Can Hamsters Eat Marshmallows? 12 Reasons Not To Eat

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:11 pm

Hamsters can eat a variety of pellets, vegetables, and fruits in their diet, but can they also eat marshmallows?

We, humans, enjoy eating marshmallows, but are they good for hamsters?

No, hamsters should not eat marshmallows at all, because it is too harmful to them. Marshmallows contain a lot of sugar, which can only cause diabetes, obesity, and other diseases in hamsters.

That’s why in today’s article, we will find out why marshmallows are not a good option in the diet of hamsters.

What is a marshmallow?

Marshmallow is a delicious sweet treat made from gelatin, water, and sugar. Marshmallows were used by the ancient Egyptians as early as 2000 BC.

The origin of marshmallows is from Asia and Europe, and then in the 1950s, they became popular in the United States.

In the beginning, the marshmallow was made by mixing marshmallow root, egg whites, and sugar in soft molds, and today the marshmallow juice is replaced with gelatin.

Marshmallows are also used in various food recipes. Marshmallows are mostly made in production lines for confectionery products and can also be made at home.

We, humans, love it, but hamsters cannot enjoy this dish.

Can hamsters eat marshmallows?

No, hamsters cannot eat marshmallows because it contains a very high amount of sugar.

In addition to sugar, marshmallows also contain gelatin, and there may be other additives such as vanilla extracts.

Marshmallow is a very sticky food and is not good for hamsters to eat as they can easily stick to their teeth and cause them to decay.

And as we know, teeth are very important for hamsters; if they are not healthy, our pets will not be able to eat properly and will not bite the food, which will cause problems with digestion.

Hamsters must not eat marshmallow foam because it also has too much sugar.

Do hamsters like to eat marshmallows?

Yes, hamsters love to eat marshmallows because of their sweet taste.

Hamsters will eat as much as they can if given such an opportunity, so we must be careful that such a situation does not occur.

If hamsters eat marshmallows, they can only get sick and harm their health.

can hamsters eat marshmallows

12 Side effects of marshmallows for hamsters

By chance, a moment may come when the hamster eats a marshmallow, so we need to know what the consequences of this sweet treat are.

Here are some of them:


Too much sugar and corn syrup can only make your hamster sick and cause diabetes and other related diseases.

Diabetes is caused when a hamster’s pancreas cannot produce insulin to metabolize sugar in the blood.

This disease can lead to more diseases like cataracts, problems with the heart, and even death in hamsters.


By eating marshmallows, hamsters will gain weight from a significant amount of corn syrup and sucrose, which is not at all healthy for them, as they will have difficulty moving and running.

Obesity can also lead to heart disease.

Obesity also causes more stress on hamsters and your pet will become more lethargic and refuse to do physical activity, which is not good for their health.

Tooth decay

When stuck to hamsters’ teeth, marshmallows and sugar can cause them to decay.

Teeth are very important for health and proper biting of food; otherwise, they will have problems with the digestive system.

Marshmallows also will be stuck and get rot in hamsters’ pouches which can cause bacteria in their mouth and dental problems.


When hamsters eat marshmallows that will cause hyperactivity, aggressive behavior, and nervousness in hamsters.

All this is bad for the overall health of hamsters and can lead to an increased risk of health diseases.

When hamsters are stressed that just can get sick.

Digestive problems 

Too much sugar, gelatin, and other additives in marshmallows will only cause stomach upsets in our furry friends.

Hamsters always have stomach issues when they eat food with a lot of sugar, so marshmallows are just food with a lot of sugar.

Avoid giving them this kind of food if you care for the health of your lovely pet.


Diarrhea occurs due to eating a lot of marshmallows and overeating this sweet dish.

Hamsters cannot eat a lot of marshmallows, because their digestive systems will have problems and the result will be diarrhea.

Diarrhea is danger disease for hamsters because if is not treated on time, can lead to fatal consequences and even the death of your hamster.

The danger of choking

Because marshmallows are sticky and can stuck in a hamster’s mouth and throat, the hamster can choke or die.

If the hamsters eat marshmallows, try to remove the remains from their mouth and teeth.

Problem with sticky paws

When hamsters eat marshmallows they can have sticky paws.

Hamsters’ paws will get sticky and mess up the entire cage with marshmallows’ candy fluff.

They can fill the water bowl with marshmallows and candy fluff and after that, they will drink sugar water, which is the ingestion of more sugar.

Problem with sticky cheek

When hamsters eat marshmallows they will get sticky cheek pouches.

This can cause problems with the normal digestion of food when hamsters eat seeds, nuts, and different types of food.

When other foods get sticky with marshmallows together, the results will be difficult lunch for the digestive systems of hamsters and possible stomach issues and pain.


If hamsters get addicted to marshmallows, that will cause them to not eat other food.

Hamsters like sweet food, and you gonna have a problem if they are addicted, and they will refuse healthy food with vitamins and minerals.

So you must be careful if you give hamsters a little pleasure of marshmallows.


When hamsters eat marshmallows they may show signs of lethargy.

The biggest problem is sugar which can cause our little pets to not be active like before and just lose interest in daily physical activities.

If you see your hamster sitting in the corner of the cage it’s because of eating marshmallows.

Problems with eating

When hamsters eat marshmallows they will have problems in their mouth.

Sticky parts are gonna stuck in the hamster’s mouth and your pet cannot properly open its mouth, and it will refuse to eat other food.

This can be a problem for probably a couple of days and hamsters will need to reject or consume the marshmallows before they eat again in the normal way.

Can Syrian hamsters eat marshmallows?

No, Syrian hamsters cannot and should not eat marshmallows.

Indeed, Syrian hamsters have the strongest digestive system, but a large amount of sugar will cause diabetes and other diseases.

Can Robo hamsters eat marshmallows?

No, Robo-hamsters cannot eat marshmallows; otherwise, they will have side effects on their health.

Robo hamsters should eat pellets, seeds, vegetables, and fruits; that is the right food choice.

Can dwarf hamsters eat marshmallows?

Dwarf hamsters, including Campbell’s, Chinese and Russian hamsters, are not allowed to eat marshmallows; this sweet treat is too much for them.

This breed of hamsters has the weakest digestive system and cannot handle a large amount of sugar.

Dwarf hamsters are very specific about their diet of any food, and you have to be very careful about the amount; they always have to eat small amounts to be healthy and not have problems with the digestive system.

What to do if hamsters eat a marshmallow?

First, we must emphasize that if hamsters eat a marshmallow, nothing terrible will happen to them if it happens only once.

It is very dangerous if this situation is repeated in the future.

However here are some steps you can do to help hamsters in this situation.


The most important thing is to give them more water and remove the marshmallow residue in their mouth and teeth.

Water will help hamsters to have better digestion and fight too much sugar from marshmallows.

So just give them a lot of water and your hamsters will be ok.

Get rid of marshmallows

When hamsters eat marshmallows you must react very fast and remove all other parts of this food.

You need to clean the cage, and any parts, toys, and everything that your hamsters touched.

Look for any hidden parts of marshmallows in hamster tubes, bedding, and every place where hamsters can hide this sticky food.

Diarrhea for two days

As a reaction, diarrhea and abdominal pain may occur in hamsters, but all this will pass in 2 days; otherwise, you should take your pet to the vet.

Sugar will be difficult for hamsters but with water and healthy food, hamsters will again be fine.

Watch for other candy

When hamsters eat marshmallows you must immediately change their food and stop giving them any food with sugar.

This will help fo hamsters much faster to recover from eating marshmallows.

And remember next time to remove the marshmallows from easy access and hide this and other candy foods somewhere hamsters can’t get to.

Go to vet

You must take your hamster to the vet to check them.

The vet will check the hamster cheek pouch to see and remove any leftover marshmallows.

Also, depending on how much marshmallows hamsters eat, a vet may give them apro[riate medication for problems with stomach pain or similar problems with hamster health.

Can hamsters eat marshmallow root?

Yes, hamsters can eat marshmallow roots; they are completely safe.

All parts of this plant can be freely given to hamsters.

In the roots of marshmallows, there is juice or mucus from which marshmallows were made in the past, but today it has been replaced by gelatin and sugar.

Marshmallow roots also have health benefits for hamsters:

  • better digestive system
  • a healthier respiratory system
  • protection against the occurrence of ulcers
  • anti-inflammatory properties
  • healthier kidneys

It is not bad if you give them a piece of marshmallow root twice a week; it is good and healthy for your furry friends.

can hamsters eat marshmallows

A marshmallow alternative for hamsters

As an alternative to marshmallows, hamsters can eat a wide variety of healthy foods.

Here’s our pick:

  • hay
  • pumpkin seeds
  • sunflower seeds
  • watermelon
  • apple
  • pellets
  • green beans
  • sweet potato
  • carrots

The list of allowed food is large and varied, but always pay attention to the amount you give them; it is important whether it will have positive or negative effects on their health.

Related Questions about hamsters and marshmallows

Here are some answers to questions related to eating marshmallows for hamsters.

Will hamsters get sick if they eat marshmallows?

Yes, hamsters will get sick if they eat marshmallows, and they will get diseases with serious side effects on their health. It is not terrible if the hamsters eat one piece, but larger amounts are dangerous.

Will hamsters get fat from marshmallows?

Yes, hamsters will gain weight if they eat marshmallows due to a large amount of sugar. Obesity leads to diabetes, heart problems, digestion, passive movement, and other problems in hamsters.

Can hamsters die from eating marshmallows?

No, marshmallows cannot directly kill hamsters. But that’s why the consequences of marshmallows indirectly affect the occurrence of diseases that are dangerous for the life of your furry pet.

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How do we find out if the hamster eats a marshmallow?

To tell if your hamster has eaten a marshmallow, look in its mouth for marshmallow residue. Another way is after its poop; if the poop has a small pink or white color, it is a sign that the hamster has secretly eaten marshmallows.

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Hamsters cannot eat marshmallows; it is too harmful to their health, mainly due to larger amounts of sugar.

If hamsters eat marshmallows, they will get diabetes, obesity, tooth decay, and digestive problems.

Hamsters should not eat any food with a large amount of sugar, give them seeds, vegetables, and fruits, but avoid sweet products; they are all dangerous for their health.

That’s why you should avoid this sweet treat from the hamster menu.

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