Can Hamsters Eat Goji Berries?

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:10 pm

Hamsters can eat different foods in their diet, but what about goji berries? Could they eat this kind of fruit? Can hamsters eat goji berries?

Yes, hamsters can eat goji berries in small quantities, and only occasionally, never as a main dish. Goji berries are suitable for hamsters because they have vitamins and minerals that are good for their health. A large amount of goji berries is unsuitable for our pets because it contains a lot of sugar and carbohydrates.

In today’s article, we will find out how many goji berries hamsters can eat and the benefits and risks of this fruit.

What are goji berries?

Goji berries originate from Asia and are also called wolfberries. They have a sweet and slightly sour taste and a red color.

They have been used in traditional medicine for centuries for their healing properties.

Goji berries are very popular and are used as additives in various recipes and other fruits and extracts when cooking multiple types of food.

As for humans, also and for hamsters offer nutrients and antioxidants, which are suitable for their health.

Can hamsters eat goji berries?

Yes, hamsters can eat goji berries, but in tiny quantities due to the presence of sugar and carbohydrates.

Hamsters can eat goji berries and use the vitamins and minerals from this fruit.

Although hamsters should not eat this kind of fruit, goji berries can still be given to our pets as an occasional dessert.

Will hamsters like to eat goji berries?

Most hamsters will refuse to eat goji berries because of their sour taste.

Although most hamsters will not want to consume them, some hamsters will love this fruit.

Of course, there is no room for panic. This fruit is not the best food choice for our pets, so this should not disappoint you; other fruits have a sweet taste, and hamsters will like them.

How many goji berries can hamsters eat?

Depending on the breed of hamsters, it also depends on how many goji berries they can eat.

For example, Syrian hamsters can eat the most, while Robo hamsters can eat much smaller amounts of goji berries.

So let’s see how many goji berries the different breeds of hamsters can eat.

can hamsters eat goji berries

How to give goji berries to hamsters

First and foremost is always to choose fresh goji berries; then you should wash them very well, especially if you give them to the hamsters together with the skin.

Washing will remove dirt and possible chemicals that may have been used to grow them, which are dangerous for our pets.

Cut the fruit into two small pieces and give them to the hamsters to eat.

If they like it, fine, and if they don’t like it, don’t give them more of this fruit; there’s no need for them to eat something they don’t like.

Remove the uneaten part as it attracts insects and flies.

Are Goji Berries Toxic to Hamsters?

No, goji berries are not toxic to hamsters; they are entirely safe.

But we will emphasize again that they should be given to them only as an occasional treat; the biggest barrier is sugar, carbohydrates, and fiber.

Too many goji berries will cause problems with our furry friends’ stomachs and digestive system.

Benefits of Goji Berries for Hamsters

Goji berries have vitamins and minerals that are good for hamster health.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Vitamin A – helps to improve vision in hamsters, which naturally have very poor eyesight.
  • Vitamin C – helps protect against scurvy, as well as protection against colds and diseases in guinea pigs.
  • Antioxidants – help to fight against free radicals, thus protecting hamsters from cancer; they extend the lifespan of our furry friends.
  • Reduction of blood sugar – although this fruit has a lot of sugar in its composition, if hamsters eat this fruit in small quantities, it contributes to maintaining an average blood sugar level in hamsters.

Risks of goji berries for hamsters

If hamsters eat large amounts of goji berries, the following side effects will occur to their health:

  • Diabetes: a large amount of sugar combined with excessive consumption will lead to diabetes in hamsters.
  • Obesity: sugar, in addition to diabetes, leads to weight gain in hamsters and difficulties in movement and balance.
  • Diarrhea: too much sugar and carbohydrates will cause diarrhea in our pets.
  • Stomach aches: hamsters will have trouble digesting too much goji berries resulting in stomach aches.

What to do if hamsters eat too many goji berries?

If the hamsters eat too many goji berries, you should immediately give them more water so that the sugar in their stomach can be processed more quickly.

Diarrhea and stomach pain may occur, which will pass in 24-48 hours.

Otherwise, it would be best to take your pet to a veterinarian to give him appropriate therapy.

Do hamsters eat fresh goji berries?

Yes, hamsters can eat fresh goji berries; in fact, they can only eat them; dry berries are not suitable for them.

Hamsters can eat fresh goji berries and make the most of the vitamins and minerals.

Just stick to the amount they are allowed to eat, and your hamster will be fine.

can hamsters eat goji berries

Can hamsters eat goji berry leaves?

No, hamsters cannot eat goji berry leaves; they harm their health.

The leaves of this fruit contain the chemical solanine, which is too dangerous for our furry friends.

Therefore, apart from the leaves, stick to the fruit in small quantities.

Can hamsters eat goji berry seeds?

Yes, hamsters can eat goji berry seeds, but we must be very careful about moderation.

Small amounts are not so dangerous, while more significant amounts will cause suffocation in our furry friends.

Goji berry seeds are full of antioxidants that are healthy for our pets.

Can Hamsters Eat Goji Berry Stem?

No, hamsters cannot eat a stem of goji berries.

The stem of this fruit can be toxic to our furry friends and must therefore be avoided and not given them to eat.

Can hamsters eat goji berries with skin?

Yes, hamsters can eat goji berries with skin, but you need to wash the fruit very well first.

The skin of this fruit may contain chemicals and impurities that are harmful to their health.

It is best if you can remove the skin; it is much safer for hamsters to eat.

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Can hamsters eat dried goji berries?

No, hamsters cannot eat dried goji berries; they have too much sugar and are harmful.

Dried goji berries are sticky, hard to chew, and can cause tooth decay in hamsters.

Therefore, dried goji berries are not at all good for the health of hamsters.

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Hamsters can eat goji berries, but always in tiny quantities, never as regular food, primarily due to the presence of large amounts of sugar.

In small quantities, they can be beneficial for hamsters’ health, protect them from diseases and cancer, and extend their life span.

If they eat more than they should, they will get diabetes, diarrhea, stomach pain, obesity, and other related diseases.

Finally, a tiny amount of goji berries is enough and healthy to give hamsters so that they will enjoy this dessert.

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