Can Hamsters Eat Butter? (All Answers)

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:17 pm

Hamsters are pets that eat a variety of foods, they enjoy every new food we offer them, and that is good for their health, the more different foods they eat, the more nutrients they will take into their bodies.

In the diet of hamsters, in addition to the regular diet with pellets and other commercial foods designed specifically for them, 20% of the diet should be supplemented with vegetables and fruits.

But can hamsters eat butter?

No, hamsters can not and should not try to eat butter at all, it is harmful to their health. The composition of butter is very harmful to hamsters, it contains a lot of fat and salt, it does not contain healthy nutrients for them, and therefore should be avoided.

In today’s article, you will learn why butter is harmful to hamsters, how its ingredients affect the health of your pets, and we will suggest healthy alternatives instead of butter.

What is butter?

Butter is a dairy product that is used a lot in cooking and baking food and various types of dishes.

It is composed of milk and cream, eaten all over the world, especially in French cuisine.

Almost all of us have butter at home, we enjoy consuming it, but unfortunately, hamsters can not enjoy it with us.

Can hamsters eat butter?

No, hamsters can not eat butter, it is not safe for them and their health.

Hamsters can not eat fatty foods, and butter has too much-saturated fat and no nutrients for hamsters.

Butter is actually a dangerous food for your pet, and there is no reason to regret that your pet will not eat butter. But do not despair, there is a large selection of foods that your pet can eat.

Why should hamsters not eat butter?

Hamsters should not eat butter, for a number of reasons.

Butter is too harmful to their health, if you accidentally give them butter, you can only risk your furry pet having side effects that are dangerous to them.

Eating butter is an inappropriate choice of food for hamsters, and here’s why:

  • too much fat – butter is too greasy, and not good for their health at all, it can only have bad consequences for their gentle health.
  • there are no nutrients – hamsters need nutrients that are important for their health, and butter is not one of those foods, so there is no reason to consume it.
  • very saturated fats – which are difficult to digest, and as we know hamsters have a delicate digestive system that simply can not handle butter. The reason is that consuming butter can only make hamsters fat and cause heart disease.
  • health problems – caused by butter can only harm the hamster and result in high blood pressure and heart problems, as well as shortening its lifespan.
  • too much salt – which again will only harm the hamsters and reduce their lifespan, so stay away from butter.
  • obesity – butter with its fat can cause hamsters to gain weight and make it difficult for them to move and coordinate.

What to do if hamsters accidentally eat butter?

If by some coincidence or mistake the hamsters still eat a piece of butter, there is no need to panic, because something terrible is unlikely to happen, of course, care should be taken not to repeat the same.

In such a situation, you should immediately give water to your furry pet as a precaution.

The next thing is to call a veterinarian right away and he will give you instructions on what to take for your hamster.

Our recommendation is to keep the butter as far away from the hamsters as possible so that such an unpleasant situation does not occur.

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Can hamsters get a heart attack from eating butter?

Hamsters can get a heart attack if they eat butter, but the chances of that happening are still very small.

Fortunately, hamsters do not eat butter, so the chances of such a bad scenario are very slim.

Give pellets, fruits, and vegetables to your furry pets, and do not worry, they will certainly not miss the butter in their diet.

Are hamsters allergic to butter?

Yes, some hamsters can be allergic to butter.

When hamsters get a butter allergy, it can be noticed by the following symptoms:

  • swelling
  • redness
  • itching

If you notice these signs, immediately stop giving butter to your pet and take him to a veterinarian.

The veterinarian will determine the appropriate therapy depending on the degree and signs of the hamster’s allergy.

can hamsters eat butter

Can hamsters eat margarine?

No, hamsters can not eat margarine, it is harmful to them because it contains chemicals and oils that will harm their health.

Specifically, it will cause the same problems as consuming butter.

Therefore, we recommend that you do not try to give margarine to your hamster at all, give him vegetables and fruits as a dietary supplement.

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Can Hamsters eat spreadables?

No, hamsters cannot eat Spreadables, because it is also a harmful product for their health.

This product is similar to margarine, only it is cheaper, but the ingredients inside are too harmful and dangerous for our furry friends.

If hamsters eat this product, they can only shorten their lifespan.

Can hamsters eat peanut butter?

Yes, hamsters can eat peanut butter, but always in moderation.

Peanut butter contains healthy fats and vitamins B, E, and niacin, which are good for his health.

Just be careful when feeding them that the peanut butter doesn’t get stuck in their cheeks, as it can cause problems.

Can hamsters eat almond butter?

No, hamsters should not eat almond butter, it is harmful to their health because it contains a lot of fat, which will cause obesity and the development of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and liver problems.

The danger is due to the possibility of bitter almonds in the butter itself which are dangerous to their health.

Bitter almonds contain cyanide which can be fatal to their life, hamsters can only eat sweet almonds.

What food is a healthy eating alternative for hamsters?

Since we can conclude that butter is too harmful to hamster health, you should not be disappointed with that, there are a number of different types of food that are great for hamster health.

Here is our selection of healthy foods for your pet:

  • celery
  • mint
  • asparagus
  • broccoli
  • pumpkin
  • spinach
  • cucumber
  • carrot
  • sweet potato


Hamsters can not eat butter, it is too harmful to their health. The hamsters’ digestive system simply cannot process food such as butter, it is too much for their stomachs.

Butter contains too much fat, salt, and other additives and does not contain nutrients, so there is no need to give your pet butter.

Instead of butter, there are many other types of food, such as vegetables and fruits that a hamster can eat, so there is no need to worry.

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