Can Hamsters Eat Bacon? Let’s Discover

Hamsters are omnivores, which means that they can eat different foods of plant and animal origin, but some types of food are harmful and should be avoided in their diet.

Can hamsters eat bacon?

Hamsters cannot eat bacon because it contains a lot of fat, calories, sodium nitrites, and other ingredients that are harmful to their health. Bacon is too difficult for their fragile digestive system to digest and can only cause them health problems.

In today’s article, you will learn more about why hamsters should not eat bacon, the harmful consequences of bacon, and similar questions related to the topic.

Can hamsters eat bacon?

Hamsters cannot eat bacon because it contains a lot of fat, salt, and calories. Bacon contains large amounts of sodium nitrate, which can be very harmful to the health of hamsters.

Even a small piece of bacon can negatively affect the health of hamsters and therefore should not be part of their diet.

If you give bacon to hamsters, they will eat it, but it is best not to give it to them, it is better to give them other food that does not have so many harmful substances.

Hamsters should not eat bacon because they will gain weight, and obesity leads to the appearance of diseases in your little pet.

If hamsters eat bacon, they risk getting:

  • dehydration
  • diabetes
  • heart diseases
  • trichinosis
  • cancer

It is better to give them vegetables, fruits, seeds, and some chicken meat or eggs so that they get enough protein.

Why is sodium nitrite in bacon harmful to hamsters?

Sodium nitrate is a preservative used in bacon to prevent bacteria from forming and multiplying. Hamsters are exposed to the risk of cancer when they ingest sodium nitrite through bacon, mostly in their cheeks.

Tumors in the cheeks of hamsters are malignant and can be treated when detected in time, but if left untreated then they can become benign and cause death in your pet.

When hamsters have this type of tumor, the following symptoms appear:

  • breathing difficulties
  • weight loss
  • problems eating food
  • red spots on the skin

The fat in bacon will cause disease in hamsters

There are saturated fats in bacon that are too harmful for hamsters, just like for us humans.

The saturated fat found in bacon can cause an increase in cholesterol in hamsters, an increase in blood pressure, and heart disease.

Bacon or fat can also cause a heart attack or stroke in hamsters because they clog the arteries. Bacon is tasty, but it is not at all healthy for hamsters as it is for us humans.can hamsters eat bacon

Bacon causes blockage in the stomach of hamsters

Hamsters should not eat bacon because it causes a blockage in their stomach and major digestive problems.

This happens because there is an accumulation of undigested bacon in their stomach and then there is a blockage and no possibility for the normal functioning of their digestive system.

In such situations, there can be serious consequences for the hamster, so sometimes it is necessary to operate to remove the accumulated bacon from their stomach.

Can my hamster eat cooked bacon?

Hamsters cannot eat cooked bacon because it is harmful and dangerous to their health.

In cooked bacon, there is again sodium nitrite which when processed in the stomach of hamsters becomes nitrosamines and can cause cancer.

Indeed, cancer most often occurs if a hamster eats large amounts of cooked bacon, but it is best not to give it to your pets at all.

Regardless of which bacon you buy, all types of bacon contain smaller or larger amounts of sodium nitrite and are dangerous for the health and life of hamsters.

Is bacon toxic to hamsters?

Bacon is not toxic to hamsters, but it is still not good to give it to hamsters, because it has a lot of fat.

If the hamsters have a chance, they will certainly eat the bacon, but then they will gain weight and damage their health.

Since bacon is not toxic to hamsters, if they occasionally eat a little, nothing terrible will happen, but in general they should not eat this type of food.

What should I do if my hamster eats bacon?

If your hamster eats bacon, you should immediately take it to the vet to examine it and see if everything is fine with it, regardless of whether it shows unwanted symptoms or signs.

After eating bacon, hamsters may begin to show symptoms that are visible and indicate that something is wrong.

Here are some of them:

  • lethargy
  • weight loss
  • less physical activity
  • making noises due to stomach problems

Hamsters shouldn’t get the chance to eat bacon, so keep bacon away from your pet, especially make sure there are no leftovers on the floor of your home.

When you let the hamsters out of the cage if there is bacon on the floor they will eat it, so be careful.

Hamsters can get allergic if they eat bacon

Hamsters can get an allergy if they eat bacon, although this rarely happens, it is still possible.

After eating bacon as signs of allergy, hamsters may have the following symptoms:

  • diarrhea
  • vomiting
  • breathing difficulties

In such circumstances, if your pet eats bacon and you notice the symptoms we have listed, take it to the vet immediately.

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Ingredients in bacon are very harmful to hamsters

Indeed, the proteins in bacon are good for hamsters, but the other ingredients are very harmful to your pet.

Here is what the composition looks like in 100 grams of bacon:

ingredient value
calories 468 kcal
total fat 35 g
polyunsaturated Fat 6.1 g
monounsaturated Fat 16 g
trans fat Regulation 0.1 g
cholesterol 99 mg
carbohydrates in total 1.7 g
protein 34 g
potassium 499 mg
sodium 1684 mg

It is enough to look at the composition of bacon and you can conclude for yourself why this food is a bad choice for hamsters and should be avoided from their eating menu.can hamsters eat bacon

What meat can hamsters eat?

Hamsters can eat chicken, beef, and pork, but it should be cooked first, you should never give them raw meat.

However, of all these different types of meat, the best choice for hamsters is chicken, because red meat can cause heart problems, diabetes, and cancer in hamsters.

Hamsters should never eat raw meat. They cannot digest raw meat in their digestive system and it can only make them sick and impair their health by causing various diseases.

By eating cooked meat, hamsters benefit and get the protein they need to strengthen their muscles and other body parts.

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Can hamsters eat insects?

Hamsters can eat insects, although it’s usually the opposite, as they are prey in the wild.

Because hamsters are omnivores they can eat small insects such as worms and crickets.

Eating these insects allows the hamsters to take in nutrients, the most important of which are the animal proteins that they need to be able to strengthen muscles that give them strength and energy.


What foods are harmful to hamsters?

Although hamsters are omnivores, you should avoid certain types of food because they will harm them and can make them seriously ill. Do not give hamsters garlic, potatoes, onions, pineapple, olives and chocolate.

What is a hamster’s favorite food?

Hamsters like to eat vegetables and fruits the most, such as apples, carrots, cabbage, dandelions, and clover. This kind of food is healthy and helps them to introduce excellent nutrients into their organism.

What do hamsters drink?

Hamsters drink water, which is the best and healthiest drink to maintain and improve their health. Just give them fresh and clean water, which should be changed daily. Hamsters do not need any other drink, they should not drink juices or other types of drinks.


Hamsters should not eat bacon because it contains a lot of fat, salt, calories, and other ingredients that are harmful to their health.

If hamsters eat bacon, it can lead to heart disease, diabetes, obesity, dehydration, and cancer.

IF hamsters eat a small piece of bacon, maybe nothing terrible will happen, but larger amounts will surely cause problems with their health.

If your pet has eaten bacon and you notice that it has lethargy, stomach pains, and reduced appetite, take it to the vet immediately for an examination.

Finally, bacon is not a good food choice for hamsters, much better choices are vegetables, fruits, seeds, and small amounts of cooked chicken.

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