Can Hamsters Eat Rice? What You Need To Know

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:15 pm

Can hamsters eat rice? Yes, hamsters can certainly eat rice, but in moderation, the rice should be prepared in the right way to maximize its benefits of it for the health of your pet.

They can eat any kind of rice, cooked or raw, but we still recommend cooked rice. Although white rice is safe, better is wholemeal or brown rice because it has more vitamin B, is healthier for hamsters.

In today’s article we will introduce you how, how much and why rice is great to include in the diet of hamsters, so let’s start immediately.

What do we need to know about rice?

Rice is one of the most consumed foods in the world, mostly produced in Asia and Africa, but also around the world. Somewhere rice is eaten more than classic bread or as a substitute in the daily diet.

China produces and consumes the most rice compared to other foods.

As we have said many times what humans eat, hamsters love it too, so they enjoy rice too.

Can hamsters eat rice?

Yes, hamsters can and do want to eat rice, it is only very important that it is prepared properly and in a quantity that will not have harmful effects on their health.

Giving too much rice to hamsters, whether accidentally or through carelessness, can have serious health consequences.

To feed them properly, you must first boil the rice and not sweeten it or add any additives or spices, which will make sure that the hamster always eats rice in the right way.

Also note that when cooking rice, it should not be overcooked or sticky, as this increases the chances of hamsters hiding it in their cheeks.

Uncooked rice can also be given, so it will be easier for hamsters to hide it in the cheeks, as well as easier to swallow.

Do hamsters like to eat rice?

Hamsters like to eat rice, in fact, they will enjoy its consumption, there can always be an exception, ie some of them do not want to eat rice, but that is normal just like us humans.

Of course, in the beginning, as with any new food, you should start with rice a little, to see what your pet will react, whether he wants or refuses to eat rice.

If he likes it, gradually increase the amount, without exaggeration and haste, otherwise you can only harm your furry pet.

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How to give rice to hamsters?

The first and foremost thing is to boil the rice before giving it to your hamster to eat. Then you should slowly and carefully, give rice from your hand to the hamster to have more self-confidence every time he tries a new food, including rice.

Give him very little to see his reaction, whether he wants to eat rice or not, and be careful not to hide the rice in his cheeks.

Then wait 24-48 hours to see if there will be any negative reaction, if everything is fine great if there are negative effects stop with rice, and it is best to consult a veterinarian for further steps,

How much rice should hamsters eat?

No matter what the hamsters want to eat rice, you as the owner should be careful about the right amount you give him, it is your responsibility, because the hamsters are greedy, they will eat as much as possible.

Some breeds can eat more rice and some less, so let’s see what the amount should be given to them according to the size of the hamsters.

Always check the cage after you give the hamsters rice so that there is no grain left somewhere or hidden because the hamsters will then eat it and overeat, which is certainly not good for them.

How much rice should a Syrian hamster eat?

The Syrian hamster is the largest should eat the most, while other hamster breeds have a much smaller amount of rice.

The Syrian hamster has a stronger digestive system that allows it to eat more than others, it processes food better.

He should eat 4-6 grains of rice per week, of course in addition to regular food, this way he will make the most of the benefits of rice without consequences and negative effects on his health.

How much rice should a Robo hamster eat?

Because Robo hamsters are smaller than Syrian hamsters, they normally need to eat smaller amounts of rice.

This breed of hamster should eat 3-4 grains of rice in a week, nothing more or less than that.

How much rice should dwarf hamsters eat?

Dwarfs like Chinese and Campbell hamsters are smaller than others and therefore they should eat the least, their digestive system can not process as much food as others.

Dwarf hamsters should consume 1-2 grains of rice a week.

However, they are much gentler than others and must eat smaller amounts of rice.

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Can baby hamsters eat rice?

The answer is no, baby hamsters can not and must not eat rice under any circumstances. When they are small in the first few weeks they should only consume breast milk.

After a few weeks, you can start introducing other foods, including the gradual introduction of rice in their diet.

What kind of rice can hamsters eat?

Hamsters can in principle eat any kind of rice(white rice, brown, basmati rice), provided that the recommendations regarding its preparation are followed so that the hamsters can eat it.

Half a plate of cooked brown rice contains the following ingredients:

  • calories 125
  • fat 1 g
  • fiber 1.5 g
  • sugar 0.25 gr
  • protein 3 g
  • magnesium 40 mg
  • phosphorus 100 mg

The same amount of white rice has the following ingredients:

  • calories 103
  • protein 2 g
  • fiber 0.3 g
  • sugar 0.05 g
  • fat 0.2 g
  • magnesium 10 mg
  • phosphorus 34 mg

Should hamsters be given rice crispies?

Of course, you can give your furry rice crispies, but you have to be very careful with the quantity.

Always give hamsters cereals and avoid bars, as they have more sugar which can harm the hamster and cause diabetes.can hamsters eat rice

What are the benefits of rice for hamsters?

Just as rice is good for human health, it is also good for hamsters. Be sure to pay attention to the amount you give to your pets so that the maximum effects can be used.

Whole grain rice is the healthiest for hamsters because it contains the most nutrients, especially the husk contains vitamin B, iron, and fiber.

The benefits of hamster rice are as follows:

  • Protein – they are very important, and rice has a good amount of them, they help your pet to have good muscles, as well as proper growth and development.
  • Vitamin B- will help the hamster have much more energy, better coordination in movement, and will be able to run more.
  • Phosphorus – will help hamsters to improve internal organs, more precisely for better kidney function.
  • Magnesium – is great for dealing with stress and improving the work of the nervous system and its functions.
  • Manganese – a very useful mineral that plays an important role in maintaining blood health and helps avoid blood clots.
  • Fiber – they are great for hamsters, helping them to have good and better digestion.

Side effects of eating rice in hamsters?

Like any food, rice can cause side effects, but only if you give them too much.

The following side effects may occur:

  1. Stomach problems – occur when consuming large amounts, and can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and other stomach problems for hamsters.
  2. Obesity-too ​​much rice can cause hamsters to gain weight, which is certainly not good for them at all.
  3. Saturation – rice is saturated, so it can easily happen that after eating rice, not wanting to eat other foods, which is certainly wrong, because only rice will certainly not get everything it needs as nutrients for their health.
  4. Dehydration – because rice contains good amounts of water, it can easily become too hydrated, which further leads to dehydration and possible diarrhea.


Hamsters can eat rice, but it should be pre-cooked, although it can be uncooked, and always given in moderation according to their breed and size.

Rice should never be given to hamsters with additives or spices as they will harm their health.

Rice will enable the intake of healthy nutrients, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and other ingredients to improve their health.

Hamsters can eat white rice, brown, basmati rice, and other types of this food.

Side effects that can occur as a result of overeating can be obesity, dehydration, and diarrhea. Lastly, rice is a delicious dish that your hamsters will love to eat and enjoy.

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