Can Hamsters Eat Grapes? All You Need To Know

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:13 pm

Can your hamster eat grapes, the simplest answer is that it can. However, you should pay attention to the amount you give it, it depends on its size.

For example, small hamsters can eat a few grapes, while large ones can eat more. Pay attention to the quantity because if you give him too many grapes, he may have stomach problems or diarrhea.

Grapes like other types of fruit hamsters prefer to eat, only hamsters do not like citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, grapefruit, and the like.

In today’s article, we will learn how to best enable your pet to eat grapes without having health problems.

Is eating grapes safe for your hamster?

Many of us are afraid when we feed the hamster with fruits such as bananas, strawberries, and of course grapes, they are afraid that something bad will happen to the hamster.

First of all, let us say that grapes have excellent minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that will contribute to the health of your sweet pet.

Grapes are rich in:

  • phosphorus,
  • magnesium,
  • vitamin C
  • fiber
  • potassium
  • vitamin K and more.

Although grapes are not good for dogs and cats, this does not mean that they are not good for hamsters.

Hamsters are free to eat grapes. As when you give another fruit to the hamster, first a test is done, ie a little grape is given and it is waited to see if there will be an allergic reaction.

If all goes well then there is no reason not to give grapes to your hamster in the diet.

Are Grapes Healthy for Hamsters?

Of course, it is healthy for your hamster, the abundance of vitamins and minerals is great for his health. Vitamin C in grapes is very important for the hamster, it reduces the chances of many diseases such as scurvy.

With vitamin C, the hamster will be much more resistant and with better immunity, which will make it easier to deal with many diseases.

Because grapes are fat- and salt-free fruit, it can help if the hamster has constipation.

The dietary fiber of grapes helps in the better digestion of food, and the water in grapes will help the hamster for better hydration. Grapefruit potassium is great for normal blood pressure in your pet.

Antioxidants reduce the chances of cancer in hamsters. Vitamin B helps the hamster to have healthy and beautiful fur.

A glass of 150 grams of grapes contains the following ingredients:

  • 104 calories
  • 1.4 grams of fiber
  • 27 grams of carbohydrates
  • 0.2 grams of fat
  • 1 gram of protein

As with any new food you start giving your hamster, grapes should be consulted with a veterinarian just in case.

How to give grapes to a hamster?

Whenever you start with a new food including grapes, you should give small amounts first. Wash the grapes, peel them, then cut the grapes into small pieces.

Remove the seeds from the middle and the dessert for your hamster is ready to eat. Wait to see if it will show any adverse reactions, such as diarrhea, decreased appetite, digestive problems, and the like.

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How many grapes should hamsters eat?

Grapes should be a dessert for your hamster, not a main dish, of course, due to a large amount of sugar. Start with a teaspoon of grapes, if you keep a dwarf hamster then you only need half a teaspoon or half a piece of grapes.

Similar to strawberries, once or twice a week is the ideal amount of grapes for your hamster.

When your hamster gets used to the grapes, which is a period of about a month, you can only increase the amount, but in any case, twice a week is ideal for a dessert with grapes for the hamster.

As for the little hamsters, it is best not to risk them, do not give them grapes, when he reaches his older peers then he will start consuming grape dessert.

How many grapes can a dwarf hamster eat?

As we said above in the text these hamsters are smaller than other hamsters.

That’s why dwarf hamsters normally need to eat a smaller amount of grapes, or about 5 times smaller than the average hamster.

It’s really small, but any larger amount can only harm the dwarf hamster and cause problems like diabetes.

How many grapes can a hamster Roborovski eat?

These hamsters are slightly larger than the dwarf hamster and can therefore eat about half a slice of grape.

Undoubtedly, this hamster, like everyone else, can get diabetes, so the same rule applies to him, and that is to pay attention to the quantity.

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How many grapes can a Syrian hamster eat?

The Syrian hamster is the largest has the honor to eat the most grapes, which goes without saying.

One grape once to twice a week is an ideal amount for dessert in this ham breed.

A large amount of sugar in the grapes does not allow larger amounts.

Can hamsters eat grapes with seeds?

As already mentioned, grape seeds are a risky option for your sweet hamster.

Hamster choking can easily occur. It may seem a little difficult to clean every piece of grapes from seeds, but it is the safest option for a hamster to eat grapes.

Chop, peel the grapes from the seeds, and peel and the dessert is ready. The hamster will be satisfied, and you as the owner will be satisfied when you see how he enjoys the dessert.can hamsters eat grapes

Can a hamster eat grape peel?

It is best to remove the peel, hamsters can eat the grapes with the peel, but so there is a greater danger of possible pesticides left on the grape peel.

And the hamster will enjoy it more and you will be sure that the grapes are clean and healthy. Although peeling grapes is sometimes annoying, there is an easier way to peel them.

All you have to do is put the grapes in a bowl of boiling water for a few seconds, then in the same water for a few seconds and you will see how much easier it will be to peel the grapes and remove the peel.

Should a baby hamster eat grapes?

The answer is no. While the baby hamster is still small, feeding on their mothers is enough.

After a month when the hamster will start gradually with a normal diet, then it is the right time to start with fruits, including grapes and other fruits.

What kind of grapes is better for hamsters?

Whether you give your hamster green or red grapes, maybe he will eat one or both, it is individual.

Although there is no guarantee that he will want to eat any grapes at all.

Can hamsters drink grape juice?

Unlike eating pieces of grapes, and to some extent raisins, when it comes to grape juice, it should already be noted that it should not be given to hamsters.

Hamsters should not consume grape juice because it contains a lot of sugar. So avoid grape juice, and practice only grape pieces for your pet.

Do hamsters eat raisins?

Hamsters also eat raisins, you are free to treat your hamster with this sweet treat. The most important thing is to make sure that the raisins do not have added sugars in their composition, because it is the most dangerous for the hamster’s health, diabetes, and overweight.

Before you start giving him raisins, it is best to get your hamster used to eat other fruits first.

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Adverse effects of eating grapes on hamsters?

Pesticides are the most dangerous thing for your hamster, they can seriously harm him, unfortunately, they can even kill him.

To prevent this from happening, it is very important to thoroughly wash the grapes before feeding your pet. Grape seeds can also be a danger to hamsters, choking can occur, so always remove the seeds, or buy seedless grapes.

In addition to pesticides, there is a risk of harmful microorganisms and parasites that can harm your hamster.

As with strawberries and other sugary fruits, you should pay attention to the number of grapes, too many grapes can lead to diabetes and weight gain of the hamster, which is certainly not good for his health.

Sometimes, although rarely a lot of grapes, it can lead to decay of the hamster teeth.


Grapes are a fruit that should be given to your hamster in the diet. Rich in minerals and vitamins, fiber, and other ingredients are great for improving your pet’s health.

As for other types of fruit that are given to the hamster, here with the grapes one should pay attention to the quantity.

Once or twice a week one grape is an ideal amount for a hamster, while smaller hamsters should eat half or less.

Side effects of eating grapes in hamsters are diarrhea, diabetes, weight gain, and other health problems. Wash the grapes well, peel them and let your hamster enjoy his dessert.