Can Hamsters Eat Strawberries? And How Much Is Safe

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Do you have a pet hamster at home and you are probably wondering if he can eat strawberries for example? The hamster prefers to eat plant foods, cereals with the addition of fruits and vegetables.

As for strawberries, hamsters are allowed to eat but in limited quantities. Strawberries will contribute to the intake of important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and will allow your hamster to enjoy the sweet pleasure.

Do Hamsters Want to Eat Strawberries?

Hamsters can eat strawberries, and maybe not? Strawberries are good for your hamster’s health, but you should first try to see if they want to eat them.

It is more individual for each hamster, you should give it to him, so you will see if he will eat strawberries or not.

The reason is that strawberries are not a major part of their diet, so it does not necessarily mean that they will like strawberries.

It is true that in humans as well as in hamsters, it is important for their diet to be balanced, but that balance cannot always be achieved.

How to start giving strawberries to a hamster?

To see if the hamster will get used to eating strawberries you need to gradually give it to adapt to them. It is best to start with a very small amount, for example, 1/4 of a strawberry.

Then you should wait 10-12 hours to see if there are any reactions or signs of diarrhea.

If everything is fine with the hamster then you should increase the dose to 1/2 strawberry, to finally let him eat a whole strawberry.

Strawberries should be like a dessert for your hamster never the main dish. However, the correct amount is 10 percent of the daily amount of food eaten by the hamster.

How many strawberries should hamsters eat?

Strawberries are definitely not a daily food for hamsters. Hamsters can eat strawberries but only in small amounts, preferably twice a week, or a quarter teaspoon.

Sugar is the main reason why hamsters do not have to eat strawberries every day, they will gain weight and can have a negative impact on their health, which we certainly do not want for our pets.

An important rule of thumb for hamsters is that such delights as strawberries and other similar foods should make up only 10 percent of their daily diet.

Of course, before giving strawberries you should check if the strawberry is healthy and clean, then you can cut it into pieces before giving it to the hamster.

Because strawberries ripen easily and quickly, you need to check that the cage has no debris and that you will need to remove it.

Why are strawberries good for hamsters?

As we said at the beginning, eating a moderate amount of strawberries is good for your pet’s health.

If the hamster consumes, for example, strawberry juice, it can help prevent atherosclerosis in the hamster.

Strawberries are a great source of both manganese and potassium. Potassium protects the digestive organs, muscles, and other organs. Strawberries are powerful antioxidants, namely flavonoids and phenolic acids.

These antioxidants are too good for your health because they can reduce your chances of getting cancer.

While if the hamster already has cancer, then it is not known whether eating strawberries can help him in such a situation because there is no concrete evidence for this theory.

Vitamin C and magnesium in strawberries will contribute to excellent immunity and healthy bones in the hamster, as well as easier healing of possible wounds in the hamster.

Let’s not forget vitamin K, which will enable the normal function of the blood and the process of its clotting in the body of your hamster.

Do you need to wash strawberries for hamsters?

Strawberries are a fruit that requires good washing before eating.

Always be careful to choose strawberries that are ripe, fresh, and with a beautiful red color, choose for the hamsters just as you choose for yourself.

If you can, give them organic strawberries or strawberries from your garden that you know are pesticide-free. For both humans and hamsters, washed strawberries are better for consumption.

The reason is that strawberries may contain pesticides. Pesticides are not good for your hamster’s health, they can be harmful to the digestive organs, as well as weaker immunity.

Never give your strawberry frozen strawberries with added sugar.

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Can hamsters eat dried strawberries?

Dried strawberries are not good for hamsters to eat. The reason is a large amount of sugar when the strawberries are dried, unlike fresh strawberries which contain less sugar in their composition.

Another reason is of course a large number of calories in dried strawberries.

Hamsters are known to be very greedy when they eat, so they can eat too much and consume too much sugar, and run the risk of developing diabetes and gaining weight.

Strawberries can cure constipation in hamsters

Getting your hamster to eat strawberries in combination with plenty of water can help prevent constipation, but as we have said, strawberries are in limited quantities.

Because too many strawberries can have the opposite effect, ie it can lead to diarrhea in your pet.

If you see that this recipe with strawberries and water does not help, then it is time to take the hamster to a vet to examine it, constipation may be a consequence of some other disease.can hamsters eat strawberries

Can baby hamsters eat strawberries?

Babies hamsters are like all other babies, you need to pay attention to the diet in the beginning.

His teeth will start to grow very quickly in just a few days, but our recommendation is still not to give strawberries to the little baby hamster. It is best for him to start with vegetables in his daily diet.

Leave the strawberries for later when they grow up and when they have a normal daily diet like all other hamsters, then it is the right time to start eating strawberries.

Can Roborovski hamsters eat strawberries?

The fact is that the Robos are smaller in size than the Syrian hamster, so they should be given a smaller amount of strawberries.

We will emphasize again that sugar is the main reason for the limitation in quantity. You can feed the hamster with strawberries only once a week, nothing more than that.

These hamsters maybe be better to eat much more food like frozen garden peas (thawed), broccoli, carrot, and a small piece of lettuce usually get eaten over fruit.

How many strawberries should a Syrian hamster eat?

Unlike other hamster breeds, the Syrian hamster is the largest of them all. Logically, he has the honor of eating the most strawberries of all.

It is already allowed to give him one piece of strawberries twice a week. Of course, you should be careful with the amount you give him, it does not mean that if he is the greatest of all others that he should eat an unlimited amount of strawberries.

That way, the Syrian hamster will be satisfied with the dessert, and you will be sure that you will use all the benefits of the strawberries in the best and healthiest way for your hamster.

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Do dwarf hamsters eat strawberries?

It is best not to give strawberries to dwarf hamsters. The reason is their greater exposure to the possibility of developing diabetes, unlike other types of hamsters.

Strawberry sugar in large quantities will have a negative effect on dwarf hamsters.

You can also give a very small amount of strawberries to this type of hamster, but it is so small that it really does not make sense, so it is best not to give strawberries to the dwarf hamster at all.

In any case, a consultation with a veterinarian is necessary to be sure before you start giving strawberries to your hamster.

Side effects of eating strawberries in hamsters

As with any product, strawberries can sometimes cause side effects for hamster health.

Strawberry sugar when consumed in large quantities is harmful to the hamster, so we recommend consuming it in moderation and in small quantities because it can cause diabetes in your pet and liver problems.

Allowing the hamster to eat a lot of strawberries can cause diarrhea. Strawberries can also sometimes cause allergies in your hamster, so you need to be careful at first to see what his reactions will be.

In very rare cases, due to the load on the kidneys, strawberries can cause a diuretic effect in hamsters, which can cause serious complications and danger to his health and even lead to death.

Never give large pieces of strawberries to your hamster to prevent the hamster from getting stuck and suffocating.


Hamsters can eat strawberries. Strawberries will help your hamster absorb significant amounts of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that will provide better health and longer life.

Make sure the amount you give him is not more than 2 times a week. Strawberries should be ripe, clean, and free of pesticides.

Sometimes side effects such as allergies, diarrhea, diabetes, etc. can occur, but this can be prevented if you pay attention to the amount you give it. Strawberries are in any case a sweet pleasure-dessert in the diet for your hamster.

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