Can Hamsters Eat Ice Cream?

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:21 pm

We all love to eat ice cream, especially on hot summer days, enjoying the various flavors and toppings that make it even tastier.

Surely you have thought many times whether to give a little to your hamster? But can our hamsters eat ice cream?

The answer is no, hamsters can not eat ice cream because it is cold, it contains a lot of sugar and fat, and it can harm their health and cause health problems.

That’s why you will have to keep ice cream away from your furry pets.

In today’s article, we will find out why hamsters can not eat ice cream, which are the main reasons for their inability to consume ice cream.

What is ice cream?

Ice cream is a summer treat, has a sweet taste, is made from milk and cream, is found all over the world, and is one of the most popular foods, especially in the summer.

It can be made with different flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, hazelnut, and many others. Ice cream contains many sweeteners such as cane sugar, corn syrup, beet sugar, and other sweeteners.

Various toppings and pieces of chocolate, hazelnuts are added, which further enrich its taste. Unfortunately, our pets can not enjoy eating ice cream.

Why can’t hamsters eat ice cream?

Hamsters can not eat ice cream for a number of reasons that we will look at in more detail. In any case, you should know that if the hamsters accidentally try ice cream, nothing special will happen to them.

Hamsters should not eat ice cream regularly, in such situations, it is very harmful to their health.

And now let’s see what are the main reasons why you should not give ice cream to hamsters.can hamsters eat ice cream

The ice cream is too cold for the hamsters

Eating ice cream causes a decrease in the body temperature of hamsters, which can cause problems with their health.

Hamsters already have trouble maintaining their body temperature, and cold ice cream will certainly only complicate the situation further.

Our furry pets should not eat cold foods at all, let alone ice cream.

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Ice cream does not have many nutrients for hamsters

In addition to the good amount of calcium in ice cream, there are no other important nutrients that are important for hamster health.

If hamsters eat ice cream, they will only get enough food without getting the necessary nutrients and vitamins.

This can only shorten their lives and increase the chances of various diseases.

Ice cream has a lot of sugar and fat that are harmful to hamsters

As we know, hamsters should not eat foods rich in sugar and fat, they are harmful to their health, and unfortunately, they are found in ice cream.

Sugar and fats will only contribute to your hamster having stomach problems, diabetes, and weight gain, which will result in a number of problems with your pet’s general health.

These two ingredients are one of the main reasons why ice cream should not be given to hamsters.

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Ice cream is a food that hamsters can not store

Hamsters have a habit when we give them some food, they keep it or leave a small part of that food in their bags in their cheeks.

While with ice cream it is not possible because it will melt, and cause problems.

This is another reason why ice cream is not a good dietary option for your furry friends.

Ice cream can cause urinary problems in hamsters

Ice cream is high in calcium and sodium, which is especially harmful to hamsters and can cause urinary problems if eaten in large quantities.

These minerals are harmful in large quantities, especially calcium which can only contribute to the appearance of stones in the bladder and kidneys of your furry friends.

So stay away from ice cream, give them vegetables and fruits instead of ice cream.

Eating ice cream is bad for hamster teeth

Ice cream is also very harmful to the teeth of hamsters.

The reason is that ice cream is capable of causing caries and tooth decay in your furry friends.

And as we know teeth are very important for hamsters, they are one of their most important organs, so their decay would be a huge problem for them.can hamsters eat ice cream

What will happen if the hamsters eat some ice cream?

If by mistake or accident the hamster still eats a small amount of ice cream, nothing terrible may happen, but it can also cause problems with his stomach.

In such a situation it is best to give him water immediately and wait to see what reactions he will show.

If everything goes well for the next few hours then it’s okay if he starts getting diarrhea, stomach problems, it is not bad in any case for prevention consult a veterinarian to give you useful advice for your pet.

Can hamsters eat melted ice cream?

No, hamsters can not eat melted ice cream or ice cream that is not so cold.

And this ice cream is again harmful to their health, because now it may not be so cold, but it will again contain sugar and fats that are harmful to their health.

Therefore, we recommend that you do not try to give ice cream to your pet, whether it is cold or not.

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What food is an alternative to hamsters instead of ice cream?

Since hamsters obviously can not eat and enjoy ice cream, we should offer them something similar, and the most similar to ice cream is dairy products.

Here are some dairy products that are an alternative to ice cream:

  • yogurt – is a dairy product that can be used by hamsters instead of ice cream.
  • cheese – is also a dairy product that hamsters can eat in moderation.


Hamsters can not eat ice cream, it is harmful to their health and can adversely affect their lifespan.

Ice cream is too cold and contains a lot of sugar and fat that can only cause diabetes, obesity, and problems with their digestive system.

Ice cream can also cause tooth decay, which is one of the most important organs for their health. Alternatively, you can give them cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products, but ice cream should never be eaten.

Lastly, no matter how much your pet wants to try ice cream, you as the owners should not let your hamsters eat this product, because it is best for their health and for longer life.