Can Hamsters Eat Tortilla Chips? (Find Out Now)

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:09 pm

Hamsters need a variety of foods in their diet to get the best possible health benefits.

Sometimes I wonder if it will be good to give some tortilla chips to my hamster, if he will like it and if it is healthy for him.

Can hamsters eat tortilla chips?

No, hamsters cannot eat tortilla chips because they contain a lot of salt, oil, and preservatives that are bad for their health. Tortilla chips can only cause heart problems, blood pressure, obesity, and cancer in hamsters.

In today’s article, we will learn why hamsters should not eat tortilla chips and the consequences they may have on their health from this salty treat.

Can hamsters eat tortilla chips?

Hamsters cannot eat tortilla chips because they harm their health. Tortilla chips contain salt, oil, and preservatives that are not a healthy option in the diet of our furry friends.

Hamsters cannot eat processed foods like tortilla chips, which are hard on their digestive system.

If hamsters eat tortilla chips, they will get sick and gain weight.

Why are tortilla chips bad for hamsters?

Tortilla chips are a poor food choice for our furry friends and should not be part of their dining menu.

Let’s see in detail what problems tortilla chips will cause in hamsters and the consequences.

Too much salt

Hamsters should never eat too salty food; a little salt is acceptable, but never in large quantities like in tortilla chips.

Salt reduces the activity of certain hormones, such as a peptide, which disturbs the energy balance in hamsters and gives signals when the body needs food; they are also responsible for maintaining the blood sugar level in our pets.

Salt causes dehydration in hamsters, which prevents the action of water in the normal function of all organs in the hamster’s body.

Dehydration is very dangerous for hamsters and can cause diseases and even fatal consequences for their life.

can hamsters eat tortilla chips

Vegetable Oil is harmful to hamsters

The added oil in tortilla chips is of vegetable origin and is too bad for their health, as it contains a lot of fat and few nutrients.

The oil in tortilla chips can only cause hamsters to become full and gain weight, leading to problems with their movement and coordination.

Hamsters ingesting vegetable oil may have the following problems:

  • heart disease,
  • clogged blood vessels
  • increase in cholesterol
  • shortness of breath and movement

In any case, added oil is too harmful to hamsters and should be avoided in our pets’ diet.


Preservatives are just as bad for hamsters as the other ingredients in tortilla chips.

There are different types of tortilla chips, some of which also contain BHA or propyl gallate, which can only make our pet sick and cause dangerous problems and diseases of the cardiovascular system and kidneys.

If hamsters often eat foods such as tortilla chips or other foods rich in preservatives, they risk developing cancer.

Processed food is harmful to hamsters

Processed foods like tortilla chips are bad for their stomach and can only cause problems.

The digestive system of the hamsters will have many difficulties in digesting the processed food, which can cause stomach pains, and sometimes an allergy to some of the ingredients in this food occurs.

Hamsters should not eat processed food; they should eat timothy hay, pellets, fresh vegetables, seeds, and fruits.

What to do if hamsters eat tortilla chips?

If the hamsters nibble on some tortilla chips, nothing terrible will happen; it is wrong if they eat repeatedly or overeat at once.

In such a situation, the best solution is to give them a lot of water, which will help your hamster pass faster from the difficulties of tortilla chips.

If they eat a large number of tortilla chips, the following symptoms may occur:

  • stomach ache
  • diarrhea
  • flatulence
  • gases

These symptoms should pass in 24-48 hours, and if they do not pass or the condition worsens, take your pet to the vet immediately.

Can hamsters eat potato chips?

No, hamsters cannot eat potato chips because they contain a lot of salt, saturated fat, carbohydrates and flavorings.

Chips have no nutrients for our pets and there is no need to feed them.

If hamsters eat chips, they will have problems with the digestive system, dehydration, high blood pressure and heart complications.

Can Hamsters Have Corn Chips?

No, hamsters cannot eat corn chips because it harms their health for the same reasons as tortilla chips.

Corn chips contain a large amount of vegetable oil that causes obesity and heart problems in hamsters. Salt causes kidney problems and dehydration, which can be fatal for our furry friends.

Preservatives are not a healthy option for hamsters and can cause the worst diseases, such as cancer.

can hamsters eat tortilla chips

What food should hamsters eat?

Hamsters need plant and animal food with nutrients, vitamins and minerals to be healthy and have a longer life span.

Hamsters should eat seeds, vegetables, fruits, grains, and insects and drink fresh and clean water.

Here is our selection of food for hamsters:

  • sunflower seeds
  • pumpkin seeds
  • green beans
  • spinach
  • cucumber
  • peas
  • apples
  • bananas
  • pears

This is just a tiny part of the various types of food you can give your furry friends, of course always in moderation.

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Hamsters cannot eat tortilla chips because they contain too much salt, oil and preservatives that harm their health.

Tortilla chips are processed and harmful food that can only cause heart problems, increased cholesterol and blood pressure, weight gain and kidney problems in hamsters.

Our furry friends need foods like seeds vegetables and fruits to get healthy nutrients to improve their health.

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