Can Hamsters Eat Crackers? All You Need To Know

Hamsters are cute and fun little pets that brighten up our daily day and make us happy and cheerful. From our side, we take care of them, give them fine food, and ensure they are comfortable and safe.

In terms of food, they can eat various foods to get the necessary nutrients. You must be wondering if crackers are also safe food for our hamsters.

Can hamsters eat crackers?

Yes, hamsters can eat crackers, but always in moderation to get the benefits without risking their health. By eating crackers, hamsters will get the proteins, fibers, and minerals they need for their organism. Hamsters can only eat plain crackers that are not salty and have no spices.

In today’s article, we will find out how many crackers hamsters can eat and the benefits and risks they may have.

What are crackers?

Crackers are made from flour and are often served as a snack, and they can be plain or with cheese topping or some other toppings.

Aromas of spices such as salt and seeds can be added to the dough for crackers, and then cheese is placed on top.

Crackers originated in the 1800s in the United States; Crackers are made in different sizes and shapes, round, square, triangular, and others.

They are pretty popular to eat for humans, but their nutrients are not so suitable for hamsters.

Can hamsters eat crackers?

Yes, hamsters can eat crackers, but you should always pay attention to the amount to have the best possible benefits for their health.

Hamsters can only eat plain crackers, while salted or with other seasoning or additives are not suitable for their health.

If hamsters eat crackers, they should be unsalted, with a bit of salt and preferably from whole grains.

How many crackers can hamsters eat?

As the largest breed, Syrian hamsters can always eat the most crackers. In contrast, dwarf hamsters always consume the most little crackers or any other food.

So let’s take a closer look at which breed of hamsters can eat and how many crackers to get the best possible health benefits.

How many crackers can Syrian hamsters eat?

Syrian hamsters are the biggest breed and can eat one piece of crackers twice a week.

Syrian hamsters have the most robust digestive system and can eat more than other hamster breeds.

With this amount of crackers, the Syrian hamsters will take in the nutrients and improve their health.

How many crackers can Robo hamsters eat?

Robo hamsters are smaller than Syrian hamsters, so they must eat smaller amounts of crackers.

For this breed of hamsters, it is best to eat one piece of crackers per week; that is quite enough for them to benefit from the crackers.

It may seem a little, but for their breed, this amount is quite enough; there is no need to risk and give them more.

How many crackers can dwarf hamsters eat?

Dwarf hamsters are the smallest breed of hamsters, and they can eat the smallest amount of crackers or one piece per month.

Their digestive system is very weak, so they cannot afford large amounts of crackers or any other food.

However, even with this amount, the dwarf hamsters will improve their health and be happy with the dessert you give them.

How to start giving crackers to hamsters?

Whenever you start giving hamsters new food, you need to be careful because they are very timid by nature.

That’s why you personally, as the owner, it is best to give some crackers to your pet; in this way, you will strengthen mutual trust.

After you give him some crackers, see if he likes them; if he doesn’t like them, don’t give him more; he doesn’t need to eat something he doesn’t like.

can hamsters eat crackers

Benefits of crackers for hamsters

As long as hamsters eat moderate amounts of crackers, they will have health benefits.

Here are some of them:

  • Calcium – strengthens and enables proper growth and development of bones and teeth in hamsters.
  • Fiber – they help improve digestion and overall better work of the entire digestive system of hamsters.
  • Proteins and carbohydrates – help to more efficiently convert energy into strength so that hamsters can play and run throughout the day.
  • Iron – is an excellent mineral that helps hamsters have healthier blood, protection against anemia and lower oxygen flow in the blood and through other organs of our pets.
  • Vitamin B – helps to reduce stress, as well as to improve immunity in hamsters.
  • Potassium – is a mineral and electrolyte that helps with the work of many important functions in the body of hamsters, such as regulation of blood pressure, a healthier heart, better digestion and many other benefits.

Risks of eating crackers for hamsters

Eating too many crackers is not suitable for our pets, so you should be careful about the amount you offer to your furry friends.

If hamsters eat too many crackers they can have the following side effects:

  • Diarrhea: eating too many crackers will upset the hamster’s stomach and cause diarrhea.
  • Stomach aches: too many crackers will be difficult to digest in the hamster’s stomach, so a common reaction is stomach aches, bloating and other unwanted symptoms.
  • Obesity: hamsters who eat more crackers than they need will have weight problems and gain weight, which leads to other health problems.
  • Diabetes: can occur because by ingesting a lot of carbohydrates from crackers, hamsters will increase the sugar level in their blood.
  • Food with a high glycemic index: is a danger for hamsters because there is a rapid increase in the sugar level and the appearance of diabetes.
  • Too much salt: causes high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke, so hamsters must not eat too many crackers.

Should hamsters eat crackers every day?

No, hamsters should not eat crackers every day; they should be an occasional treat and can never be part of a regular diet.

Crackers do not have enough nutrients to be a food that hamsters can consume daily.

They can eat hay, pellets, and water every day; everything else should be in small amounts and at a distance of several days.

can hamsters eat crackers

Are crackers toxic to hamsters?

No, crackers are not toxic for hamsters; from that point of view, this food is completely safe for our pets.

But even though they are not toxic, crackers can only be given to them in small quantities, because otherwise there are dangers of diabetes, obesity and other diseases.

Can hamsters eat whole grain crackers?

Yes, hamsters can eat whole grain crackers, in fact, they are the best for their health.

Whole grain crackers have less sugar and more fiber, which will be great for your hamster’s health.

Although they are more nutritious than other crackers, the moderation in the quantity you will give to the hamsters remains the same, that is, one piece twice a week.

Can hamsters eat cheese crackers?

No, hamsters should not eat cheese crackers; they are harmful to their health.

Cheese crackers contain a lot of fat and salt, so they should be avoided.

Hamsters should eat unsalted crackers; although they may not be the tastiest, they are therefore the healthiest for your pet.

Can Hamsters Eat Ritz Crackers?

No, hamsters must not eat Ritz crackers; they are too harmful.

There is a lot of salt in the composition of Ritz crackers; more precisely in 100 grams of crackers there are 1.3 grams of salt, which is too much for hamsters.

Ritz crackers do not have any unique nutritional value, so hamsters will not gain much from eating them; they need food with vitamins and minerals to improve their health.

Ritz crackers also contain a lot of sugar, which will cause obesity and diabetes in our pets.

Fat is another reason why hamsters can’t eat Ritz crackers, and fat is bad for their weight, as well as their heart and cholesterol.

Hamsters should eat plain crackers without salt and other additives.

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Can hamsters eat saltine crackers?

No, hamsters should not eat saltine crackers, so avoid them and do not give them to your pets.

Saltine crackers contain a lot of salt and other additives that are harmful to their health.

Saltine crackers can only cause dehydration and the appearance of many diseases in our furry friends.

can hamsters eat crackers

Which crackers are best for hamsters?

According to research on crackers and hamsters, here is a list of the best crackers for your pet:

  • Whole lota seed crackers – are rich in dietary fiber and protein.
  • Original crackers with Triscuits – which contain grains, wheat and salt.
  • Rosemary and sea salt crackers – contain almond flour.
  • Cauliflower crackers – are packed with vitamins beneficial for the health of hamsters.

Which crackers are not suitable for hamsters?

Of course, this list includes crackers with a lot of salt, fat and additives, and they are the following:

  • Cheese crackers – have a lot of salt and fat.
  • Ritz crackers – contain a lot of salt, fat and added sugars.
  • Keebler Club Crackers – contain very dangerous high fructose corn syrup, which is a real danger to hamsters.

An alternative to crackers for hamsters

Crackers are not the healthiest option for hamsters, and they do not have enough nutrients that our pets need daily.

Hamsters should eat hay, pellets, seeds, as well as vegetables and fruits, of course water is also needed to be healthy and have a longer lifespan.

Here is our selection of food for hamsters:

  • pumpkin seeds
  • sunflower seeds
  • green beans
  • carrots
  • apples
  • cucumber
  • apricot
  • sweet potato
  • pears
  • cabbage
  • clove

These are just part of a healthy diet you can give your hamsters, food rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients.

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Can hamster eat dog biscuits?

Hamsters can eat dog biscuits, but in moderation. Dog biscuits are good for hamsters because they are firm which is good for their teeth, but they are also great because they provide a good amount of calcium.

Can hamsters eat human snacks?

Hamsters can eat certain human snacks, for example sugar-free cereal. Human food is not bad for hamsters at all, although pellets are still their main food.

Can a hamster eat candy?

Hamsters should not eat candy because they have a lot of sugar in their composition. Sweet products in general are not good for small pets like hamsters to eat, it is still too much sugar for their body.


Hamsters can eat crackers in moderation to get the best possible health benefits.

By eating crackers in moderation, hamsters will have a healthier heart, better digestion, more strength and energy and other benefits.

Too many crackers lead to diarrhea, diabetes, obesity, and other diseases dangerous to hamsters.

The best crackers for hamsters are whole grain crackers and unsalted crackers. In contrast, salted crackers, cheese crackers, and crackers with additives and spices should be avoided.

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