Can Hamsters Eat Dog Food? Let’s Discover

Hamsters are omnivores, which means they can eat any kind of food. Hamsters mostly eat vegetable food, although they can also eat a little animal food, which brings in the nutrients they need.

Some owners besides hamsters also keep other pets such as dogs, and sometimes they wonder if they should give some dog food to the hamsters.

Can hamsters eat dog food?

Hamsters can eat dog food, but they should not eat it regularly, because it does not have enough nutrients that they need. Dog food, because it has protein and fat, can make the hamster fat and lead to health problems.

You can give the dog food to the hamsters if you don’t have any hamster food at the moment.

In today’s article, you will find out what kind of dog food hamsters can eat, and similar questions related to the topic.

Can hamsters eat dog food?

Hamsters can eat dog food because they are omnivores, which means they can consume both plant and animal food.

Although dogs prefer to eat animal food, while hamsters prefer plant food.

Hamsters should eat plant foods for about 70% of their diet such as seeds, grains, pellets, vegetables, and fruits, while the rest can be fish or some animal meat such as crickets.

Unlike hamsters, dogs should eat 2/3 of their diet animal food and a small part of vegetable food.

Some hamster owners give them dog food such as biscuits, sticks, and the like, mostly as a snack between main meals.

However, this kind of dog food cannot satisfy the necessary nutrients that hamsters need, especially fiber intake.

If hamsters constantly eat dog food it will not be good for them, because they will start to have deficiencies of fiber and other important ingredients, which can lead to health problems.

Hamsters can eat dog food, but only in small amounts and in rare situations when they have no other choice to eat.

Can my hamster eat dry dog food?

Hamsters can eat dry dog food, but in very small quantities so they don’t have health problems.

Hamsters should never eat dry dog food as regular food because they don’t need food that lacks the nutrients they need.

Dry dog food has more protein and fat which will not suit hamsters. Hamsters really need protein and fat, but too much can only cause unnecessary health problems.

In dry dog food there are many insoluble fibers that are very difficult for the digestive system of hamsters, so such food should not be more than 3-5% in their daily diet.

If hamsters regularly eat dry dog food, they can only get constipation, diarrhea, wet tail, or stomach pains.

It is best for hamsters to eat commercial hamster food and vegetables and fruits and of course, drinking clean and fresh water.

Can my hamster eat wet dog food?

Hamsters can eat a small amount of wet dog food, however it is best to avoid it and not give it to them to eat. The main reason is that wet dog food has a lot of protein and fat that will be harmful to hamsters.

Dogs can eat this kind of food, but hamsters cannot process so much protein and fat in their body.

If hamsters eat wet dog food more often then they can only gain weight and get diseases and health problems.

When hamsters gain weight or consume too much fat they may experience side effects such as:

  • heart problems
  • breathing problems
  • fatty liver
  • joint damage
  • occurrence of cancer
  • failure of the pancreas
  • diabetes
  • bladder problems

Obviously, high protein and fat foods are not suitable for hamsters, and avoid giving them wet dog food unless you have no choice.can hamsters eat dog food

Why hamsters can eat dog treats, but not dog food?

Dog treats can be given to hamsters because their composition is different from classic dog food.

Dog treats in the composition usually have soy and grains, which are approximately similar to the food for hamsters, so it is safer for their health.

For example, small bones like dog treats are good for hamsters because they help to reduce their ever-growing teeth.

In any case, dog treats are not food that can replace the food used by hamsters, and therefore you can give them as a dietary supplement.

Can hamsters eat other animal foods?

Hamsters are indeed omnivores, but it is recommended that they not eat too much animal food because it may not contain the nutrients they need.

Animal food almost always has a lot of protein and fat, which will be a problem for hamsters and their health, so they should be avoided, or eaten in very small amounts and in rare situations.

That is why it is best for hamsters to eat food that is specially designed for them because it has the appropriate composition that best suits their needs.

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Healthy Alternatives To Dog Food

Since dog food is not food that can be fed regularly to hamsters, we have made a selection of food that is an excellent choice with lots of vitamins and minerals for your hamster.


Carrots are rich in vitamin A, which improves and maintains vision, and as we know, hamsters have very poor vision.


Broccoli is considered a food that has rich amounts of vitamin C, iron, magnesium and other nutrients needed by hamsters. This vegetable also has many antioxidants that reduce the chances of cancer and slow down aging in hamsters.


Spinach is one of the favorite vegetables of hamsters, which has a very nice taste and of course a lot of iron, vitamins and other minerals that the hamster needs.


What human food is safe for hamsters?

Hamsters can freely eat different foods that we humans eat, we just have to be careful about the amount we give them. Small pieces of fruits and vegetables are welcome for hamsters to eat, such as cucumber, spinach, apple, carrots, and other foods.

What is poisonous to hamsters?

Hamsters must not eat chocolate, especially dark chocolate because it contains a lot of theobromine, which is toxic if ingested in large quantities in hamsters. Hamsters must not eat garlic and onions because they are harmful to their health.

What can hamsters eat if they don’t have food?

If the hamsters do not have any of their food at the moment they can eat fresh food such as vegetables and fruits. For example, you can give them raw spinach, green beans, peas and other types of food.

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Hamsters can eat dog food but in small quantities. Dog food is rich in protein and fat, which is good for dogs, but too much for hamsters.

Hamsters may only eat dog food if they have no other choice, but again in small amounts. If hamsters eat large amounts of dog food they can get sick and gain weight.

For hamsters, eating dog food can only be a supplementary food, but never more than 3-5% of their daily diet, and should not be given every day.

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