Can Hamsters Eat French Fries? All You Need To Know

Last updated on February 17th, 2023 at 05:32 pm

French fries are a very popular dish that we humans constantly eat, especially when we are in a hurry. French fries are tasty and hardly anyone can resist, although they are not such a healthy option to eat.

You may have wondered what about our hamsters if they can enjoy french fries too?

Can hamsters eat french fries? The answer is no, hamsters can not eat french fries. The ingredients in french fries are not healthy for your hamsters, especially since french fries also contain oils, salt, and additives.

In today’s article, we will find out why french fries are not a healthy dietary option for hamsters, and what side effects they may have on their health.

Should hamsters eat french fries?

No, hamsters should never eat french fries.

French fries do not contain any benefits for your pet and therefore there is no reason to give them into the daily diet.

By eating french fries hamsters will only get sick which can have fatal consequences.

Will hamsters want to eat french fries?

Yes, hamsters, if given the chance, make sure they want to eat french fries.

French fries with their taste will deceive most hamsters into eating this harmful product.

But you, as the owner, should not allow such a thing to happen, because hamsters do not know what is good and what is bad for them to eat.

What happens if hamsters eat french fries?

If after a game of chance or carelessness the hamster still gets in a situation to eat a small number of french fries, it probably will not kill him, but a large amount can kill hamster.

But be careful when you eat french fries to be away from your hamster just in case.

If he eats french fries, give the hamster water to normalize his condition, in which case you may need to take him to the vet.

Why are french fries harmful to hamsters?

As we said at the beginning, french fries are tasty food, but they are harmful to hamsters. French fries are harmful to hamsters for many reasons:

  • salt
  • fat
  • additives

From the way of preparation to its ingredients, french fries are no way to be good food that you will offer to your furry pets.

So let’s see in more detail the disadvantages of french fries for hamsters and their health.

French fries are harmful to hamsters

The oils used to make french fries are harmful to hamsters.

These oils are not so dangerous if hamsters accidentally try them, but regular consumption can harm hamsters and lead to health problems.

However, this does not mean that all oils are harmful to hamsters, there are some that are good for their health.

For example, peanut butter and coconut oil are good for hamsters if consumed in moderation.

Salt in french fries is harmful to hamsters

In fact, salt is harmful to hamsters in every way, whether they eat french fries or any other food.

Excessive salt intake can only lead to kidney stones in your pet.

So whether it is french fries or any other food that contains a lot of salt, it should certainly be avoided for your pet.

Fats in fries are harmful to hamsters

French fries contain too much fat, which is harmful to both hamsters and us humans.

Especially here we mean trans fats and saturated fats that are too heavy for your pet’s digestive system.

Our hamsters should be given foods that contain fat, protein, and fiber, but that food should be specially made so that it can have the right balance in its composition so as not to harm their health, which is certainly not the case. with french fries.

French fries additives are not good for hamsters

The french fries we offer to hamsters are full of preservatives, and hamsters do not benefit from such food.

Preservatives are harmful to them, and can only cause a number of diseases and problems with the digestive system of our furry friends.

If you personally make french fries then they will have fewer preservatives than the ones we buy, but still frying and oils will again be harmful to hamsters.

Frying french fries are bad for hamsters

Fried french fries are harmful to hamsters, in fact, any food when fried is harmful to them.

Hamsters need to eat fresh food, which will offer them the best nutrients without having harmful effects on their health.

The oil used to fry french fries is harmful to hamsters, so it should be avoided to give french fries to your pets.

French fries can cause diarrhea and dehydration

When your hamster eats french fries it may get diarrhea and stomach problems.

When hamsters have diarrhea they can lose water and become dehydrated, and we already know that dehydration is one of the most dangerous conditions for your hamster.

Hamsters can die from diarrhea, and also dehydration can cause death, so you must be very careful, and stay away from french fries for your hamsters.

French fries can cause allergies

When hamsters consume french fries they can get allergies.

When you give them french fries it can only cause problems on the hamster’s body and your pet will be sick and lethargic.

Allergies can only complicate all hamster health and make problems, so avoid giving them french fries.

French fries can cause heart problems in hamsters

If your hamster eats french fries, your pet may develop congestive heart failure.

In such situations, it happens that the hamster’s heart can not pump blood normally, and its skin changes to a blue shade.

That’s why french fries are a very bad food option for your hamster.can hamsters eat french fries

Can hamsters die if you give them french fries?

Yes if hamsters eat too many french fries they can die.

When hamsters eat a small amount nothing terrible will happens, maybe stomach issues and similar problems, but if they eat large amounts that are a different story.

When hamsters eat a large number of french fries they will immediately have problems with blood pressure, weight, and other body condition, which can lead to the death of your hamster.

Can hamsters eat potatoes?

Yes, hamsters can eat potatoes, but only boiled potatoes.

French fries are bad for their health, but boiled potatoes can be eaten in moderation.

Here are some rules for giving potatoes to hamsters:

  • Boiled potatoes – Boiled potatoes are okay to eat for hamsters but only occasionally, they should never be part of their regular menu. Because too many potatoes can harm their digestive system.
  • no spices – the boiled potatoes you give the hamster must not contain spices that are harmful to your pet.
  • small amounts – only moderate amounts of boiled potatoes are good for a hamster, too many potatoes are hard to digest in their stomach and can hurt.

What are the advantages of boiled potatoes over french fries for hamsters?

Boiled potatoes, in addition to keeping an eye on the quantity, are in every other way a better eating option for hamsters.

French fries can not be compared with the benefits that hamsters will get from eating boiled potatoes.

With a moderate meal of boiled potatoes, they will receive vitamins A and C, from minerals here primarily calcium, as well as other nutrients that are not present in french fries at all.

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Can hamsters eat chips?

No, hamsters should not eat chips, it is harmful to their health.

Chips contain salt, oil, and other ingredients that are unhealthy for your pet’s health.

In a situation where your hamster still eats some chips he found on the floor, you should not panic, it will probably not be dangerous for his health.

There may be some stomach problems, but they will probably subside in a few hours. It is best to give him more water then and watch him while his condition normalizes.

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What foods are harmful to hamsters?

Hamsters eat hay, vegetables, fruits, and grains, but there are still foods that should be avoided and not given to them.

Here are some foods to avoid for hamsters:

  • celery – can be harmful to hamsters, especially from celery stems, only celery leaves are good for them.
  • grapes – because they have a lot of sugar can cause diabetes.
  • raisins – are even more dangerous than the grapes themselves because they contain even more sugar, so stay away from raisins for hamsters.
  • Citrus fruits – like oranges, and limes are risky for hamsters because they are very sour and difficult for your pet’s digestive system.


Hamsters should not and must not eat french fries under any circumstances.

French fries contain harmful ingredients such as salt, oils, fats, and other ingredients that are by no means good for your hamster.

Only boiled potatoes are foods that can be occasionally consumed in their diet. Chips, like french fries, are bad for their health.

Lastly, give your hamster more vegetables and fruits, this is the right healthy food, besides hay, pellets, and cereals, and your pet will be healthy and happy.

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