Can Hamsters Eat Soybeans?

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:20 pm

When we keep our hamsters, it means paying close attention to many things, including diet.

Proper nutrition is important for their development and for their life, we should be careful what we give them to eat.

Can our hamsters eat soybeans? Are soybeans healthy and good for them?

Yes, hamsters can eat soybeans, but in moderation to get the nutrients, and at the same time to not have any side effects from consuming it.

In today’s article, we will find out how much soybeans they can eat, the benefits and risks, and why it is important to include soybeans in their diet.

What are soybeans?

Soybeans are a very tasty food that we humans eat, and our hamsters can enjoy consuming it.

Soybeans are eaten all over the world, especially in Asia where it is eaten daily.

Also, soybeans offer vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and proteins that should certainly be used to improve the health of hamsters as well as us humans.

Can hamsters eat soybeans?

Yes, hamsters can eat soybeans, but in moderation, as it is safe for their health.

Hamsters will actually enjoy eating soybeans, just pay attention to the amount you give them because they will eat any amount that is offered to them.

Be careful when giving them soybeans to be washed, unsalted, and without any other additives, so as not to cause any side effects on their health.

Will hamsters want to eat soybeans?

Yes, hamsters will want to eat soy because of its taste, or most of them will not refuse to eat it.

However, there is always the possibility that your hamster and a small number of other hamsters will refuse to eat soybeans, but this should not disappoint you, as there is a large selection of other foods that hamsters will want to eat.

Do not force them to eat soybeans if the hamsters do not want to, because there is no reason for them to eat anything if they do not want to.

How to give soybeans to hamsters?

Always wash soybeans first to remove any dirt, as they can adversely affect the health of your furry pet.

It is best at the beginning when the hamsters need to get used to eating soybeans, you give it to them as owners.

Because on the one hand the hamsters who are quite scary, will have more self-confidence to try soybeans, and on the other hand you will strengthen your intimacy with the hamster who in the future will trust you more when trying other foods.

Whenever new hamsters are fed, they should be given very small amounts as a test to see if they like it or not.

If they want to eat great, you can go on, and if they do not want to then do not give them soybeans anymore.

How much soybeans can hamsters eat?

Now that we know that hamsters can eat soybeans, you must be wondering how much soybeans to give them, how safe is it?

It mostly depends on the breed of your hamster, not all hamsters can eat the same amount, for example, the Syrian as the largest can do the most, while the dwarfs and other smaller breeds much less.

So let’s look depending on the breed which hamsters what quantity is enough for the best utilization of nutritional values.can hamsters eat soybeans

How much soybeans can Syrian hamsters eat?

Syrian hamsters, like the largest of all other hamster breeds, can eat the most soybeans and any other food.

Syrian hamsters can be given 2 grains of soybeans a week, so they do not have problems with the digestive system.

Although it may seem like a small amount for their size, believe me, it is the ideal dose for maximum utilization of nutrients, nothing more than that.

How much soybeans can Robo hamsters eat?

Because Robo hamsters are smaller than Syrian hamsters, they can not eat that much soybeans.

For Robo hamsters, it is best for their health to eat 2 soybeans every two weeks to get the nutrients without any health risks.

Their digestive system allows them to ingest this amount, and you should not try to give them more, there is no need to take risks.

How much soybeans should dwarf hamsters eat?

Dwarf hamsters along with other smaller hamster breeds are smaller than average hamsters and they should always eat at least soybeans or any other food.

For dwarf hamsters, it is quite enough and safe to eat 2 grains of soybeans a month, or one grain of soybeans every two weeks, so it is best.

It does look like too little, but their digestive system and size do not allow for large amounts of soybeans.

Can baby hamsters eat soybeans?

No, baby hamsters can not and should not eat soybeans.

They should consume only breast milk, water, and food specially designed for them while they are small in the first weeks of their lives.

Only after a few weeks should they start trying new flavors and foods, including soybeans but in very small quantities.

However, before you start giving soybeans to your young hamsters, you should consult a veterinarian to see how far your hamster is developing, and whether he is ready to make any changes to their diet.

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What are the benefits of soybeans for hamsters?

Soy offers a number of health benefits for humans as well as hamsters.

Here are some of the benefits of soybeans for hamster health:

  • Antioxidants – they help fight free radicals, which protect the hamster from cancer, at the same time antioxidants prevent premature aging and slow down this process, or rather extend their lifespan.
  • Protein – which allows hamsters to get all the amino acids they need to improve their health.
  • Magnesium – is another important mineral in soybeans, which allows hamsters to have healthier and stronger bones.
  • Dietary fiber – soybeans are always welcome for the health of hamsters and improving the digestion and overall digestive system of your furry pet.
  • Vitamin K- is an excellent vitamin that helps for better blood clotting, and easier healing of possible wounds in hamsters.
  • Fat – helps the hamsters to have proper and normal weight.
  • Protein – they are useful because they will help the hamster have more energy to run and play, as well as better muscle development in their body.

What are the side effects of soybeans for hamsters?

Every food has moderate benefits when eaten, while if it is consumed in excess, side effects appear, as is the case with consuming soybeans.

If hamsters overeat soybeans, the following side effects may occur on their health:

diarrhea – occurs as a result of eating too much soy, so hamsters should eat only as much as they need.

diabetes – If your hamster overdoes it with soybeans, hamsters can get diabetes, which is dangerous to their health, from too much fat in this food.

suffocation – oversized pieces of soybeans can cause suffocation, so always try to give them smaller pieces, it is best to chop the soybeans before giving them to your hamsters.

weight gain – if hamsters eat too much soy they will gain weight, which is not good for their health and balance, so watch your hamster diet plan.can hamsters eat soybeans

Can hamsters eat roasted soybeans?

Yes, hamsters can eat roasted soy, it is safe and healthy for them.

Feel free to bake the soybeans, just be careful not to toast them, just a few minutes in the oven is enough and then you can give them to eat.

Just be careful after you roast the soybeans, to wait for them to cool because you would not want your pet to get burned while eating.

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An alternative to soybeans in the hamster diet

As we said, most hamsters will want to eat soybeans, but what if your hamster does not want to eat soybeans?

In this situation there is no room for panic, there are other healthy solutions for their diet, here are some of the other types of food that are healthy and that you can give them:

  • basil
  • asparagus
  • parsley
  • artichoke
  • beets
  • spinach
  • arugula
  • cucumber
  • celery
  • pumpkin
  • broccoli
  • cauliflower
  • sweet potato


Hamsters can eat soybeans, it is great for their health as long as it is eaten in moderation.

By eating soybeans, hamsters will receive vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and other nutrients that will improve their health.

Excessive consumption of soybeans can lead to obesity, diabetes, and other side effects.

Finally, hamsters will enjoy eating soybeans, just pay attention to the amount you offer them, they will be happy, and you too also gonna be happy will watch them consume this delicious food.

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