Can Hamsters Eat Garlic?

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:34 pm

In their diet, hamsters can eat commercial pellets, timothy hay, vegetables, and fruits, using all the nutrients and improving their health.

As owners, we should take care to give them food on time, and of course, it should be varied and fresh. You must have asked yourself, what about garlic? Should you give some to your hamsters as well.

Can hamsters eat garlic? Unfortunately, hamsters cannot eat garlic; it is toxic to them and can harm their health. In the composition of garlic, there are ingredients such as trisulfide alliin and diallyl, which are too harmful and toxic for their health. In addition, calcium, phosphorus, and acids together cause stones in their kidneys.

In today’s article, you will find out why garlic is not good for hamsters and what to offer them as an alternative food.

What should we know about garlic?

Garlic is a very popular food used worldwide and in many dishes, and it can also be eaten raw. Most garlic is produced in China, but also in many other countries.

Garlic is considered to be very useful for treating colds, and various diseases, and even helps in the fight against cancer.

Its healing properties are widely known, but unfortunately, hamsters cannot eat garlic.

Can hamsters eat garlic?

No, hamsters cannot eat garlic at all; it is harmful to their health.

If hamsters eat garlic, they may only have problems with their health. Toxicity is the main problem why hamsters should not eat garlic, specifically ingredients such as:

  • trisulfide
  • alliin
  • diallyl

There is a lot of calcium, phosphorus, and acidic content in garlic, or rather ingredients that are too large a quantity that hamsters cannot process.

Why is garlic not good food for hamsters?

Garlic is not good food for hamsters for several reasons, such as toxicity, bitter taste, lack of nutrients, and other things that will harm your furry friends.

Therefore, let’s see in more detail all these reasons and how they harm the health of hamsters.

can hamsters eat garlic

Garlic is toxic to hamsters

As we know, hamsters have a very delicate system for digesting food so the garlic will be a problem for them.

The toxicity of garlic is too dangerous for the health of hamsters, and therefore you should not give them garlic in their diet menu.

Garlic is great for us humans, but not for hamsters.

Garlic causes kidney problems in hamsters

By eating garlic, hamsters suddenly ingest calcium, phosphorus, and acids, which is too much for their digestive system.

As they cannot process all these ingredients, stones will appear in the kidneys and bladder.

So this is another reason why garlic is bad for your furry pet and should be avoided in their diet.

Blood problems

If hamsters eat garlic they will have side effects on the blood.

This will reduce their ability to clot blood, as well as greater chances of bleeding, which is certainly a serious and dangerous situation in which your pet can find himself.

No nutrients

Again we will say that garlic is great for humans, but when it comes to hamsters then, the situation is reversed.

There are many more nutrients in other foods than garlic, so there is no need to insist on giving garlic to your pets.

It causes stomach problems

If hamsters eat garlic, the toxic substances it contains will cause problems with their stomach, In such situations, you should immediately call a veterinarian to help your pet.


Eating garlic causes irritation similar to when we humans eat onions. This will irritate the eyes and skin of your furry pet.

Heart and blood pressure problems

If hamsters were to eat garlic, it could only cause problems with their heart and the appearance of diseases related to the cardiovascular system.

Garlic is also very dangerous for blood pressure, causing a decrease in blood pressure in hamsters and problems with your pets’ overall health.

Hamsters do not like the taste of garlic

Since the taste of garlic is bitter and too strong, hamsters will not like it at all.

Another reason hamsters won’t like garlic is the smell that will waft through their cage if they eat it.

Hamsters do not like bitter food at all; they like food with a sweeter taste and will probably refuse to eat if you give them a taste.

Can baby hamsters eat garlic?

No, baby hamsters cannot eat garlic; they should only eat special food, mother’s milk and water.

In the first few weeks, they must not try other foods; only then should they start consuming novelties in their diet.

But as far as garlic is concerned, they are not allowed to eat it, just as their parents and relatives are not allowed.

Can a certain breed of hamster eat garlic?

You must be wondering if stronger hamsters, such as Syrian hamsters who have a stronger digestive system, can they eat garlic.

Unfortunately, Syrian, Robo, and dwarf hamsters are not allowed to eat garlic.

So let’s define no breed of hamsters, regardless of their size, cannot eat garlic; for all of them, it is harmful and toxic.

can hamsters eat garlic

Can hamsters eat garlic bread?

No, hamsters cannot eat bread with garlic, while they can eat plain bread.

The garlic in this type of bread is harmful and toxic to them.

That’s why we recommend that you don’t try to give them bread, salt and garlic; it’s better to give them regular bread, but in moderate amounts, because it’s not their primary food.

Can hamsters eat raw garlic?

No, hamsters cannot eat raw garlic, which is toxic and harmful to their health.

We recommend that you do not try to give garlic to hamsters, because the risk of unwanted consequences is too great.

Can garlic cause death in hamsters?

Yes, because garlic, with its toxicity, can cause death in your furry friends.

The danger from the toxic substances in garlic can happen no matter how much garlic is eaten.

Although more garlic is more dangerous, even a small amount of garlic can cause death in your pets in rare situations.

An alternative to garlic for hamsters

An alternative to garlic for hamsters is fruits and vegetables and various seeds, such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc.

Here are some more healthy options for your hamster:

  • cabbage – contains vitamin C, iron, and other nutrients that are good for hamsters.
  • carrot – contains vitamins C, A and K, as well as potassium and fiber, which will protect your hamster from scurvy, improve vision and digestion during food digestion.
  • cucumber – excellent vegetables with vitamins C, K and A, as well as calcium to have healthy and strong bones.

All of these feeding alternatives for hamsters are good for them, as long as they are eaten in moderation, as any excess can cause side effects to their health.

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What will happen if hamsters eat garlic?

If your hamster eats a little garlic, nothing terrible will happen, it is much more dangerous if it eats garlic for a long time, then problems with their health come.

In very rare cases, a hamster that has eaten a little garlic gets into trouble, but it is still possible, a small amount very rarely causes death in our sweet friends.

As we said, garlic is toxic to hamsters, so you should ensure they don’t have access to it. If the hamster eats garlic for a long time, side effects will appear, here are some of them:

  • diarrhea – is a sign that something is wrong with your hamster.
  • difficulty breathing – if the hamster eats a lot of garlic, it will have difficulty breathing.
  • less movement – hamsters will start to move much less or not at all.
  • death – although it is variable and individual, it can still have fatal consequences for hamsters.

If you notice such symptoms, then immediately take your pet to a veterinarian to examine him and give him appropriate therapy to normalize his condition.

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Hamsters should not eat garlic, as it is toxic to them, and can only cause problems with their health. If hamsters eat garlic they will have shortness of breath, lethargy, diarrhea and other side effects.

Garlic has a very musty smell and a bitter taste that hamsters will not like, so they will not want to eat it. In addition, garlic does not have enough nutrients that hamsters need, so there is no reason to insist that they eat this food.

In addition to pellets and timothy hay, feed your hamsters with cucumber, broccoli, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and other types of food that have nutrients for your pets and are not harmful to their health.

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