Can Hamsters Eat Thyme? All You Need To Know

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:26 pm

Hamsters should include a variety of foods in their diet in addition to timothy hay and commercial pellets.

They should also include small amounts of vegetables and fruits in their diet to take advantage of all the benefits to improve their health.

Have you ever wondered if you can give hamsters thyme?

Can hamsters eat thyme? The answer is yes, hamsters can eat thyme. By eating this plant, they take in vitamins C and A, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients for their health.

In today’s article, we will find out how much they should eat from this plant and the benefits and risks they can get.

What is thyme?

Thyme is a plant part of the mint family and can be found in fresh and dried form.

Thyme can be found in gardens and lawns all over the world. This plant is used for cooking as well as for medicinal purposes.

Thyme offers nutrients such as vitamins and minerals and antioxidants that are beneficial to the health of both humans and hamsters.

Can hamsters eat thyme?

Yes, hamsters can eat thyme in moderation to have the best health benefits.

By eating fresh thyme, hamsters will receive nutrients to improve their health.

If your hamster overdoes it by eating fresh thyme, it can have side effects.

Will hamsters want to eat thyme?

Yes, hamsters will love to eat thyme because your furry friends will like the taste of this plant.

Although most hamsters will want to eat thyme, it can always happen that your hamster refuses to eat.

But this should not disappoint you because there are several other plants that the hamster will want to consume.can hamsters eat thyme

How much thyme can hamsters eat?

Regarding the amount allowed for hamsters, we must emphasize that it depends on their breed and size.

For example, because they are the largest, Syrian hamsters can eat the most thyme. So let’s look at how much thyme hamsters can eat depending on the breed.

How much thyme should Syrian hamsters eat?

Syrian hamsters are the largest of all breeds, so they always have the honor of eating the most thyme or any other food.

It is best for their health to eat 1-2 fresh thyme leaves once a week.

With this amount, they will maximize the nutrients from this plant without having negative consequences for their health.

How much thyme should Robo hamsters eat?

Robo hamsters are smaller than Syrian hamsters but larger than dwarf hamsters, so they should eat thyme in moderation.

They should eat one to two leaves of fresh thyme once every two weeks, that is enough for them.

Although it seems too little, it is still the best amount for their breed to use all the nutrients from this plant in the best possible way.

How much thyme should dwarf hamsters eat?

Dwarf hamsters, along with Campbells and Chinese, are the smallest, so they should eat tiny amounts of any food, including thyme.

It is ideal for dwarf hamsters to eat one fresh thyme leaf once a month.

It’s really too petite but still for their fragile digestive system, and this amount is quite enough to get the nutrients from this plant.

Can baby hamsters eat thyme?

No, baby hamsters should not eat thyme. In the first few weeks of their lives, baby hamsters should consume only breast milk, water, and food specifically designed for their age.

They should gradually get used to new foods such as thyme and other foods.

However, before you start giving them dietary supplements, we recommend that you first take them to a veterinarian to check on their development and whether it is time to try something new in the diet.

How to give thyme to hamsters?

To try new foods such as thyme, it is best for you, as the owner, to give this plant to your pet for the first time.

As is well known, hamsters are very timid by nature, giving them thyme and encouraging them to try thyme will also strengthen the bond between you and the hamster so that in the future, it will be easier to try other foods.

After giving him a small piece of fresh thyme leaf, see his reaction, whether he wants to eat it or not. If he wants, then give him a larger amount next time, and if he refuses, do not give him more of this plant.

How to prepare thyme for hamsters?

First and foremost, it is always good to wash the thyme leaves before your pet eats them.

This way, you will remove the dirt and possible chemicals on the leaves, which can be harmful and dangerous to your furry friend’s health.

After giving him a fresh thyme leaf, wait 24 hours to see if he will have any reactions such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, and other symptoms.

If any of these side effects occur and do not go away within 24 hours, consult your veterinarian for further steps.can hamsters eat thyme

What to do if hamsters overeat thyme?

If the hamsters accidentally overeat thyme, they will probably get diarrhea or stomach aches, which will pass in a few hours.

All you have to do is give him more water and wait.

If there is no improvement in a few hours, take your hamster to a veterinarian.

What are the benefits of thyme for hamsters?

If hamsters eat moderate amounts, hamsters will have health benefits.

Here are some of them:

  • Vitamin C – is an essential vitamin for hamsters that can not produce on their own, and will protect against scurvy.
  • Vitamin A – is another essential vitamin primarily for eye health and vision in hamsters because, naturally, they have very poor eyesight.
  • Fiber – improves digestion and is generally good for the proper functioning of the digestive system.
  • Calcium – found in thyme allows hamsters to have healthier and stronger bones, but only if consumed in moderation.
  • Lesser cholesterol – by eating this plant, hamsters will have much better cholesterol levels and normal blood pressure levels.
  • Antiseptic properties- help destroy possible bacteria in the body of hamsters.
  • Carvacrol – this ingredient in thyme helps improve the mood of your furry pet.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties – help reduce joint pain and swelling in your furry pet.

What are the side effects of thyme for hamsters?

If your pet overeats thyme, hamsters can get side effects on their health:

  • Diarrhea: If your pet overeats this plant, your pet will get diarrhea, which should pass in a few hours.
  • Stomach aches: their digestive system will have difficulty digesting large amounts of thyme, and hamsters are more likely to have stomach aches.
  • Kidney and bladder stones: if hamsters ingest too much calcium, this mineral through thyme, they are at risk for stones that form due to the inability to process large amounts of calcium fully.

Can hamsters drink thyme tea?

Yes, hamsters can drink thyme tea, but in moderation.

By drinking tea from this plant, hamsters will take in more antioxidants and have better immunity. Thyme tea also helps to reduce pain and swelling in the joints, mainly due to its anti-inflammatory effect.

Thyme tea will help improve your furry friend’s health and protection against many diseases.

How to make thyme tea for hamsters?

Making this tea is very simple; take 1-2 teaspoons of dried thyme and add them to pre-boiled water in 200 milliliters.

Wait 5 minutes and then strain, and the tea is ready for your pet.

Please give a few drops of thyme tea to hamsters. It is pretty enough to have benefits for their health.

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Can hamsters eat dried thyme leaves?

No hamsters should not eat dried thyme leaves as they may be toxic to them.

Therefore, our recommendation is to give only fresh thyme leaves to hamsters.

Dried thyme leaves can be used to make tea from this plant.

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Alternative to thyme for hamsters

If hamsters do not want to eat thyme, there are many other healthy safe plants and herbs with nutrients beneficial to their health.

Here are some of them:

  • раrѕlеу
  • mіnt
  • bаѕіl
  • аlfаlfа
  • оrеgаnо ѕаgе
  • fеnnеl
  • grаѕѕ
  • mаrіgоld
  • dаndеlіоn
  • сhаmоmіlе
  • соrnflоwеr
  • dаіѕу
  • сlоvеr
  • rоѕе реtаlѕ


Hamsters can eat thyme, but only fresh leaves of this plant, while dry leaves should be avoided as they may be toxic to them.

If they eat moderate amounts, hamsters will have better immunity, less cholesterol, stronger bones, better eyesight, and other benefits.

Excessive eating can lead to diarrhea, abdominal pain, kidney stones, and urinary incontinence.

Hamsters can also drink thyme tea because it will provide nutrients and protection against disease.

Lastly, give your hamster moderate amounts of this plant to make the most of all the benefits without compromising his health.

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