Can Hamsters Eat Bananas? 6 Advices How To Eat

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Can hamsters eat bananas? Hamsters can eat bananas, but in limited quantities, care should be taken about how much and when bananas are given to hamsters.

In the desire of owners to enrich the diet of hamsters, great caution is necessary, because not all products are suitable for consumption by such pets.

Sometimes eating certain foods can even lead to undesirable consequences. Banana is a bit of a controversial product so care should be taken. There are some rules according to which you can “pamper” your pets without risk to their life and health, including bananas.

Can a hamster be given a banana?

The diet of hamsters is mostly based on solid plant foods. Fruits do not fall into this category, but their presence in the diet of animals in limited quantities will be of great benefit for the following reasons:

  • the high content of fructose and glucose promotes activity and energy;
  • fiber will help improve digestion and improve the functioning of the intestinal tract;

Vitamins and minerals will help support the cardiovascular system, as well as strengthen teeth and bones. The presence of fruit and banana in the diet of hamsters is possible only when the animals reach 2-3 months.

Did you know?

Because the older the animal, the greater the benefits of the food given to the body. All the positive qualities of a banana can sometimes be devalued. This happens if the hamster is given an uncontrolled amount of bananas.

Because these animals are prone to diabetes, bananas are given differently depending on the hamster in question.

Do hamsters like bananas?

Hamsters love bananas and they are ready to use them in unlimited quantities. This tendency negatively affects the health of the animals and therefore requires compliance with the exact proportions of the delivered quantity.

One serving of banana for hamsters should not exceed 5 grams, this amount is equivalent to the size of the upper part of the smallest finger – the little finger.

For smaller hamster breeds such a piece of banana must be reduced slightly, for example, to 3 grams. This part guarantees full use of the entire quantity, without the possibility of concealing it “for future use”.

Important! You can serve such a delicacy no more than once a week.

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What time of day is best for hamsters to eat a banana

The large amount of energy provided by a small piece of fruit determines the acceptable time for its consumption.

Therefore the best time to eat a banana for hamsters is in the morning or at noon.

So, the high activity of the hamster will be beneficial and will completely consume the energy of the banana by evening.

Another reason to eat a banana in the morning for the hamster is its high fiber content, which can overload the intestines if eaten late in the afternoon or worse in the evening, as the hamster’s metabolism slows down.

Side effects of eating a banana for hamsters

There are no clearly defined side effects from eating bananas from hamsters, but it is still necessary to consider the possible contraindications:

  • if the hamster has diabetes, eating a banana leads to increased fluid intake, excessive appetite, and obesity;
  • pregnancy of a female hamster – a banana can cause a large production of gas in the intestines, which can lead to the loss of cubs;
  • a hamster that is not yet 2 months old, ie a young organism that is not well adapted to eat this type of food;

The observation and attention of hamster owners are paramount. In order to timely prevent possible contraindications and minimize threats to life and health.can hamsters eat bananas

Useful tips for hamsters to eat bananas

The following tips will tell you how to properly give a banana, so as not to hurt the hamster:

Tip 1: Bananas should be served in an amount of 5 g and not more.

Hamsters really like this fruit, they are not prone to restrictions in the eating process and may require additional portions, but do not give them more.

Tip 2: Make sure the hamster consumes the entire banana serving. Hamsters are frugal animals and can therefore easily hide a piece of banana, which is a perishable pleasure.

Which eventually causes it to spoil, as well as other food hidden nearby. Eating spoiled food will negatively affect the health and longevity of your pet or hamster.

Tip 3: Offer a banana as a “dessert” after the main meal. Banana is a soft product, and the basis of the diet of all rodents is only solid food. For this reason, this product may not be included in your pet’s daily diet.

Tip 4: In case of difficulty breathing due to the “sticking” of the banana to the mucous membrane of the hamster’s throat, then any solid food given to the hamster will help to get rid of the sticky pieces, and facilitate the passage of food through the throat.

Unfortunately, the ability of the banana to adhere to the mucous membranes cannot be prevented or minimized, it depends on the physiological functions of the hamster itself.

Tip 5: Banana chips are not the fruit themselves, but banana chips made from them are very useful.

Hamsters need solid food to brush their ever-growing teeth, and banana chips in this form are very useful, they saturate the hamster with nutrients and help in brushing its teeth.

Tip 6: To prevent hamster diabetes, it is best to give him a serving of bananas no more than once every 7 days.

The small body of the animal is not able to deal with the excessive amount of sugars in the fruit, so you should not often resort to such a delicacy or consumption of bananas.

Did he know? The safest way to feed your hamster is not banana pulp, but peel. Contains more fiber, which reduces possible problems in the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

How does a banana affect a hamster’s lifespan?

Proper nutrition and a healthy diet affect the lifespan of hamsters. Bananas in this diet of hamsters is an ambiguous product. On the one hand, the banana is very useful for the body of the squid because it saturates it with nutrients.

On the other hand at the same time, it can cause problems for his health, it can cause suffocation, and lead to the death of the pet.

To reduce the risk of side effects, there is one important rule, and that is to offer small portions of bananas only after the main meal and not more than once in 7 days.

Before the first feeding, you must consider the possible contraindications to the use of bananas.

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With bananas, your hamster will be satisfied and will enjoy eating. The banana itself as a food product will not be bad for a hamster.

Once a week it is best to give 5 grams of banana to the hamster. In the morning or at noon at the latest is the right time to eat a banana for the hamster.

But banana pieces spoil very quickly, rot, and can poison the animal. In addition, the banana is difficult to push from the cheeks or into the hamster’s mouth, it can stick to other foods.

As a result, food debris is formed, which can also lead to very unpleasant consequences.

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