Can Hamsters Eat Pumpkin Seeds? Benefits and Risks

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:27 pm

Hamsters can eat a variety of foods, they like to try novelties in the diet even though they are a little scary by nature.

We have often wondered what about pumpkin seeds?

Pumpkin seeds are a great food that is rich in protein and other nutrients.

Can hamsters eat pumpkin seeds? The answer is yes, hamsters can eat pumpkin seeds, but always in moderation to have the best possible health benefits. By eating pumpkin seeds, hamsters will absorb a number of nutrients that are good for their health.

In today’s article, we will find out if and how much pumpkin seeds hamsters can eat, as well as the benefits and risks of them.

Can hamsters eat pumpkin seeds?

Yes, hamsters can eat pumpkin seeds, but always only in moderation to get the best benefits.

Care must be taken in the amount because pumpkin seeds due to sugar can have negative effects if your hamsters eat too much.

Hamsters can easily get diabetes and obesity if they eat a lot of sugar.

Will hamsters want to eat pumpkin seeds?

Yes, hamsters will want to eat pumpkin seeds, the taste of the seeds will deceive them to eat as much as they can.

Although most hamsters will want to eat pumpkin seeds, there can always be an exception that your hamster does not want to eat.

But there is no room for disappointment if your pet does not want to eat pumpkin seeds you should not force him to eat something he does not like, there are other types of food that they will surely want to eat.

How to give pumpkin seeds to hamsters?

It is best whenever you start a new food you personally give it to your hamster for a try, in this case, it is pumpkin seeds.

When you personally give him pumpkin seeds, your hamster will find it easier to dare to try them because they are by nature very scary animals.

In addition, you will strengthen the trust between you, which in the future will help much easier to dare to try any new food you offer.

When you give him pumpkin seeds, wait to see if he likes them or not, if he likes them, give them to him again, and if he does not want to, then do not force him to eat something he does not like.can hamsters eat pumpkin seeds

How many pumpkin seeds should hamsters eat?

Not all hamsters should eat the same amount of pumpkin seeds, it depends on their size and breed.

For example, the Syrians as the largest can eat the most, while the dwarfs because they are smaller can eat much smaller amounts of pumpkin seeds.

So let’s see which breed can eat how many pumpkin seeds for the best health benefits.

How many pumpkin seeds can Syrian hamsters eat?

Syrian hamsters are the largest of all hamster breeds, so they have the honor of always eating the most pumpkin seeds.

It is best for their health to eat 3-4 pumpkin seeds a day.

This amount is quite enough to make the most of all possible health benefits for your hamsters.

How Many Pumpkin Seeds Can Robo Hamsters Eat?

Robo hamsters are smaller than Syrian hamsters and therefore they should usually eat fewer pumpkin seeds.

This breed of hamster should eat 2-3 pumpkin seeds a day.

It may seem small, but believe me, it is a great dose for them, without having harmful consequences for them.

How many pumpkin seeds should dwarf hamsters eat?

Dwarf hamsters are the smallest, they always eat the least compared to other breeds.

For dwarf hamsters, only 1-2 pumpkin seeds a day are enough, preferably cut in half to make it even easier to eat and process in their digestive system.

It may seem like too little, but believe me, it’s enough for them, their delicate digestive system and their size can not process large amounts of food.

Even with this amount, they will get the necessary nutrients they need.

Can baby hamsters eat pumpkin seeds?

No, baby hamsters can not and should not eat pumpkin seeds.

Until a few weeks have passed since their young life, they should consume only breast milk, water, and food specially designed for them.

Only then can they gradually begin to eat pumpkin seeds and other foods.

Our recommendation is that before you start giving them novelties in the diet, you should first consult a veterinarian, ie to examine him to see how far his development is and whether your young pet is ready to eat pumpkin seeds.

What are the benefits of pumpkin seeds for hamsters?

As long as hamsters eat moderate amounts of pumpkin seeds they can get great nutrients that will improve their health.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Fiber – found in pumpkin seeds is great for digestion and the entire digestive system of hamsters.
  • Antioxidants – are always important for hamsters because they protect them from the action of free radicals, thus protecting them from cancer. Antioxidants also help to slow down the aging process of hamsters and logically increase their lifespan.
  • Magnesium – is an excellent mineral found in pumpkin seeds that helps improve and maintain bone health in hamsters.
  • Zinc – is another useful mineral that will help them have an even better and healthier digestive system.

What are the side effects of pumpkin seeds for hamsters?

If hamsters overdo it by eating pumpkin seeds then they can very easily have bad effects on their health instead of benefits.

Excessive eating will lead to the following risks:

  • a lot of sugar – if they overdo it by eating pumpkin seeds they will consume too much sugar which will negatively affect their health and the possible occurrence of diabetes.
  • The danger of suffocation – many pumpkin seeds can be dangerous, ie hamsters can be suffocated, especially applies to smaller breeds of hamsters such as Campbells, Chinese and dwarf hamsters.
  • acidity – too much acidic content associated with eating too many pumpkin seeds can only harm hamsters, as they do not tolerate too many acidic ingredients.

Can hamsters eat roasted pumpkin seeds?

Yes, hamsters can eat roasted pumpkin seeds, but they should not have any additives such as salt.

First, you need to remove the pumpkin seeds, and put the seeds in boiling water for about 2-3 minutes. Then take them out and let them dry.

The next thing is to roast the pumpkin seeds. They should be sealed at a temperature of about 230-250 degrees until they turn red.

Of course, before you give your furry pets the pumpkin seeds, you should leave them to cool, so that the hamsters do not get burned when they eat them.can hamsters eat pumpkin seeds

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Can hamsters eat raw pumpkin seeds?

Yes, absolutely, in fact, our recommendation is to give raw pumpkin seeds to your hamsters.

By eating raw pumpkin seeds they will get the maximum of all nutrients and will improve their health.

Raw pumpkin seeds will be a real treat for your hamster.

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What other seeds can hamsters eat?

Apart from pumpkin seeds, there are other seeds that are great for hamster health, but only if eaten in moderation.

Here are some of them:

  • sunflower seeds
  • apple seeds
  • mixed seeds
  • sesame seeds


Hamsters can eat pumpkin seeds as long as they consume them in moderation.

By eating pumpkin seeds they will have better digestion, healthier bones, stronger immunity, protection against cancer, and will have a longer lifespan.

Eating too much can lead to diabetes and other health risks.

Finally, hamsters will enjoy eating pumpkin seeds, but you as the owner should be careful about the amount you give them.

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