overturned by hamsters.
  • the bottle is cleaner for drinking water – while dirt, food, bedding, and other items near can fall inside the bowl.
  • the water bottle will not leave the hamsters without water – because it is consumed only when your pets drink from it, while the overturned bowl will be left without drinking water, which is dangerous for your hamster if you are not at home.

Is it okay to use both a bottle and a bowl for hamsters?

Using both a bottle and a bowl for water can be quite practical and in many situations, it is a really good solution when we need to give water to our hamsters.

Here are the main reasons to use them together:

  • when you have more hamsters – because with both sources of water they will not be in a situation to fight with each other who will drink water first, and there will be enough for everyone.
  • if the water bottle breaks – then you will have to act quickly by putting water in a bowl, at least until you buy a new water bottle and the hamsters will not be left without water.
  • water backup option – you will always have it if you use both water containers, as one of them may not be in use and the hamster will use the other.

How to prevent the hamster’s bowl from tipping over?

When drinking water, the hamster can easily turn inside the bowl, which will turn the bowl over, and there will be water everywhere.

If the plate is in a cage then even worse, the inside of the cage will get wet and it will start to smell bad.

The best solution is to put pebbles in the bowl so that the hamster can not turn it over because it will be much harder.

Or place the bowl in a stable place where it will not be easily overturned by your pet.can hamsters drink out of a bowl

How to set up a hamster bowl?

Whenever you place a hamster bowl you have to pay attention to some things, for example, whether it fits in size compared to the place in the cage where it should be placed.

Here’s what to look for when placing a bowl:

  • location – the bowl should be placed away from the hamster bedding, and the surface where you will place it should be flat.
  • pebbles in the bowl – you can put a few to gain weight and it can not be easily turned over.

Apart from these steps, the water bowl should always be cleaned regularly as it is likely to contain some dirt, which is normal when using a water bowl instead of a water bottle.

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How long can a hamster live without water?

Life without water is impossible for us humans as well as for our hamsters.

However, in case the hamster runs out of water for various reasons, you should know that it can survive without water for a period of about 3-4 days.

If the hamster is not in the best health then he will not be able to last more than two days without water and food.

The temperature around the hamster can affect its endurance without water, if it is very hot then it will be even less able to survive without water.

So be careful if you leave the hamster alone for a weekend or something similar and you are absent for a few days, always provide him with water for that period.

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Hamsters can use a bowl to drink water.

Drinking water from a bowl can be a practical solution when hamsters do not have a water bottle, if it is broken or if you are keeping several hamsters at once.

The water bowl should be free of sharp edges and not too deep, and should always be placed where your pet can not easily turn over.

When using a water bowl, much more attention should be paid to the hygiene of the water in it, as the open part can easily contain dirt and food debris or bedding from hamsters.

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